Thursday, October 31, 2013

Mileena Halloween Mega-Post Part 1

Ok this final Halloween post is a two part tribute to Mortal Kombat's deadly female assassin Mileena. This one deals with her video game incarnations. When Mortal Kombat 2 first came out I dreamed about being dominated by this sexy assassin and her sister's bare feet. My fantasy of seeing a barefoot version of the character was fulfilled with the latest entry in the series well uh sort of...see for yourself. ^_^;
The infamous flesh pit costume offered a version of the character that wearing a minimum amount of clothes. This was a hidden unlockable and it wasn't easy to attain. You had to got through a set of difficult trials to reach her. 

Mileena's Mk 2 Outfit. I'll talk more about her in part 2

Initially Mileena was absent from the third game in the series however Midway released a Ultimate version of this game which included Mileena and her sister wearing this sexy outfit above.
(Various caps and webfinds involving the character. A huge thanks to the Sole Keeper who introduced me to Mileena's current deadly incarnation. He's also responsible for uploading the clips a lot of these caps are from.)

I think you guys know why I saved Mileena for Halloween. This girl can be pretty creepy. This is particularly noticeable in the latest game where like a lot of the characters her origins were darkened by a retcon on the series. It wasn't like Mileena was a bright character to begin with, her previous version was pretty dark too but the new game takes it to another level. In her original origin she was a evil clone of Princess Kitana (one of the heroines of the series) created to monitor her sister by the Evil Sorceror Shang Tsung. While her history remains the same, the new game makes her creepiness more apparent.  In her original game, Mileena had a fatality where she would turn into a monster and devour her opponent but she was still able to maintain the illusion of being human if she desired. In the new game there's no hiding that this girl isn't human. She has an eerie movement about her and she's more animal like in her attacks. You can see her chomp on an opponent's face mid match. If she's able to revert back and forth between human and monster form, I haven't seen it. Her Flesh pit costume makes her lack of humanity all the more apparent exposing a vicious set of teeth that would make her opponents shudder in fear. Despite her eerie appearance I have to say that it was still awesome to finally see one of the villainesses from my childhood that I had a crush on finally show off her feet. Gotta love it when nostalgia works in your favor. :-)

Ok guys that closes out part one. More Mileena still to come. :-) I don't know if I'll be able to get up the second half tonight but I'll definitely try.

Happy Halloween everyone!!


  1. If it weren't for the fact that Mileena's face is all fucked up, she'd be hot. Nice post dude, this was great.

    1. Yeah her Tarkatan teeth can be really killer. Especially with how prominent they become in the later games. Thanks for the comment Heretichero