Thursday, October 3, 2013

Huntress Mega-Post Part 1: Television Incarnations

I'm doing a little bit of a crossover with my Comic Book Interactive. I've been working really hard on a Huntress storyline so her feet have been on my mind a lot lately. Anyway here is a mega-tribute in honor of her. This first segment looks at different television series she was in and the actresses who portrayed her. Hope that you guys like it. :-)
Birds of Prey Huntress: Ashley Scott
Birds of Prey was a short lived series on the WB. It dealed with the titular team protecting Gotham city in Batman's absence. It only lasted for a season. In the series Huntress was based on her pre-crisis character being the daughter Selina Kyle (Catwoman) and Bruce Wayne. In an interesting idea (most likely inspired by Catwoman's Batman Returns character), Helena (Huntress) inherited meta-human powers possessing a cat-like agility and super strength. While the Birds of Prey series itself had some problems with it writing (you know the series is in trouble when Harley Quinn is the ultimate criminal mastermind for the entire season), I thought that Ashley Scott did an excellent job portraying Helena. She definitely made her look badass and she is pretty hot too. 

Justice League Unlimited Huntress: Amy Acker
One of the great thing about the Justice League Unlimited is that it gave a lot of often overlooked characters in the DC universe a chance to shine. Huntress appears in the episodes Double Date, Question Authority, Flashpoint, and Grudge Match, all of which were spectacular. I really loved Huntress' portrayal in the series and it's probably my favorite interpretation of the character. I just wish that she appeared more often. Another thing that would have made her episodes perfect is if her character went barefoot in it but I was so thrilled to see her appear in this series that it didn't matter. Adding to her hotness, I later discovered Amy Acker, who I already had a huge crush on from watching the Angel TV series (which is where a lot of the shots above are from) did the voice work for the character. 

Arrow Huntress: Jessica De Gouw
I haven't gotten a chance to watch the show Arrow yet. I needed to detox a little bit after Smallville. One of the biggest reason I have to eventually marathon watch the series is that Huntress has some appearances in it. I can't comment on Jessica De Gouw's portrayal of Helena yet but she definitely looks hot enough to play the part. I'm crossing my fingers that she has a lot of good scenes.

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Ok everyone, that's all for now. The second half of this tribute will be coming up soon!

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