Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Poll 48 Results

Wow October already. ^_^;  You know what that means. The 48th Poll of the Month has come to a close and after 803 are the results!!
It looks like Lightning soldiered her way to the top of this poll taking out the other women and proving that her feet are the ones that most people would enjoy kneeling before. Comfortably in second place was the beautiful Amazon Diana and Soul Caliber's Sophitia claimed third. Don't  feel too bad for the rest of these women. They all managed to make it on the scoreboard with even the lowest voted character Red Sonja managed to get 8 votes.

As always I just want to give everyone a really big thank you for voting. It's really a lot fun seeing what your opinions are. I'll do a tribute to Lightning soon. (Still have to do last month's domination tribute as well. ^_^;)

Also want to apologize for being behind on posting lately. Things have been really hectic. I was away for the beginning of the month and pretty busy for the latter half of it. I have to really give a massive thanks to Bambino for once again keeping the blog active while I was gone. He's really been on a roll with his posting lately. :-) I always want to thank Match for picking up the moderating while I was away too. Both you guys rock!!

O_O with the new fall season comes a new season of feet. In addition to Lightning and some others, I going to try to do some Halloween themed posts this month. I'll also probably add a new poll tonight. It should be really fun. :-D



  1. For the third month in a row our thoughts are in sync. Lightning was my favorite of these girls as well. :-D

    Great Voting guys. :-D

  2. Hmm I'd rather have Diana won since I don't really care for Lightning a whole lot, I prefer Tifa and quite a few others over Lightning in FF. Still She won so =) anyway can't wait to see the next poll

    1. Thanks Destiny Dueler. :-D I like Diana too. I love Tifa as well along with a lot of the other FF girls. Final Fantasy 7,8 and 12 were my favorite games in the series. :-)

  3. Seeing lightning win makes me happy i was worried at first as i figured she wouldn't win and people do have good taste after all :P So im looking forward to this feature post :)

    While last month was easy to vote for i had seen Rogue so it was as going to vote for her then i seen Mai and was thinking about changing it then down the list i spotted Raven which seemed like the best choice intill the last spot i seen Juri which i cant not vote for her even though Raven might win i couldn't complain as Light won last month :D

    I dont get to love for Tifa as Yuffie has always been my Fav from 7 now if we are talking AC Tifa then im into it as her outfit in that movie was awesome as well as the one Yuffie had. I have tried to play 8 but couldn't do it soo many times over the years i dont like Riona and Selphie just dont know why i lose interest shortly after disk 1

    then you have 12 which i mostly forced myself to finish as the story seemed to be all over the place and more confused on what happened than the Kingdom Hearts super fan is over the "Simple" story they have :P though it did give us Penelo so its not SOO bad just wouldn't play it again

    1. Yeah I was really happy to see Lightning win too Jinto. :-)

      It took me a while to decide too. There are a lot of great goth characters. :-)

      :-D Had such a crush on the FF7 and FF8 women in my teens. Final Fantasy 8 is probably my favorite of the final fantasy games. Yeah that's one of the problems with the Final Fantasy series. The plots tend to be more focused in the beginning but can lose momentum mid game when the world map is introduced. The side quests while fun can be distracting.

      :-) Final Fantasy 12 was very ambitious but the world is so big that it could be pretty intimidating or uninteresting to plot focused players. Its one of those like it or hate it games. I really enjoyed it though. Yeah I like Penelo and Princess Ashe. My Final Fantasy cycle involves beating the game, doing a couple of sidequest until I lose it and then moving onto the next challenge. Of the games I own in the series, 3 of them I have yet to complete Final Fantasy 5, Final Fantasy X-2 and Final Fantasy XIII. It's not that they weren't good games. It's just that my timing playing them just wasn't right. If I wind up not playing a game for a couple of weeks (due to busyness), I forget what I was in the process of doing and have to re-adapt to it. It might take me awhile to pick up a game I stopped playing. I hope to beat 13 though one day.

