Friday, October 4, 2013

Huntress Mega-Post Part 2: Comic Incarnation is the second half of the Huntress tribute. Huntress is one of my favorite superheroines in the DC universe. She doesn't get as much attention as she deserves but she's really cool. What she lacks in super powers, she makes up for in toughness. Comics have no shortage of strong and beautiful women, but few heroines are as dominating as Helena can be making her perfect for femdom fanboys looking to be taught a lesson. Anyway, here are some of Helena's best comic book moments. :-)
Huntress has one of the most brutal kicks out of any female character I've seen. It also seems to be her signature attack and the one that she uses most often. ^_^ I'd love to get knocked around by her bare feet like that. :-)
She is such a badass. :-D
My original intent was to post every kick that Huntress delivered I could find but there just proved too many of them. I settled for showing you guys her best ones. Even with the limitation you'll still taking a lot of abuse from her feet this bonus. ^_^;
Let's tally up how many kicks she delivers in this tribute. 
One of Huntress' most exciting moments in the Birds of Prey comic series was a catfight Huntress had with DC's top Martial Artist Lady Shiva. It really intense and highlight Helena's personality well. I might posts the highlights of it in a later tribute.
My favorite shot of Helena's foot courtesy of the 2011 Huntress mini-series. Huntress bare foot scenes tend to be pretty rare because most of her appearances are in team up comics like Birds of Prey. Because there are so many characters, they don't give Helena enough screentime. We rarely see her out of costume let alone barefoot. Mini-series provide a better opportunity and we really lucked out with this one. 
Wow goosebumps!!
Swimsuit Woot!!
The 2011 miniseries artist was Marcus To. He is probably one of my favorite artist to draw the character along with Ed Benes.
Oh yeah...Alvin Lee had a brief stint drawing her as a guest artist in Birds of Prey!! He was awesome too!!
12 (in case you lost track)
This above image was done by Stanley "Artgerm" Lau. Another really amazing artist. :-)
It awesome to see a character barefoot with with her footwear in the picture. We're lucky to she this happen with Huntress quite a few times in her  comicss!!
Gotta love the caption in the middle. ^_^
Love seeing her change into costume. ^_^
O_O (Oh uh 14)
Many of these including the training pics above were from another Huntress Mini-Series called Cry for Blood!! Huntress is training with Richard Dragon another great martial artist in the DC universe.
The short haired women to the side of her is Renee Montoya the women who suceeded Victor Sage in the mantle of the Question
In her secret identity as Helena Bertinelli, Huntress works as a school teacher teaching at the same high school as Tim Drake (the 3rd Robin). I think it would be awesome to have a hot teacher like her. :-)
Huntress starred in a mini-series with Nightwing where the two of them hook up. The artwork was pretty good but sadly there were no barefoot scenes in it. There are some nice scenes involving Helena wearing only a bath robe though.
Gotta love shower stripping scenes :-)
Gymnast feet woo hoo!!
The 3 caps above are from the latest ongoing series involving the character called World's Finest where she teams up with Power Girl. Unfortunately, so far Helena has only had a couple of barefoot moments in it. Her partner on the other hand...well that's a bonus for another day. ^_^;
The silver age actually provided a lot of great opportunities to see Helena is significantly less attire. :-)
Not to mention some great barefoot scenes. :-)
One for the bondage fans. ^_^
O_O Wow!!!
For the Scissor fans. :-)
and another for the trample fans. ^_^
Kick No. 25
A lot of these are from a backup featurette that ran in the Wonder Woman comics. That must have been a great time to be alive. Imagine how cool it is to be able to buy a Wonder Woman issue and getting a Huntress story too.
Final Kick Tally = 27!!
Ok...It's official I need a cold shower. ^_^
(All of these are webfinds and caps from the Huntress comic book series. )

This bonus took me a long time to organize because it was difficult to limit the material. Huntress had so many great scenes including some non-foot ones I really wanted to show you guys but there was a lot that didn't make the cut. I might try to post some extras follow up on footnotes later. I did manage to get every barefoot moment that I knew about involving her though. If there are ones that I missed, let me know and I'll try to add them in. :-)

Eventhough I tributed this character 4 times in the past (see part 1 of this bonus), I never really went into her background so let's give a little bit of info on the character. Huntress basically has 3 different incarnations pre-crisis, post crisis and her new 52 version.

