Friday, July 1, 2011

Poll 35 Results:

Ok...the 35th poll of the month has come to an end. After a whooping 1590 are the results. ^_^

O_O I did not see that one coming. It seems that most of you prefer to take care of the feet of a girl that you are close with. That's actually really very sweet. :-) In second place were female teachers and cheerleaders were able to rally for third. Nice voting guys. ^_^ Actually all the various school groups seem to have their share of fans and even the lowest voted group dancers have their people who would enjoy being able to get with them. ^_^

Alright everyone as always thank you so much for sharing your opinions and I'll definitely keep them in mind for tributes and stories in the future. ^_^ In honor of this poll's outcome. I've going to add a special poll dedicated to close female friendships tonight. :-D I'll try to add the next comic book girl later in the day as well. :-)

Until next time. ^_^


  1. So which of these were my personal favorite? I would have to go with Female goth. *Blushes* I don't know why but they seem like a fun group of girls to hang out with. They seem like the dominating type too. :-)

    Anyway, great voting guys. ^_^

  2. Female goth were one of my choices also Ksc! Who can't adore such dark, dominating but adorable girls? anyway i have to say my vote was for...Girl's Karate Club! Can't help loving such tomboysh, dynamic group! Would love to be the manager of the group and helping them ease their fatigue after a long day of training, massaging such well trained, sculpted feet! :D

  3. :-D Karate girls are a great choice Bountydog. O_O Being a manager for the Girls karate club like that does sound massively hot!! ^_^

  4. I voted for close female friends :D I remember back in high school, there was this one girl who I happened to be a little close with. She would always like put her feet up on the chair in front of her and I would take the opportunity XD I was able to tickle and massage her feet more times than I can count haha!. This was done spontaneously like, all of a sudden and she never gave me crap for it! I actually think she secretly enjoyed it xDD

  5. That's awesome Jajc05...having a close friend like that is really great. :-D You're really lucky. ^_^

  6. a lot of interesting choices here

    Cheerleaders sounds like they would have Cute Feet
    Science girls sounds neat, they are Cute with glasses
    Dance team if it's like Ballerinas cause they say that Ballerina girls are tallented with their Feet and Toes
    and you know Karate girls would be barefoot a lot

    I would also say close friends since I've known a couple of girls who have very nice Feet

  7. I love your descriptions for each of the girls Calvin. ^_^ Definitely sums of the advantages for each of these sets of women really well. :-D Close friends is a nice choice. ^_^