Monday, August 23, 2010

Naruto: Shion (Mega-Bonus)

Sorry for the slow amount of posting lately guys. Been juggling between capping future sets and writing continuing to try to get as much as I could done before my vacation ends next week. Anyway let's continue with the final stretch of the blond tributes. Taking time off from her priestly duties to model for is the cute priestess Shion. :-)

Shion using her power to foretell the future.

Not all that appreciative of receiving a piggyback ride from Sakura, Shion complains that the pink haired Kunoichi isn't that comfortable. She even goes so far as to tell Sakura that she expected her to be more womanly. I can still her Inner Sakura's screams echoing against my eardrums after that statement. ^_^;

The priestess gets a foot wash/massage from her servant/bodyguard. Would love to be him at the moment. :-D

She doesn't come across as all that grateful. ^_^

Even the reserved Neji felt he needed to knock her out to keep her quiet.

Naruto's turn at providing a piggyback ride. :-D

Though it's not shown when it happens in the movie...this fall causes he to lose her sandals...woot!!

Despite how she looks in this image, Shion is not a persicom. :-)

Aw you can see her heart melt in this one. Naruto is growing on her. :-)

Shion's feet seem to have gotten a little dirty walking around the cave barefoot. ;-p

Priestess mode!!

(These were capped from the first Naruto Shippuuden movie. A massive thank you to Blackviper1201 for finding this hottie. ^_^)

The nice thing about the Naruto series is that with most of female characters, we at least get to see some parts of their feet fairly often due to some rather revealing types of footwear. (From what I've read this is intentional because the Creator enjoys drawing toes.) Shion manages to take that even a step further. Not only do her sandal hide very little of her feet, she ditches her footwear for half the movie. O_O To top it off she even has her feet washed by one of her servants. The foot scenes involving her were so frequent that I wasn't sure I would be able to cap her in time to include her with the other blondes. By the time I was done this bonus totaled 153 caps making it the most caps I've posted from a single film at once.*

As with a lot of the characters in Naruto when they are first introduced, Shion is one of those characters that has to grow on you. The current in a line of priestesses entrusted with protecting the world from a demonic presence, Shion lost her mother at a young age and was raised by a group of followers whose duty was to protect her life. Her ability to see the future allows her to prevent her own death at the expense of those around her. Her followers would sacrifice themselves to ensure she survives to seal the demon. When she first encounters the Konoha ninjas who were hired to protect her (Naruto's group), she clashes with them quite a bit. She comes off as really cold and spoiled mocking them them that they don't know what they are doing. Her attitude is particular annoying toward Naruto who doesn't have the patience the other ninjas in his party possess. Having had a vision about Naruto dying, she even takes the opportunity to tease him about it. She also treats her remaining bodyguard really badly as well bossing him around and verbally deriding him. Despite that he refuses to leave her side and is always looking out for her.

In actuality, it the revealed that Shion is lonely and terrified about dying or losing another follower. She tries to alienate the people around her so that they won't stick around to lose their lives for her. When her bodyguard is killed she is really hurt by it and is actually seen crying. We see Shion grow a lot throughout the film (in part due to her experiences journeying with Naruto who believes in making his own destiny). The climax of the film has her facing her demons both literal and metaphorical and sacrificing herself to protect what she holds dear. You're definitely rooting for her by the end of this one. ^_^

Ok everyone...that's basically all for tonight. Still a couple of more blondes left for us to tango with. Can you guys guess who I am saving for last?

The bonuses that beat this one in length involve multiple episodes of a series or multiple characters.


  1. Oh god,not more Naruto! And Why haven't you visited the Cartoon Historian?

  2. i suddenly have the desire to watch this film

  3. Wonderful and HUGE update, KSC! Indeed, Naruto the Movie 3 is a foot fan must thanks to Shion being barefoot for most of the second half or so of the film, plus tons of great views as well. All that plus she's very similar to another hottie with perfectly coiffed long blonde hair that I dig a lot...

  4. you know in a way she proposed to naruto at the end, right?

  5. yes but Naruto being as dense as he is was completely oblivious to this

  6. for the guess, possibly Winry Rockbell from Fullmetal?

  7. Thanks guys. Sorry for the slow amount of activity on my part lately. My summer break is now officially over. :-(

    Oh yeah Sole Keeper...If I had to guess which character she reminds you of...I think it's probably Tekken's Lilli. I can see a lot of simularities between them. I think she also seems similar to Megaman.Exe Princess Pride too. :-)

    Yeah I really loved that ending scene too guys. Naruto being clueless towards what she was asking him was hilarious.

    No good guess but not Winry, Blackviper. I don't think that I would have a bonus ready in time to use her. ^_^; Still planning to post her in the future though.

    Thanks Diner. ^_^

  8. Yep nice post KSC.Yeah i saw the second half of the movie so i forgot that she was such a brat. But man kishi can draw feet!!
    By the way didnt the villain look like vincent from the cowboy bepop movie?

  9. Gotta love those Priestess Feet :D

  10. Thanks Richfeet...O_O You're right...he does look like Vincent. ^_^

    Thanks BTW

  11. Huh. Shion's just a more... balsy Hinata with blonde hair now that I look at it more closely.

    Maybe one of the writers is a shipper on board.

  12. Wow...that's true. I never thought of it before but visually her and Hinata they could be palette swaps of each other. ^_^;

  13. can you imagine the look on Hinata's face if she was in the ending scene?

  14. that would've been a really funny sight to see

  15. almost as priceless as when she saw the anbu on naruto's back in episode 159

  16. I forgot what Hinata's face looked like in the Onbaa one...I have to really rewatch that episode. ^_^