The Pre-Crisis Huntress incarnation is Helena Wayne, the daughter of Bruce Wayne and Selina Kyle (Batman and Catwoman respectively) from an alternate reality Earth 2. In that reality the regular DC characters such as Batman are 20 years older and Huntress represents a new generation of heroes. She possesses her mother's beauty and father's intelligence and is shown to be a really capable crimefighter.

The Post-Crisis Huntress incarnation is Helena Bertinelli. She's the daughter of a mob boss whose family was killed by a rival mob leader. Helena dons the mantle of the Huntress to talk her revenge on organized crime.

The New 52 version of Huntress is again Helena Wayne however she took on Helena Bertinelli's role impersonating the mobster's daughter for a period of time. She seems to have traits from both her earlier incarnations possessing her Pre-Crisis intelligence with the volatility of her post crisis counterpart (though the latter trait might be good acting on her part). This is Huntress' current version.

Ok...tying in with this bonus I have a special...

I think that a lot of regular readers know that I alternate time between working on projects and posting on this site. (Anime Feet itself is actually a Spin-off of an earlier Writing.Com blog.) One of the Writing projects I work on in my free time is an interactive story called Comic Book Women's Feet. Part of the inspiration for this Mega Post is that I recently finished a new set of chapters involving Helena Bertinelli's feet. This one provides one possible ending for her storyline. I've been working and spotlighting this story arc on and off for about 5 years now so probably many of you have read pieces of this storyline in the past. (It's the longest one in the interactive.) However for the newcomers you can find the beginning of the story arc here:
The newest chapters can be found here:
I just want to dedicate this storyline and this tribute to all the authors who added to this story and helped it to grow. I think Helena is probably one of the more popular characters in the interactive with a lot of authors who have helped her storyline to develop. Thanks very much everyone. ^_^

Ok guys...that's basically it for Helena. I really hope you guys liked this one.  It really was a lot of fun to work on for me.

Have a great weekend and more to come soon!


  1. Hot damn, that's a long post full of awesome. :D Great finds and caps for a great character. I don't know much about Huntress outside of Arrow and Justice League Unlimited, but I loved her in both of those.

    1. Thanks very much Atomic Chinchilla. O_O That's good to hear about Arrow's incarnation of her. It makes me look forward to watching that series. ^_^ I loved her Justice League Unlimited version too. :-)

  2. Another great post of her =), is it sad that I have all those issues from above the 13 mark, and when she showed her feet I read the pages several times over haha =). Also, the poll was so tough to chose from Raven, Juri, Sam, Ruby, Misa, and Rogue. In the end I had to go with X-Men Evolution Rogue I would die to worship those feet =)

    1. Thanks Destiny Dueler. O_O Those are the issues I have for her too. Yeah it was so awesome to see Helena go barefoot in the Mini-series. I liked Birds of Prey Vol. 2 also. Alvin Lee guest artwork was definitely one of the highlights of that series. ^_^

      O_O That's a great choice. X-men evolution Rogue totally rocks. ^_^

    2. Yeah, I've loved the Huntress for a long time =) out of that whole set though I'd say these two were my faves

      Yeah I followed them for awhile but I lost track but I was able to snatch all the Huntress mini series issues so that made me happy, and the catwoman the released had some good shots of Selina in it =)

      Yeah I don't know what it is about that Rogue I like so much =)

    3. Yeah those two shots were my favorites as well. The artist in that mini-series was really good. I remember reading the comics and crossing my fingers for a good barefoot scene involving and my jaw dropped when I saw those.

      O_O Catwoman's another one. She has so many great incarnations. I've been trying to do a mega-post series tribute to her for awhile now but she has so much material it is insane to organize.

      She is really hot and it was interesting to see her as a goth. ^_^

  3. I forgot to mention I als read the ending to Helena's story you did I loved it =) great job on that, only wish I could be him. Maybe you could work on Evo Rogue =) next but I'm not one to push, I'm still trying to think of a good story for her

    1. :-D Thanks very much. I'm really glad you liked it. O_O Evolution Rogue? I might have to brainstorm for her a bit but I'll see what I can do.

    2. No problem, you do great writing on those footdom stories, I try but I'm always afraid I'll take it too far and scare off readers =). I'd love to see what your mind could work with her =)

    3. Thanks. :-D Yeah it can be very tricky to find a good balance because even among fetishist there are a lot of different tastes. I try to balance my writing between affectionate and dominating characters but I couldn't resist going deep into the dominating spectrum for Helena. The great thing is that it looks like there are a lot of domination fans on so we're in good company. ^_^ I'll try to think of something good for her. ^_^