    2. So your a gamer just like me lol took me over 3-4 years to finish 12 i started and stopped playing that soo many times as the gameplay and world was amazing LOVED the large world map and all but it felt like an offline mmo with no story as the main character Vaan seemed to be forgotten shortly after meeting Ashe. While i had fun with it i still have no clue what happened aside from Princess is "throw out" and them reclaims throne heh

      I spent years waiting to play 13 then when i had the funds and memory to remember i bought it and finished it in a few weeks and would say its my #1 in the FF series and currently playing through 13-2 just at a slower pace do to work and distractions i wont got into much on it as spoilers but i spent 2-3 hours at the start staring at all the backgrounds mind you this was still on a SD tv and when i got my first HD tv seeing 13 in 1080p was even more amazing

      FF5 i never did finish i got stuck on a few parts as a kid and also my first moment of finding stuff on the net i didnt know existed as it put "FF5" into the url bar of CompuServe which had me confused intill i scrolled down....shortly after i learned of GameFaqs and google :/ as for 10-2 its a huge grind to finish but still really enjoyable story and world to roam around in but i did dislike the fact that Rikku lost her clothes from the first game and got a bad hair cut :P

    3. Yeah Vaan didn't get his character explored enough in the series. I agree there were pieces of the storyline that could have been elaborated on more. I don't think they covered Vayne's motivations enough.

      Wow I really need to go back and beat Final Fantasy XIII. I got pretty far but then I got busy. I want to play XIII-2 as well.

      That sounds like what happened to me with FFV. I got it in an anthology pack with FFVI and wound up playing both games simultaneously. 6 was the more interesting one and I wound up focusing on it more and more. Eventually I got stuck somewhere in 5 and then began playing 6 solo. I went on to focus on other games afterwards. Yeah X-2 was interesting. Have to go back and beat that one too.

    4. One thing i will add for X-2 is that its a grind nearing the end which i dont mind but some people dont enjoy grinding levels while i enjoy doing it.

      Also have XIII-3 coming out in February :D which i already put on pre-order months ago as im a total Light fan and the recent announcement of her being in FF14 along with getting her original outfit and weapon sold me on wanting to grab 14 though i still need to find time to finish XIII-2 before the 3rd comes out

    5. O_O I think got up to the middle of X-2 and then redid the earlier part in an attempt to get 100 percent completion once it become clear that I missed something somewhere. Then I got distracted. ^_^; Should really give the storyline another shot. In hindsight I should have just played through the game initially and gotten the incomplete ending and then chosen the other team on the replay. With the mini-game massaging Leblanc. I was hoping for a foot rub segment but Yuna stuck with her back. There was a great Hot springs scene with the cast though.

      Wow...that's awesome. I really need to get back into the Final Fantasy game series. It looks like they have a lot going on and Lightning totally rocks. I'm glad they have a lot going on with her. ^_^

    6. Yea the hot spring session was nice funny but nice :) and i could never get away from Leblanc fast enough as she was super annoying but the story is nice though i wish they did refer to Tidus as "Him" i mean the guy did have a name even if you could change it as they did refer to Tidus as "Him" in Kingdom Hearts :/

      If it wasn't for a friend doing a Lightning Cosplay and Sony's recent price drop i might not of bought my Ps3 when i did lol but now that Cosplay is huge most of the people i went with dont make anything anymore as its TOO big now but yea i dont think i can get enough Lightning and Fang and super excited about 13-3 and FF14 having lightning gear and doing a Mission with her

    7. There's a later part that let's you check the hidden camera in the hot springs repeatedly unfortunately the three main women weren't in those cause they were aboard the airship while you were checking. Yeah I can definitely understand Leblanc being annoying. ^_^; I missed Tidus and Auron in X-2. Really makes me want to get 100% just to see him revive. One gripe that I had with the Final Fantasy X games is that we never got to see Lulu barefoot. She was my favorite female character in 10. I think a lot of the answers I choose in the game reflected that because I wound up riding with her in the snow cycle scene.

