Sunday, January 19, 2014

Batwoman: Kate Kane

Let's try to do two birds with one stone with this. ^_^ I know that it seems like I've completely the Hit List lately but I haven't forgotten about it. With that in mind here is a tribute to the hot crimefighter Batwoman's feet. :-)
In her secret identity of Kate Kane, Batwoman has sort of a goth tomboy thing going. It's actually a pretty hot combination. ^_^
Painted toenails woot! ^_^
One of the distinguishing characteristics when Kate was introduced was that her Sexual orientation. As a lesbian, Kate has a variety of relationships with women in the DC universe. Her current relationship is with GCPD Detective Maggie Sawyer.
Couldn't help smiling seeing Kate's slippers. ^_^
Like a lot of other superheroines, Batwoman knows how to deliver a really powerful kick. She's known to take things farther then most though often brutalizing the criminals that she goes up against with her feet. I would definitely not want to be on their bad side. ^_^;
Ouch! ^_^; I wonder if Mr. Freeze might claim feet brutality after this one? 
In her series Kate started training her cousin Bette to be her partner in crime. ^_^ Bette has her own crimefighting persona Flamebird. I'm hoping to cover her in a future tribute. ^_^
More Feet brutality on Batwoman's part. ^_^;
You have to give her a lot of props for being able to take down Bane in her series.  O_O
Heh...even Kate acknowledges that she can be a bit of a bitch sometimes. ^_^;
This was Kate's first encounter which inspired her to become a superheroine. ^_^
Nice to see a pump dangling moment. :-)
Batwoman served in the Army for a period of time so a lot of her fighting moves are Close Quarter Combat attacks. Between her and Guile though you have to wonder if Flash Kicks are standard military training. :-)
I kept thinking of Aeon Flux when I saw this scene. ^_^
Another relationship that Kate is involved with Police Detective Renee Montoya who was the Superhero the question for a period of time. ^_^
From the context, you get the feeling that Bug means criminal. ^_^
Cue foot brutality montage 3. 
The woman that Kate is talking to before that ill fated interruption is actually Batwoman's twin sister. She was kidnapped when the two of them were younger and trained by terrorist cell to become the villainess Alice.
Kate's father is a colonel in the military. He's very supportive of his daughter even backing her decision to become a crime fighter when he discovers it. Despite some initial misgivings, he eventually resolves to help her giving her the training and securing the equipment she needs to do her job effectively. 
(A couple of webfinds from Comic Vine but most of these are from various issues of Detective Comics and the Batwoman comic series. Included in this tribute is artwork from Stanley Lau and J.H. Williams)

More of Batwoman's feet can be found in this tribute to her animated counterpart here:

Recently, there was a little bit of controversy with Batwoman's current series because the current creative team of J.H. Williams and W. Hayden Blackman quit over differences with DC's editorial staff. It's a huge shame because they really did an amazing  job with her series. I only hope that the new creative can do Kate justice.

My first exposure to Batwoman was when she briefly took over Detective comics for a 6 issue story arc called Batwoman Elegy and I've been following this character ever since. Kate is really a great character to watch in action and has an interesting background. She grew up as an army brat with both her parents serving in the military but her life was changed when her mother, her twin sister, and her were kidnapped by terrorists. Kate was saved by her father but her mother and twin sister were believed to have been executed by the terrorists. (In actuality the twin sister survives and becomes a terrorist herself.) Kate follows in her father's footsteps joining the military but leaves because she is not willing to keep her sexual orientation a secret. After a period of struggling to decide what she wanted to do with her life, she decides to become a crimefighter after an encounter with Batman. 

As a crimefighter, Kate is badass. As you can see in the caps above she definitely has a great set of moves and can more than hold her own in a fight. She's also very intelligent but there's a level of compassion to her character too. She's able to empathize with the people she meets and she's a better person because of it. I also really admire her determination. She keeps pushing herself even when its a lot easier to turn away. This was noticeable when she refused to recant having a relationship with another female officer even though it meant being discharged from the military and when she continues to push herself crime fighting even after enduring some severe injuries. That determination really makes her a great heroine and one that I am happy to root for. :-)

Ok guys I'll leave you to enjoy the images for now. With another girl off the hitlist, another January marathon tribute completed, and another comic book heroine's feet having been worshipped...I'll count this a productive day.
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  1. =D very nice, I have a few of these issues =D, and a tremendous post great job

    1. Thanks Destiny Dueler. O_O Neat. I have the Elegy arc and some issues of her current series. The last arc that Williams and Blackman worked on was really intense. It ended in a cliffhanger too with Batwoman about to face off against Batman. ^_^; Unfortunately the new team seemed to have started a new arc when they took over without resolving the last one. I hope we get to see how that battle plays out one day.