Friday, July 9, 2010

More Power Girl w/ Spotlights

Ok after catching my breath a little...I'm back to posting. ^_^ Honoring last month's poll choice, here are a couple of tributes to some blond bombshells. To kick things off here is a brand new Power Girl tribute. Let's see what she's been up to since she forgot her boots last november. :-D

She actually admits she's ticklish. O_O

(These are a combinations of webfinds and excerpts from various issues of Power Girl including great artwork drawn by Ed Benes, Amanda Connors and Sam Basri. A special thanks to P for introducing me to this series. It's totally awesome!!)

O_O Ok...I know I should probably say something about how cool and beautiful Power Girl is but between the Shower scenes, swimsuit scenes, footwear stripping and barefoot trample moments...I'm left speechless. I will recommend that you guys check this series out though. Not only does it have a ton of fan service (as you guys can see above), the writing is really good and there are a lot of comedic moments that I really enjoyed (especially in the 5th through 12th issue).

Alright everyone, I seem to be neglecting a lot lately. As my schedule gets increasingly busier and busier I haven't really had the chance to write or spotlight anything new for a very long time. Well let's see if I can change that. :-) I think it's been over a year since I did a friday end of the week summary but her goes. :-D

What I've Been Working On:
Before the end of the summer, I'm hoping to release a few new story threads. Basically this week I've written two new storylines. One for Crytosporidium137's Anime + Videogame Fantasy interactive( involving becoming a personal servant to Bulma and another prelude chapter for Dylan M's Avatar, Naruto and Foot Stink interactive ( involving Azula and Naruto journeying deeper into the Naruto's mind.

A couple of really interesting stories to note this week....

Haley's Foot Fetish - Foot Worship Story
This full length story by the author Toesockluv has a hot girl Haley force a guy she encounters (Ryan) to be her slave and worship her feet. It's really well written!!

A Gladiator's Foot Fetish
Though this story is just getting underway, I like the premise involving the main character being a slave to a beautiful but dominant Princess written by the author Jeff. So far there are two really exciting threads underway. The first has main character forced by the Princess to fight for his life in the arena when the second has her make him clean her shoes. Hot!!!

I Dream of Genie's Feet
This is a relaunch of one of my favorite Howdyboy interactives rewritten and adapted by Veroom. Some really great new and classic chapters in this one. My favorite thread so far involves the main character being dominated and played with by a 21 year old genie but I like the other ones involving tickling a 13 year old genie and having fun with a 16 year old genie's feet as well.

The Twilight Girls' Feet
A new Interactive by Dr. Awesome Funk involving the feet of the Twilight Girls. ^_^
Enjoy these caps for now and much more still to come. ^_^ Bella and Alice are hot!!!

Beneath Your Big Sister's Smelly Feet Some nice updates to this Mr. Cool classic involving your big Sister Amy dominating you with her feet. My favorite was this one by new author Whoa0007.

Anime/Videogame Girls Feet Torture (Also by Mr. Cool) Three new chapter continuing a storyline involving the main character being dominated by Samus and Zelda's feet written by Capt. Wolf. O_O

Kingdom Hearts Shrinking Story by Zinkro
A lot of really great new chapters involving the a Shrunken Sora in the hands of the Final Fantasy X women including a really good concluding chapter.

There's also a really good new Comic Book Women's Feet chapter continuing a storyline involving the main character getting teased by Rogue's feet by the author Money $ign. :-D

Coming Up: guys already have a very good idea of which hair color girls I'll be posting in the near future. ;-) I just want to thank everyone for their suggestions regarding these blonde bombshells. A lot of really hot women to post. :-) Writing wise...I'm currently working on a Wonder Woman, Huntress, Mary Jane and Batgirl interactive chapters. I would also like to a work on a new Naruto and Feet Ino chapter, Avatar/Naruto Azula chapter as well as some other projects as well. ^_^ Wow...a lot of writing to do before the end of summer. :-)

Ok everyone that basically it for now, but as usual...more to come soon!!


  1. i really like that black hair girl she is with

  2. Yeah Terra is massively cute. She seems to have a really sweet personality too.

    There was this really cute scene where Powergirl took her to a horror movie and she got very frightened. Just wanted to comfort the poor girl.

  3. Wow. Nice catch on the tickle mention.

  4. awesome, can you please tell me which issue the shower scene came from and also where the scene of her in a towel sitting on the bathtub came from.

  5. Thanks Adam. Those lizards sound like they really lucked out. :-D

    The shower scene is from Powergirl Issue 9 Watermaiden and the bathtub scene is from the recent Issue 13. :-D

  6. Great post KSC I really like the trample scene. That's one lucky kid :D

  7. Thanks BTW. Yeah that kid really lucked out. ^_^

  8. Nice! I was kinda hoping for a mention.

    You're not the only one, KSC: The 21yo domination path is the most-viewed one to date.

    Sadly, it seems becoming quite a struggle to get people involved with interactives these days. I've noticed with howdyboy's most recent one he's practically going it alone.

  9. Genie Domination rocks!! ^_^'s usually very difficult. ^_^; You tend to get about 1 addition from another author for every 4 chapters you add and that's if you are lucky. ^_^; All you can really do is be willing to devote a lot of time to your stories, hope for the best, appreciate any returns that you get and not get discouraged. :-)

    Anyway good luck with your Genie Story. I'm really glad you revived it and looking forward to seeing it develop. :-D

  10. Haha, thanks. It's strange because the number of views stories get hasn't changed much over the months... just people seem less willing to help.

    As you might've noticed, I've now turned to bribery in a bid to get people to add stuff XD If direct rewards doesn't work, my next intention is to give out badges for the best additions every so often.

  11. Food for thought, the same creative team behind the first 12 issues of Power Girl also did the 4 issue mini-series of Terra, which what help kick off their Power Girl run.

    Also, this current Terra is the third in a line of Terras. The first being a real nasty villainess, the second being a clone of the first but all good girl until her death, and now this one.

  12. Hope you get a lot of adds Veroom. ^_^

    O_O I didn't know Terra had her own mini-series P. That's really awesome. Wow...each of the Terra's seem pretty cool. I like villainesses a lot but the current one seems to have a lot of charm to her too. :-)

  13. Awesome, awesome, awesome. This post just made my day, twice over.

    Big thanks for that highlight (and the previous one), by the way. It means a lot to me, even though I got stuck writing in a weird style for that interactive.

  14. This comment has been removed by the author.

  15. No Problem. ^_^ I really enjoy your writing very much. :-)

  16. Awesome Power Girl feature - I have to admit that I hadn't heard of her before now, but her series seems right up my street.

    And by the way Capt. Wolf, I've been really enjoying your work: it's really well written! Keep it up. :)

    As for me, I'm still alive - I just haven't had the time to write, nor have I been in the appropriate 'zone' lately. I'll hopefully get back into it sometime soon.

  17. Thank Torborg. :-) I just started paying attention to Powergirl recently myself after the issue where she forgot her boots and had to fight barefoot. :-)

    Really glad to hear that you are doing ok. Yeah I know finding the time and energy to write can be really difficult sometimes. Anyway, best wishes man. ^_^