Saturday, October 26, 2013

Favorite Fighter Gals and What You Would Do

I haven't been able to get stuff ready with school but instead, I'd just like to start a discussion for old time's sake. I've really been craving girls from fighting games these days so I'm curious, what fighting game girls do you guys like especially and what would you do with their feet? Do you think they'd like it? Would you hope that they like it? If there's a scenario you like, what do you imagine happening with these said girls? Let's talk. Here is my own personal list I'm open to discuss.

Asuka Kazama
Lilli Rochefort
Sakura Kasugano
Makoto Nanaya
Tsubaki Yayoi
Poison (She's a chick here, deal with it)
Noel Vermillion
Wii Fit Trainer (Next Smash Bros game, she counts)
Helena Douglas
Nina Williams
Christie Monterio


  1. Haven't seen any posts from you in a while. Good to see ya. As for the topic, I already adore Wii Fit Trainer and would love to have her white feet in my hands. And mouth. >.> Another girl I'm fond of is Sakura from Street Fighter. I have a thing for short girls with short hair and she's just so cute and spunky.

  2. My favorite one is v-13 / nu-13 from Blazblue, i would love to lick her soles :3

  3. Damn let's see not in any particular order
    I tried not to do anything to explicit or what I thought might be weird, so they may be a bit repititive

    Mila (Dead or Alive)
    I'm her training partner and she only trains with her feet, and uses me as the kicking bag, but she's gentle and teasing, while doing it making me lick and pamper her feet, while she trains, and afterwords uses me to relax with a foot massage, and as a foot stool.

    Kokoro (Dead or Alive)
    She teases me with her feet during fights, and I worship, massage, lick, and do all sorts of things to her feet, and she likes to use me as a foot stool while she's studying or reading. She likes for me to kiss her feet while she's training, and keep the sweat off her feet

    Chun Li (Street Fighter)
    I'm her footslave, and I lick, and massage her feet, but one day she shrinks me, and puts me into her boot, and keeps me in there with her tigh clad feet, while she trains and goes to different tournaments, but unshrinks me to pamper her feet.

    Candy Cane (Rumble Roses)
    Being a brat, I'd like to think she bullies me and I try to stand up to her but she laughs, and drags me away to be her foot slave, she ends up chaining me to her ankle and keeps forcing me to keep up with her while licking her feet clean, and keep them all nice, she makes me paint her toe nails, and massage her feet, but secretly she really does care for me, and loves the attention I give to her feet

    Juri (Street Fighter)
    She comes out of nowhere and forces me to worship her tired feet, and keeps me around at her bases during various missions she does for S.I.N. as a way to relax

    Mai Shiranui (Fatal Fury/King of Fighters)
    Hmm in a tournament she beats me, and instead of ending the fight she, steps on my face and rubs her foot in it then afterwords, I confront her about it and somehow she tricks me into being her foot slave

    Momiji (Ninja Gaiden/Dead or Alive)
    After getting lost in the woods I stumble upon a shrine maiden, she thinks I'm there to attack her and quickly defeats me with a kick to the face, and when I wake up I'm chained up and she tells me that I'll work off my perversion, she makes me lick her Tabi socks, and then eventually to her bare feet she says it's now my job, to pamper her feet, giving her pedicures, kissing, licking, and all sorts of worship. Also, while she's sitting down on her knees she has me lay my face on her feet then sits on my head

    Pai Chan (Virtua Fighter)
    After losing to her in a tournament she offers to train me, but it's not what I thought it would be, she says I'm not fit to be a fighter, and decides to train me as a foot pet, tending to her feet all day and night

    Lilith Aensland (Dark Stalkers)
    Similar to her sister she charms, me but is a little more playful with me, she makes me act like a dog and lick and worship her feet, she'd keep me around all the time playing and teasing me with her feet both while wearing her tights and barefoot

    Morrigan Aensland (Dark Stalkers)
    She charms me, then using her tight covered feet, she charms me even more, hypnotizing me to be her foot slave making me massage, caress, and worship her feet, then she bestows lowly demon powers to me to make me immortal making me her foot slave for eternity

    Jade (Mortal Kombat)
    Like her to surprise attack me, then I wake up tied up while Jade proceeds to do a footality (but doesn't kill me), making me worship her feet, like licking her feet, sucking her toes, and trampling

    Scarlet (Mortal Kombat)
    I'd like her to pin me down with her sai's holding me down not on my skin though holding my shirt in place, while she places her booted feet on either side of my head, and slowly takes them out, then starts to trample me, finally making me suck her toes =D

    1. Wow...those are really great set of fantasy scenarios Destiny Dueler. ^_^

    2. Thank you =) they may have been a bit repittive, I had some other stuff but I kept them back =)

    3. I like them a lot. I think that my favorites were Candy Cane's (it fits her personality perfectly), Morrigan's (Foot slave for Eternity woot!!) and Chun Li's. O_O I wonder what the other ones were.

