Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Villainess Takeover: Amy Zahn (Bonus)

Ok...some really big updates this week as Anime Feet attempts to tribute some of the largest villainess feet yet as it enters GTS territory. ^_^ Kicking things off is a hot Giantess from the classic cartoon series Superfriends. Nope its not Giganta. Before that character made her debut, the feminist scientist Professor Amy Zahn (Anyone catch the pun in her name?) reaped havoc as the original 50 foot woman.

(These are capped from the Superfriends episode "The 50 foot woman". A Giant Thank you to Dave for tipping me off and providing a clip of this episode which you guys can view here if you want.)

It's interesting that her dress grew with her but her pumps didn't. Maybe she slipped them off before she drank the formula for the sole reason of giving us some really awesome barefoot scenes. :-D Man I really love Giantesses. Look how much fun she's having stomping around the city barefoot and playing with a tiny Batman. (Wish she would play with me like that.) Imagine getting to worship those giant would take you hours just to kiss every area of them.

Ok I'll leave you guys to enjoy these pictures and fantasize about being a Giantess' footslave while I take a few moments to stare in awe at this Professor Zahn's huge feet myself.

19 villainesses left to go and the next one is a GTS as well. (Can you guess who it will be?)


  1. Giantesses are awesome. Barefoot evil giantesses are double, triple awesome. Great post, KSC! ^_^

  2. it will take me life to lick her soles.... Speaking of licking..... There's an episode in avatar where momo licks toph's soles..... The episode's called Lake laogai or somethin' like that

  3. got to love that rule, when a girl grows to a giant size everything but their clothes covering their body like a two piece swimsuit will be ripped off, always leaving the feet exposed (it was one of the things that annoyed me in Monsters vs. Aliens, how could they get shoes that could fit her so quickly?)

  4. Heh, I was one of the people in the city I'll probably be running towards her hot giant bare feet rather then running away from them ;)

  5. I...I miss hero girls feet,there are so many new foot shots out there now..

  6. maybe another time vayne, but for now the villainesses arent letting up till they get the worshiping they have deserved

  7. i'd live inside her toe nails... When ever i get hungry... I'll run lick her soles... I wounder if there is a heaven 4 feet lovers.... Mmmm.. How would it be like?

  8. A pleasure to help out.

    I'll confess, I never really thought about the feet of a giantess, but in truth, under the right circumstances, I could get to enjoy that kind of domination. When it comes to Amy Zahn and Giganta, yes they're tremendously strong and could crush me to paste if I offended them, but they're still beautiful and feminine, if you know what I mean. Plus, in Amy Zahn's case, she's a brilliant scientist to boot (no pun intended!), so I'm sure she could keep it interesting for both of us!

  9. Thanks Sole Keeper.

    O_O That sounds like one lucky monkey Mhar. I'll try to find that episode.

    Oh yeah...I love seeing that GTS rule in action Match. :-)

    I would do that too Breakthewalls. :-D

    This will be the villainess' last stand Vayne. The final bonus is scheduled for Halloween.

    Definitely something I like to dream about Mhar.

    Thanks again Dave. I'd love to be dominated by these GTS's too. ^_^

  10. Yes! another GTS!

    yeah i agree in monsters vs aliens they made those shoes way too fast they couldve at least got damaged in battle and got torrn off

  11. Here's a link to the first episode of an old anime series called Battle Athletes which features a barefoot girl from Africa, and you see more of her like that in the series.

  12. Wow...that girl is very cute. I really need to check this anime out. Thanks very much for her P.