Saturday, August 28, 2010

Totally Spies!! (Megapost)

Ok...after nearly two months of posting blonde girls feet, we've reached the final two bonuses. When tributing blond bombshells, its hard not to to think about the hot spy Clover. (Especially after seeing the scene below.) Somehow her two spy colleagues and Mandy managed to infiltrate this bonus as well. Apparently they missed the attention their feet were getting. Enjoy guys!!


When a anime/cartoon girl wiggles her toes in front of the camera, it pretty much guarantees them foot fans for life.


Mmm I really missed Sam's feet so much. *Nuzzles against them*


Sadly we weren't able to get any foot shot of Alex this time around. It's not that she didn't offer...its just that whenever she took off her footwear a Tomboy fan would immediately start worshipping her feet blocking the camera from taking any good pictures. She's still massively hot though. ^_^


I have to admit I missed Mandy's feet too. Does anyone else think she's a dead ringer for Archie Comics Veronica?
(These caps were a combination of webfinds and caps from the Totally Spies Movie. I have to give a massive thank you to both Tomfrends (you're awesome man!!)and the Legendary Master of Sole Shot (I think he went across the world and through time to get some of these) for capping these sets.)

More Totally Spies Material from earlier bonuses. ^_^ Tomfrends point out. One really has to wonder whether a foot fetishist has infiltrated the Totally Spies production team's ranks. ^_^;

Ok we close in on the end of this month, there's once again a lot to do. I'm working on the final blond tribute (another post shattering the 100 cap barrier) as you're reading this. I'm also starting to prepare sets for possible winners of this month's poll. I wonder who it will be? :-D

Anyway, have a really great day everybody and as usual more to come soon!!! ^_^


  1. This from the totally SPies the movie(2009)

  2. though so far Lua still holds the record for most foot shots

  3. Sorry I'm still memorized by clover's tribute. Someone needs to make a GIF out of that. *Looks for a program*

  4. Now That's what I'm talkin' about. These chicks from W.O.O.H.P need a nice footfub after a long mission.

    And I'm the Only guy who can give it to them.

    The rest of you can have Mandy,and Only Mandy.

  5. No doubt the best shots of blondie feet.

  6. Any chance of getting a vid of Clover in the scene where she wiggles her toes?

  7. Now THAT is freakin' awesome. Clover wiggling her toes... oh man. Must. Get. Movie.

  8. yea this months poll so going to come down to a few final votes to figure out who wins :P

    and yes a gif program is needed for them clover pics

  9. Oh man, those foot shots of Clover almost sent me into barefoot shock :D it was also nice to see the other girls feet as well :D

  10. Thanks very much guys. Was sent into barefoot shock when I saw this caps as well. ^_^;

    Oh yeah at over 200 caps Lua definitely has the record for the biggest set Match.

    Heh heh...While I am an MIG club member for the obvious perks. I have to admit my favorite of the Spies is Sam. ^_^

    O_O an animation/gif guys I'll see what I can do.

  11. O_O Definitely the ultimate record. :-D


    And all of these girls remind me of Archie characters, not only Mandy :)

  13. Thanks Juancho. ^_^ I wonder if the Archie influence was intentional.