  4. ITs good to see you back and posting heretichero only hope this means we will get more posts from you :)

    Any of the below would make me happy :) though Talim Mila Ibuki Makoto and Sakura (SF) are my Favs of fighting games though i also cant leave out Ayane who i wish was a barefoot ninja lol

    Talim - has to be one of the fav character to use in any SC game though people prefer i use someone else :( still love drawing this girl
    Mila - She is quickly becoming my Fav girl in DOA as its hard to not like a MMA Girl that goes barefoot plus short hair is kinda my thing :)
    Ibuki - If it hadnt been for Omar-Dogan on dA i might not love her as much as i do as his art is amazing plus a barefoot ninja is always a plus heh
    Asuka Kazama - One of the few that i dont mind if they dont fight barefoot as i like her outfit in 5 a lot
    Sakura Kasugano - at one point was my #1 fighting girl but then Ayane and Makoto among others and she kinda to lost on the bottom of my Top girls though she is one of the few that has their own art folder as i got soo many thing i done of her and commissions orders of her
    Hitomi - If only she was like Ibuki and Makoto and went barefoot of some type but then that wouldn't suit her and change that nice outfits shes on in the last SF
    Makoto - One of the First barefoot fighter i remember though liked her more for being one of the few i could fight well with wasnt really that into the fetish into i got a space to draw
    Sophitia - one of the few long haired girls but more so for the outfits in Sc3 and Legends though her footwear in 4 is also nice :)

    Interested but kinda meh in below girls
    Kokorro - Im on the fence on if i like her or not :/
    Christie Monterio kinda like the Wii Trainer cool but aside from art dont really care for her
    Tsubaki Yayoi - Never played Blazblue but it does have a few nice characters
    Poison (She's a chick here, deal with it) - LOL yea keep telling your self that my friend one day it will come true though i have never been a poison fan even before i found out she was a he :P
    Wii Fit Trainer - Cute though aside from art from some of the fav artists not much of a fan

    Some of them i cut out of the list as i could care less about them one of the biggest is Chun-Li i dont see what people like about her but if they like her thats fine by me.
    While i do enjoy a nice barefoot fighter i also like when they got awesome footwear like Lightning and Asuka along with others and i know im leaving out some but my brain isnt working at this moment got Family issues on my mind as this might be my laat post for a while :(

    1. I'm not sure what it is about Chun Li I like really, maybe the buns her being asian, her fighting skills the thighs or the tights, or her being a policewoman or her personality. To me she's awesome I don't get why people like Lightning she's no Tifa or Rydia she's bland and a cliche really

  5. Hi Heretichero. :-)

    O_O Good questions.

    There are a lot of female fighters that I really like throughout many different series. :-) I wouldn't mind being dominated and forced to worship or massage the feet all the Soulcalibur girls, MK girls, Street Fighter girls, Tekken Girls, Virtua Fighter girls and DOA girls but I'll try to list out some of my favorites.

    Street Fighter: Cammy, Chun Li and Juri
    Soulcalibur: Sophitia, Cassandra and Taki
    MK: Sonya, Kitana and Jade
    Tekken: Nina, Asuka, Christie and Julia (Couldn't help listing 4 for this one)
    Virtua Fighter: Sarah, Pai and Vanessa
    DOA: Ayane, Rachel and Helena

    My ultimate fantasy involve all of these women getting together and playfully "forcing" me to take care of and worship there feet one after another. :-)

    1. Awesome choices =), I forgot about Kitana haha. I haven't played tekken much but I know the have some good girls, and I didn't even think about including Soul Calibur for that series I'd probably choose Taki, Leixia, Tira, Natsu and Viola

      Also I meant to tell you I had no clue till I looked at the author that you wrote those awesome Videl and Misao chapters

      Also that's an awesome fantasy =)

    2. :-) I forgot about Tira too. Have to add her and Morrigan to my list. I found out about Natsu recently...haven't gotten to play Soul Calibur 5 yet but a friend introduced me to her character. She's definitely really hot too. ^_^

      O_O Thanks very much I'm really glad that you liked them. ^_^

      Thanks. ^_^

  6. Asuka Kazama
    After losing her rival, Lili, in the free battle, Asuka decides to drop out from the tournament due to her feet fetish. She took her shoes and socks off to show off her tired feet. And I, the mysterious man, shows up out of nowhere. I asked her, "Good afternoon, miss." She completly ignores me and kicked me hard with her bare feet. I will never ever forget about her feet.

    Helena Douglas
    DOATEC CEO Helena Douglas is on her way to the nail salon to get her finger and toe nails done by a special person. And that special person is me. When she arrived at the salon, she asked me she wanted to get her finger and toes nails done. I followed her to the chair, she asked me she wanted her nails painted in pink. Hours later, Helena was so happy that she got what she wanted.

    That's all I have.