      Wow including XIII-2, that's 3 new games that I have to play. ^_^ I really have to make it to December so I can get in some Marathon gaming. Final Fantasy XIII really had a great cast cast. Loved Lightning, Fang and Vanielle. Serah was really cute too.

    8. It wasnt intill years later that i learned that it had an "affection level" though i wasnt too fond of Lulu as i was more focused on Rikku though the game wouldn't be the same with out the comments from Lulu :D Sadly only got to see Yuna barefoot which with the new FF10 and 10-2 HD coming out soon will look a lot better to see the games in HD on the PS3 compared to what it was on the Ps2 with 13 and 13-2 being 1080p maybe the X and X-2 HD will also be 1080p

      Yea for me i didn't care for Serah at all but while i was playing 13-2 i started to like her more that i played the game though she does look out of place with that N7 armor on her lol which im kinda surprised that your outfits dont default to original ones during the cut scenes

    9. For me it was Lulu all the way. :-) I liked her appearance and her black magic attacks were awesome. Rikku was great for her thieving ability and being able to disarm mechs really easily too though. Of course Yuna had the summon ability so yeah...I guess all of them had their strengths. It's funny because the videogames I play are usually very good at detecting which character I had an affection for. In Final Fantasy 7 I wound up going with Tifa to the amusement park and in Star Ocean EX, I got the ending where the main character Fayt winds up with Sophia (my favorite woman in the game). Usually I avoid the walkthroughs until after I complete a game so I don't know how to trigger these scenes beforehand. I probably subconsciously choose the right responses that would link me to a character. Wow...that's awesome. I wound definitely love to see Yuna's dance scene in 1080p.

      I thought Serah was pretty cute but my affection definitely was for Lightning. She really rocked. I loved her a lot. O_O 13-2 sounds like 13-2 has a lot of cool features to it. I dare not read too much about it yet for fear that it will spoil the remainder of 13 for me. You've definitely inspired me to try and complete the trilogy though and come back for 14 also.

    10. Wakka was a lot like Snow to me part of the story but useless other wise...but thats being a little to harsh to Wakka as he had some uses Snow was just beyond useless once you get your whole party :) sadly in SO i was lucky enough to get the nobody ending :/ one of these days im going to go back through it for my needed Nel ending :) same goes for FF7 and Yuffie if shes an option been way to long to even remember anything from 7 except for Aerith or Aeris "Getting the point" :P and Yuffie stealing all the materia

      Yea 13-2 is amazing with loads of side missions and character building for Serah but sadly you still have to deal with Snow :/ but it does have loads of features that people wanted in 13 but im glad didn't end up in it as i *Insert 13-2 Features to avoid spoilers :P * would of distracted from the main story and could be one of the few that loved 13 and have little to not complaints about it

      Dont get me wrong i love Light and doubt anything will ever change that and Fang will always be second with Hope at 3rd but i still like the fact that 13-2 has done a lot for me with Serah and being likeable

    11. O_O I think when I last played it, I had just made it to the world map so I hadn't noticed Snow's uselessness quite yet. It's a shame cause he seemed cool. I think I was using Hope and Lightning a lot too. Lightning was awesome. :-D The nice thing about FFX was that you could switch party members without any penalty so I could use whichever character I needed at a particular time. I rotated the party a lot. ^_^ Oh yeah Nel was a great character too. I liked Mirage and Maria too. I guess that all of them were great. ^_^; It's hard to believe it's been over 15 years since FF7 was released. :-D Classic moments. Yuffie frustrated me to no end in FF7 regarding that mini game and recruiting her. I caught on pretty fast thanks to hints from the manual but it still took me a couple of tries to recruit her. Even more frustrating was her Wutai subquest where she stole the materia and I had to play hide and seek with her resulting in my having to consult a walkthrough.

      Wow the sounds like they incorporated some interesting ideas in 13-2. Hopefully I'll get my shot around Thanksgiving or Christmas.

      I thought that there would be a good chance to see Serah's feet at the beginning of the game when she was at the beach but she continued to wear her sneakers. :-D I'm working on Lightning's tribute now. The downside of not having played the game series yet is I don't know what Lightning's foot scenes in the game are. I know that there is one with her transformation but don't know about any others yet. I may have to do a follow up for her later on.

