Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Nak (Bonus)

I'm pushing these tributes a little fast because I'm trying to get as many of these Halloween posts up before the 31st. Anyway this next girl up is a special post that I've been wanting to do for long time...a tribute to a cute barefoot female ghost from the Thai CG movie Nak.
(Have to give  massive thank you to both the Legendary Master of Sole Shots Match25 and Boshibaro for finding and contributing the material for this tribute)

The Female ghost Nak is the title character of this film. She's a kindhearted mother ghost who works to protect the Earth from darker spirits. I liked her a lot. It's difficult for a character to come off as caring, sweet and vulnerable while at the same time seeming strong but Nak does it really believably. You can tell that she cares about the people she is trying to help while still powerful enough to hold her own in a fight

It's interesting to see a ghost take on a heroine role. I don't think we see that too often. Most of the times they wind up as the villains or supporting characters. Nak has some cool ghost powers which she uses like floating and invisibility. She's also able to stretch out her arms ala Mr. Fantastic which seems to be her signature move.

I received the tip off for this character way back in 2010 but it took me awhile to finish this post. I knew that I wanted to post it around Halloween but kept missing the deadline for her. I finally got the chance to watch this movie so that I could add in some additional material. It's actually a really fun film. If you guys are familiar with Thai cinema, the film is by the same team who did the Thai Kickboxing movie series Ong Bak. There are a lot great comedic moments, some pretty dramatic scenes and a fair amount of action. :-) Anyway I'm really glad I was able to tribute this character.

Ok everyone...that's all for now but as usual...more to come soon. ^_^


  1. It's a shame the caps are really low-res, it looks pretty neat! I'd like to see this movie in HD.

    1. Yeah...I wish that I could have gotten ahold of a higher quality version of the movie too Atomic Chinchilla. I would have been awesome to see her feet in HD. :-) Anyway thanks for the comment. ^_^

  2. She is beautfiul =) and has great feet to boot another great post

    1. Thanks Destiny Dueler. ^_^ Yeah she is a really attractive looking ghost. :-)