Thursday, July 3, 2008

Kagome (Bonus)

This is a slight intermission from the villainesses. There were a couple of extra foot scenes in the Yura episode that I thought everyone might enjoy as well. (Don't worry the rest of my Yura bonus will be posted tomorrow as part of my usual friday update.) Anyway here are the caps!!

(These caps were taken from Inuyasha episode 3)

This one's just gonna be a quick entry. Kagome definitely isn't a villainess but she's really pretty and sweet (one of my favorite anime girls in fact). Sorry the caps aren't as big as yesterday...I'm using a different computer today and I didn't have the software to enlarge them. I'll try and post bigger versions of them later on.

Ok that's it for usual...more to come soon!!


  1. That Saotome chick looks very pretty, KSC. I can see why DW made her the fourth addition in his story. Even her toes look nice. *licks lips* You have very good taste, buddy. On behalf of DW, keep on blogging.

    Jacob Foot

  2. Yeah Kagome is definite hot and one of my favorites (maybe because she resembles Sailor Mars).

    Thanks for reading guys!

  3. Her name's Kagome? Oopsie. And your right about her resembling Sailor Mars. BTW, did you know that in the manga, Kagome's eyes were originally blue?


  4. Yeah...that's the first I heard of it. Neat. Sorry about the late response btw. Slipped on this one *shrugs embarassed.*