Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Mary Jane Watson (Bonus)

Well it's time to give the winner of the poll (scroll down or click here for results) her well earned tribute. About halfway through the month Ms. Watson was so many votes ahead of the other girls that I began scrambling the net looking for the best comic book pictures involving her feet just to make sure that I didn't disappoint her fans. Luckily MJ is really popular and I was able to find a very good set of pictures for her. That's why I saved her for last. Enjoy!!!!!!

(These webfinds are the creme de la creme of Mary Jane photos featuring the artwork of Al Rio (Pic 3), Spawn Creator Todd Mcfarlane (5 + 9), Joe Jusko (8), John Romita SR. (10 + 11), and a few other greats (1,2,4,6,7 + 12))

Did you guys know that I almost didn't include MJ in the poll? I was worried that nobody would want to vote for her because she wasn't a super-heroine. Good thing I changed my mind...right? Anyway the reason Mary Jane made a poll spot is even without powers, she's an incredibly memorable comic book woman. It takes a special kind of character that can maintain an incredibly sassy personality yet remain sweet and vulnerable at the same time. Not only is Mj cute and sexy, the fact that she manages to keep up with Spiderman makes her definitely deserving of a footrub.

Well...I guess that the last of my marvel girl tributes but don't think these sexy marvel girls won't be back again. You can bet I'll be showing their feet some more attention soon.

Alright...I'm give you guys a chance to enjoy Mary Jane's sexy soles for now. ^_^ But I'll be back this evening (10-12) to introduce the new poll of the month.

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