    12. Well in 13 you do have your classes which you can build anyone to suit your needs more or less but once you get Fang i didnt have to deal with snow so that made me really happy :) my main party was Light Hope and Fang though for one boss battle i had to use Sazh for Haste and other buffs. Aside from one part in 13-2 i dont know of any part she is barefoot which is sad but i have seen some Models which her boots removed so that was a plus :)

      Star Ocean i really didnt have a character i didnt like all of them were awesome even Roger was nice though i never used him still a funny guy to have around. I guess i was lucky as i stumbled into Yuffie on a world map run and she ran off then i spent time running in circles in the forest intill i was able to get her to join its been ages since i played the game so im not sure if the side mission gave me trouble but i never could consult the internet as we had 1 phone line and i had 2 sisters who talked on the phone 24/7

      as with Serah's barefoot scenes she has none that i have seen yet inless you buy her beach dlc but she still has sandals :( and who the heck wears shoes to bed which is interesting as all the the costumes show up in almost all the cut scenes

      One can only hope to have enough time as im still on 13-2 as i haven't had the time i wanted to try and finish it and with 13-3 coming out in February 11th i wanted to finish the game and the DLCs before then

  4. I like Fang too. O_O I completely forgot about Sazh. I haven't gotten a chance to use him much since I've been sticking with the default parties they've provided me with so far. As a result Lightning and Hope are powered up nicely but the others could use a bit of leveling. Aw I wish there were more scenes to look forward to involving Light's feet. O_O I'd love to see models like that. ^_^

    :-D Yeah I loved all the characters in Star Ocean too. Roger heh heh. It really was a fun game to play. Vincent was another tough character to obtain as well with getting the combination to his safe. I don't think think that I appreciated the character enough at the time because of his Bezerker transformation limit break. It made it a pain if the other characters were killed off because I could revive them. I think my Ideal party was Cloud and Tifa along with an alternate party member. Once I obtained Knights of the Round, the party didn't really matter too much though. :-D

    O_O That alternate costume for Serah was great. Her feet are detailed even if she's wearing sandals. Thanks for sharing it Jinto. I hope they release more costumes like that in the future. ^_^

    :-) Hope you can beat 13-2 before then. I probably won't even get to play the second game in the series until late next year. I'm so behind in my gaming. :-( I also want to play the new Pokemon generation too. I don't think I'll get a chance until the special edition for the new game comes out. ^_^; I bet that they call it Pokemon Z.

    1. I about had a when i seen Fang appear on screen which i had no knowledge of any of the characters except for Light as i knew i could get a PS3 for a while and avoided all news on it so it was Amazing to see the sexy boots she wore :) though i dont know if any Game Character will take Light's place anytime soon if ever but Fang is one of my top ones. I found Hope extremely useful while a lot of people seen hope as useless which makes me sad as i like his character a lot and was sad to see a grown up Hope but like Serah hes growing on me in 13-2. As for the Models i found on dA ages ago which i have sent gave up and deleted or stored on a dvd at some point ill see if i cant track them down and email you.

      Vincent was cool but never used him he was just picked up for 100% completion so i really have no clue what his limit breaks look like. My mains were mostly Cloud Barret/Tifa and Yuffie but yea once get gets Knights is kinda dont matter if you have3 Moogles as party members as long as they can use that summon heh

      Yea i debated for a while on getting that or the N7 armor of which my inner fandom toward Mass Effect won out over my love of feet :/ of which im glad as that armor looks amazing in 1080P which sadly all ME games are only 720P but i got $5 ish free in my PSN wallet so that might be a buy but im liking that fact that Light is getting the costume treatment in 13-3 i can only pray her original costume is an option as well as some type of outfit that shows off them feet maybe Fang like boots :)

      I have recently cut myself off from buying any new games that im not 100% obsessed with and will play day one as my steam library i got near 200 games and completed like 5 of them i think along with old Ps2 games i havent finished and more Ps3 ones sadly i have the time i just got soo much to play i dont know where to start :( though with JRPGs i like to have more than 1-2 hours to play as i like to just get lost in them for the day

