Thursday, July 17, 2008

Kyoko's Foot Soak (Anime Bonus) promised here is anime version of Kyoko splashing her feet around in the water. I personally think she looks hotter in the manga but you guys judge for yourself.

(These pictures were capped from Black Cat Episode 13)

Well...that pretty much wraps up Kyoko. Next time I'll post a tribute to a new villainess. As usual I have a big update planned on Friday but depending on what time I see the new Batman movie...I might be a little late posting it. ;-)

Have a nice day everyone!!!


  1. First Azula, then Sailor Mars and now Kyoko; Kind of makes me wonder if I'm subconsciously attracted to the fire type. I'd probably post Pokemon's gym leader Flannery too...if only I could find her barefoot. *sighs disappointedly*

  2. Well,It looks like I got 100 posts before you did.dont forget to keep checking my blog frequntly.

  3. You must be attracted to fire makers, and I don't blame you for doing it. They're very attractive. But mind you, if they find about the fanbases you made for them, they'll be hot on your trail. Yes, I know. A fire pun. And this girl's feet aren't bad either. With that hat, she kinda reminds me of Zatanna. Good stuff as always, KSC. Keep on blogging.

    Daniel Wickie

  4. Thanks Daniel...I wonder how it is that female fire makers are usually irresistably beautiful and amazingly cool. Maybe there's an unspoken rule among animators and writers to make them that way. I'll have to ask Azula about that the next time I see her.

    As for her looking like Zatanna with the hat that you mention it, you're right. That's the only scene where she wears it though cause she's borrowing it from a friend.

    Anyway, I'm glad you like the pictures. Kyoko is playful character so it was fun giving her a tribute.