Friday, May 1, 2009

Dragon Quest Tickle (Bonus)/Poll of the Month 13

Ok in honor of tickling winning out as the #1 scenario on the is my favorite foot tickling anime scene ever...the ticklish interrogation from Dragon Quest. Enjoy guys!!

(These were capped from two Dragon Quest Anime clips that I found on youtube)

That's definitely one cool way to get what you want to get the information you want from a female captives. ^_^ Plus the fact that this female captive is a purple haired villainess makes for some really entertaining fun.

Ok, as you probably already noticed, I added a brand new poll of the month. This one deals with the following scenario…If a group of hot videogame girls have you take care of their feet (giving them foot massages, pedicures, foot worship sessions, acting as there personal footstools etc), which set of women would you want it to be?

Your choices include…
The Final Fantasy Girls (ex. Tifa, Terra, Quistis, Rinoa, Aerith, Garnet, Ashe, Penelo Yuna, Lulu etc)

The Tekken Girls (ex. Nina, Anna, Julia, Michelle, Jun, Christie, Xiaoyu, Asuka, Lili etc)

The Dead or Alive Women (ex. Ayane, Kasumi, Helena, Hitomi, Christie, Lei Fang etc)

The SoulCalibur Girls (ex. Sophitia, Cassandra, Tira, Setsuka, Hilde, Ivy, Xianghua, Talim Seung Mina etc)

The Street Fighter Girls (ex. Chun Li, Elena, Ibuki, Cammy, Rainbow Mika, Sakura, Karin, Juni, Juli, Rose, Makoto etc)

The Metal Gear Solid Girls (ex. Meryl, Mei Ling, Paramedic, The Beauty and the Beast Corps, Eva, Sniper Wolf, Naomi Hunter, Rose, Olga, etc)

The Resident Evil Women (ex. Jill, Claire, Ashley, Sheva, Ada, Excella, Rebecca etc)

The Nintendo Girls (ex. Nintendo hotties such as Samus, Zelda, Saria, Peach, Daisy, Nayru, Din, Farore, Captain Syrup, Joanna Dark etc)

The Star Ocean Women (ex. Sophia, Mirage, Nel, Maria, Opera, Celine, Rena etc)

The Mortal Kombat Women (ex. Sonya, Mileena, Kitana, Sindel, Jade, Tanya etc)

As always voting is anonymous and you don’t need a blogger account to vote so anybody that wants to can participates. I’d really love to see what your opinions are. ^_^

Ok…I know I said I intended to post another set of spotlights today but since it’s already pretty late, I’ll save that for the next entry (maybe even with a couple of extra stories). ^_^

Have a great weekend everyone and as usual…more to come soon!!


  1. Wonderful scene, and one of my faves as well. As for the poll, it's the Tekken babes for me (and the Virtua Fighter babes as well, since you seem to have overlooked them). ^_^

  2. The group of girls Yuna is a part of Kyle?

    Oh yeah Virtua Fighter rocks Sole Keeper. Sarah, Pai, Vanessa, and Eileen are really hot.

  3. lucky what ever that thing is

    also how can a barefoot fan pick only one from that poll?

  4. Yeah that anteater definitely really lucked out Match. ^_^

    It true...this poll is a tough choice. ^_^ On the plus side you get to pick an entire group of women to worship this time around.

  5. (brain fried and endlessly drooling)

  6. feet of mai valentine from yu-gi-oh:

    at 3:25

  7. another scene with mai valentine's feet :


  8. Wow...awesome!!!!!!!!!!!

    I didn't even know barefoot scenes of Mai's feet existed and for it to be a close-up too. *Dances around the room*

    Between her and Ino and Sakura showing off their soles in thursday's Shipuuden episode, this is turning out to be a really great week.

    Thanks so much for these scenes Mecha-Yugi. You totally rock!!