Thursday, July 31, 2008

Android 18 (Bonus)

Right before my poll closes, I have one more tribute to show you guys. This one is for DBZ's Android 18 one of the coolest female characters around. Regretably, 18 only has a few scenes in flip flops towards the end of the DBZ series but I'll gladly post what I could find of her.

(These were taken from the few rare moments I could find of 18 showing us her feet in DBZ episodes 205-208. Unfortunately you'll have to ignore her husband and there are no closeups.)
Is there really a question why I added 18 to the poll? She's sexy, cool, powerful and incredibly gorgeous. Not to mention she pretty much dominates Krillin on a regular basis. I bet she makes him worship and rub her feet every night. He sure is a lucky guy!
Anyway, my poll is about to close very that means that it's the last opportunity to vote. I'll post the results tommorow morning as well as a special tribute for a certain poll member (who is almost guaranteed to win at this point). ;-) I'll also post a new poll of the month tommorow night.
Have a nice day everyone!!


  1. Too bad there aren't more Girls Feet going in in Dragonball Z. It is one of my favorite shows, and it seems like there is just not enough. I do agree that 18 is a Gorgeous Women/Android and is a pretty cool fighter

  2. Yeah Android 18 is really great. I really wish she showed her feet more in the series.

  3. In Dragon Ball GT she helps Son Goku & Co.