      Pokemon...i havent finished one of them since Red/Blue of which they ran out of Gems and Colors so they are using letters but i did play a lot of White as Touko aka Hilda (bad name change i think) had an awesome outfit aside from them shorts and like the Boots she wore :)

      was your email gmail or yahoo i forget its been a while since i sent in anything :/ if anything you can search on google for Lightning mmd and/or Lightning xnalara which are the 2 programs i used when making stuff but as my free time vanished so did my interest in spending hours making scenes

    2. :-D I had the same reaction to Fang as well. I really liked the footwear they chose for her a lot. I thought she was a pretty cool character. I liked her and Vanielle's accents. ^_^ O_O If you could find those those that would be great. I'll try to googling them too. Thanks very much Jinto.

      It was similar to me for Vincent. He was cool but I got him late in the game and was already used to the other characters. I think I have about 10 dollars left in my PSN wallet. I've been saving it for Yoda in Soul Calibur 4 which I still haven't gotten yet.. So far the only downloadable content I have gotten has been for Prince of Persia, Resident Evil 5 (another game series I need to catch up on) and Assassin's creed.

      :-D I've been pretty thorough in my Pokemon gaming so far but I'm still far from catching all of them in any of the incarnations. I'm two games behind though with Black and White 2 and newly realeased X and Y still on my play list.

      My e-mail was Thanks again for doing this Jinto. Yeah I know the feeling. ^_^; A lack of free time can really be frustrating.

  5. Vanille was okbut she seemed to bipolar but i understand why she acted like that. Still would rather deal with her any day over Snow which is 1 of 2 characters is dislike soo much but would hate if they died as it would make their Girlfriend/Fiance sad second being Athrun :/

    I Want SC4 but i wont get 5 as its lacking Talim, Seong Mina, Sophitia and Xianghua why create a 17 year gap and cut most of the roster :/ i also got Assassin's creed 1 i started but never finished but have. I also have Re6 i need to start playing though if you need help going through 5 i could do that as im not AI but not much better :P

    Have played various pokemon games over the years but none have really caught me to buy a ds or 3ds but the Black & White series does interest me into wanting a Nintendo handheld and with every caster i know on twitch playing Pokemon X would be the one i would grab if i did get it

    Yea lack of free time sucks yet i still buy steam games but i put a BAN on buying anything intill i finish stuff inless its Final Fantasy Megaman or Kingdom Hearts but once i got the time to "retrace my steps" i will send you out an email

    1. :-) Vanielle reminded me of Sephie a bit from FF8. It's funny because I didn't like Selphie very much at first but she grew on me. Yeah I'm not very fond of Athrun either. He just seemed pretty dry. The character that I really disliked in Seed Destiny though was Shinn. He was just way too emo for my tastes. I really liked Kira and missed him when he wasn't the focus.

      Wow...I haven't been paying attention to SC5 news yet. It's really is missing a lot of my favorite characters. It does seem really strange that they would jump 17 years. I beat Assassin's creed 1 and 2 but feel behind on the series after that. Too many sidegames to keep track of. I did manage to beat RE 5 but I got stuck on the d/l content prequel with Jill. I think it's more that I didn't have the chance to complete it in one sitting (since they didn't allow you to save) than stuck per se.

      :-) I think that it's going to be awhile before I get ahold of a 3ds. I'd have to want enough games to make it worth the money and right now it's only Pokemon X that interests me. They are getting good with the Pokemon series though using Online trading, battling, and the dreamword to make it entertaining.

