Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Negima: Evangeline (Bonus) w/ Spotlights

Hi guys...I'm still working on Dawn's tribute but it's not quite ready let's continue with these blondes for now. Our next blonde up is the cute Negima Dark Mage and Vampire...Evangeline Athanasia Katherine McDowell.

(These are a combination of caps from the Negima anime and webfinds. Enormous thank yous to Bunny, Veroom and Match25 (the Legendary Master of Sole Shot) for helping me find the scenes for this bonus.)

Every once and awhile an anime airs a scene that causes a fetishist to stare at their television screen (or computer monitor) in disbelief asking themselves if what they saw really just happened. The above scene involving Evangeline demanding that another character lick her feet and become her devoted slave was one such moment. I think I spent a long time staring with my jaw hanging open when I saw it. If that's what she requires to become her apprentice...I'm not seeing a downside. Evangeline is a really beautiful, dominant and powerful character...she totally rocks. I also love the fact that she's wearing nail polish on her feet too. Very hot!!

Negima has a lot of fan service in it. More from this series to come in the future. ^_^

Ok guys a couple of spotlights for this week....


Comic Book Women's Feet
I really have to give it Windleaf aka Orcha and 2233445 for adding some really awesome chapters recently continuing storylines that were spotlighted in the previous column. The first one was a intense arc involving the Teen Titans characters. (Terra debuts in the most recent chapter. O_O) The second story involves Helena Bertinelli (aka Huntress) enjoying a foot massage from one of her students and playfully teasing him about it.

Kingdom Hearts Shrinking Story by Zinkro
An awesome new addition by Breakthewalls continuing a storyline where Mulan turns evil. The latest chapter has her making Sora her foot toy. ^0^

Kingdom Heart Foot Fetish by Howdyboy
The recent arc to catch my attention with this interactive is the continuation of a storyline involving the FFXIII girls. Lightning, Fang, and Vanielle's feet Woot!!! Be sure to check the beginning as well for some nice Lightning foot action written by Howdyboy and Yuske Sasaki . In additions to the FFIII girls there are also some nice storylines starting out involving Princess Ashe and Rinoa. Have Fun guys!!

Ok that will do it for today. Still a few more blondes to go as well as a tribute to Dawn Hikari. On that note...more to come soon everyone!!


  1. Awesome post KSC :D

    Personally, I would have taken Evangeline's offer in a heart beat :D

  2. yup i had to rewatch that scene a couple of times just to make sure what i saw was real

  3. It's up there with Aoi Sena's Chaos Head scene, Azula's Pedicure, and the Chun Li vs Vega fight scene as one of the most memorable foot related Anime/Cartoon I've ever seen. ^_^

  4. I should start watching this series.

  5. the only thing that annoys me is the fact they didnt give off such a great sole shot in the anime as they did in the manga

  6. Great post, KSC! I love how Evangeline says 'lick my FEET' in the english dubbed version of the anime, so cute and eeh-vil. Too bad the moment got spoiled, we didn't find out if Negi was a foot guy, er boy. ^_^

    But yeah, I agree with Match, the angle of Eva's foot in the manga is so much better than in the anime.

  7. Oh, and KSC you should add Medusa's barefoot frog squish to the memorable anime foot moments. ^_^

  8. Yeah I also want to start watching this series too Digiharrisom. It looks to have a lot of good fanservice scenes in it. :-)

    Yeah guys they really should have showed her soles in the anime as well. Would have been nice for her to wiggle her toes too.

    O_O Can't believe I forgot about the Medusa scene. Yeah that's definitely one of my top scenes too. ^_^

  9. What program do you use to get your screencaps this big?

  10. No outside capping software. I played the clip in my media player at double the size. I used the Prt sc key to cap and pasted it into paint.

  11. The red toenail polish makes it even more sexy.