Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Yura (Teaser Bonus)

The thing about villainesses is that they tend to get angry very easily and as you can guess many of them are not happy about being left out of my poll. After about 100 e-mails from various scorned villainesses discussing creative ways of torturing me, I realized that I better post some tributes to them quickly before I wind up as one of their insoles. Anyway, my first tribute is to the Inuyasha villainess Yura who was just a hair away from being included in my poll.

(These caps were taken from the 3rd episode of Inuyasha)

I had so many pictures of Yura to post that I decided to split her bonus into two parts. Although she only appeared in a couple of episodes toward the beginning of the anime, Yura is extremely popular especially among foot fetishists (myself included). If you're wondering why that what she does to Inuyasha in my next bonus. ;-)

Ok that's basically it for now...there will be more involving this sexy villainess later this week.


  1. Aw,Snap! Your a Yura fan too! It appears that we have alot in common.

    She kinda looks like Hotaru-chan a bit,dont'cha think?

  2. Oh that you mention it...Yura does sort of resemble Hotaru. Added onto that both her and Mistress 9 use their hair as a weapon.

    It's interesting you should mention that comparison because one of the things that drew me into the Inuyasha series was that I always thought Kagome looked alot like Sailor Mars.

  3. You guys noticed her resemblance in both appearance and power too? What a surprising coincidence. Now my mind's made up; my fifth story (in the future) will be about this sexy demon. Keep on blogging and I'll keep writing.


  4. A foot fetish story involving that should be something to look forward to. Best of luck with it.

  5. Thanks. I'll let you know when it happens. But I'll say one thing about it now; if Jacob crosses her, he'll be in quite a tangle, if you'll pardon the expression.

  6. I was tempted to make a pun that it would be a hair raising experience for him or a brush with disaster but I'll spare you guys.

  7. Probably for the best, no offense. Anywho, I'll just be going back to writing more stuff.