      :-) That's a good policy to have. I'm probably going to do that too. So far I haven't had the time to play my old games let alone buy some new ones. That great...thanks again Jinto. ^_^

    2. I still have not gotten myself to play past the start of disk 8 of 8 but i did like Selphie and Riona . Now i will agree on the Shinn that i didnt care for him in the Sub but when i seen the dub...with Matthew Erickson as the voice i couldnt hate him as he is the voice of my name sake and mostly favorite character in any media not named Lightning or Cagalli :) though i was also sad that main focus went off of Kira and Cagalli which i had hoped could be a couple :( and have done fics and her with both Kira and Shinn :/

      Still no news on SC6 really aside from resume leaks so still dont know if its approved or not. handhelds dont get along well with me i dont travel enough and when i do i mostly read a book as its hard to get into a game with soo many distractions around

      I'm going to be going on a sudden trip to visit with my sister for a few weeks before she has a bone marrow transplant so sadly that list will have to wait as i will be with out a pc for a few weeks which means AF withdraws will happen after a few days :(

    3. Yeah both of them are great characters. I like Quistis too. I only got to see the anime subtitled. I guess a good voice actor could really change the way a character is perceived. :-D When I first saw the dynamic between the two of them in SEED. I thought that the anime was going to take that route. The Luke/Leia connection was a surprise for me. Yeah I think the thing about Destiny was that a lot of my favorite characters in the original faded into the background for most of the spin off. Some of the newer characters were nice though. I really liked Lunamaria a lot. I was also really happy that Mwu survived. I liked the character and it was great to see him get a happy ending. :-)

      It seem like SC6 is planning to shake up the series quite a bit from what you've told me so far in it. I'm two games behind so I don't know if the last game was able to wrap up the storylines of my favorite characters well enough. I really hope that they got happy endings. Yeah portables are good if your traveling around a lot. Depending on the trip I tend to do both. If it's short I prefer to read but for longer trips, it's good to have a RPG to play through. A pokemon game is a great time killer. ^_^

      Oh I'm sorry to hear about that. I really hope that everything works out well for your sister. All the best wishes Jinto.

    4. I dont know about Quistis haven't played enough to know if i really like or dislike a FF8 character. Yea i know how you feel i was sad that Miriallia had like 10 seconds on the second season and that Cagalli went from a strong tomboy to a crybaby. I always liked Mwuso i was happy to see him get the girl in the end :) though Luna was ok as we could of been stuck with her sister which would of been really bad

      I havent played Sc4 or 5 do to lack of funds and forgetting about it when i do got the cash and steam seems to "steal" my money when i got free cash heh. Im not really that excited about Sc6 intill i know some of my girls like Talim will be back in it as its kinda like Resident Evil all over again cutting out all the veterans as if they never existed. Reading on trips like the one im taking tomorrow will be mostly reading i might bring my psp but i doubt i ever use it for anything. maybe i will be able to do some backlog finishing while im out but i doubt it but one can hope

    5. :-) Quistis was my first crush in the game. I kept thinking Hot blonde and she wore a sexy set of boots too. I'd definitely enjoy having a teacher like her. The other female characters grew on me as the game progressed. Similar to Squall, I didn't fall for Rinoa right away but I began to like her more and more throughout the game. Selphie and I got off to a bit of a rocky start but she won me over too. I think it was around the line where she said "now it's time to Par-Tay". She just seemed fun after that. Final Fantasy 8 really had one of the best endings because it really gave every character in the game a chance to shine. I loved the during the credits was really sweet. ^_^ Yeah I don't think Sai even made an appearance in the Spin-off. I liked Mwu and Ramias as a couple too so I was really happy also. Yeah I had the same feelings about Luna's sister too.

      I bought SC4 yesterday. Found it on the bargain self at Gamestop for less than $5 and I couldn't resist. I beat a couple of the endings. So far they've been pretty disappointing though...not a lot of memorable scenes and they are short too. Doesn't compare to Soul Calibur 2 or even 3. I guess create a Soul would be fun because you can customize your own barefoot women but I haven't had a chance to try that yet. I don't see myself playing 5 unless I can find it for a similar price. Yeah I feel the same way about SC6. They need to have Sophitia or Cassandra to catch my interest. If you have a good book reading can definitely be the way to go. I was content to spend a 14 hour plane ride reading one of the books from the Sword of Truth series. Anyway have a safe trip. :-)