Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Baroness (Mega Bonus)

It's been a couple of days...did anyone miss me? ;-) Anyway, here is the next villainess:the sexy femme fatale from G.I. Joe Anastasia Decobray AKA the Baroness .

(These pictures are a combination of webfinds and caps taken from a youtube clip of an episode where the Baroness dons a bikini. The featured artwork includes the work of Adam Hughes (Pic 1), Doug Saquic, Rachel ??, and a few other unknowns. The Clip I capped these pics from was posted by the SoleSurvivor whose youtube site is definitely worth checking out)

So what would make you want to be this woman's footslave? Well besides meeting the prerequisite of being hot as hell...this woman is intelligent, strict and cruel enough to enjoy using you as her personal footstool. As her footslave, she'd probably keep you hard at work, polishing her boots, rubbing her feet and anything else her sadistic mind can think up. what happens now? If you are keeping count I posted Jessie, Giganta, Baroness, and Tayuya this month. Technically I posted Catwoman (although not her B:TAS form), Azula and All Sunday earlier on too, but I guarantee at least one of them will have another tribute this week ;-). I guess that leaves Queen Beryl, Mai Valentine and Android 18. As far as I know Beryl and Mai don't go barefoot in their animes and Android 18 only has a sandals scene with no close ups. I see what I can dig up for them.

Anyway, enjoy the pics everyone and as usual more to come soon!



  1. Can never go wrong with a beautiful barefoot woman who wears glasses.

    BTW,Fantasy Foot Tickling EX is ready to be released.

    And When is the FDL Main Event?

  2. soon...great!

    As for the main event. I'd like to to try for a Saturday release again.

    Hopefully there shouldn't be any problems since I'll have access to my more stable home computer and my personal life won't intervene.

    Keep your fingers crossed!

  3. I thought it would be most appropriate to say this on this particular post:

    I saw the GI Joe movie, and quite frankly, it sucked ass.

    Still, I love the Baroness. :D

  4. Oh that sucks. I was looking forward to seeing this film. :-(

    I recently suffered a disappointing movie of my own watching Street Fighter the Legend of Chun Li on DVD. I knew the chances of the movie being good were slim and I wasn't stupid enough to watch it in theaters but even so it was a major letdown that even my crush on Kristen Kreuk couldn't salvage.

    To add insult to injury there are no barefoot scenes involving Kristen in the film but she does have some nice scenes in the special features where she is practicing the martial arts moves for the movie barefoot.

  5. At least you were smart enough not to see the Chun Li movie in theatres. After the first twenty minutes, I felt like I should've been payed to watch that stinker; and to prove my point, the movie didn't have as many fighting scenes to reflect the game it was supposed to represent. In fact, the title character didn't even look Asian. The whole thing really pissed me off because she was my favorite Street Fighter. It was even worse than Street Fighter 2: The Movie. *shudders* BTW, I never was a fan of Smallville; it butchered one too many DC characters (Green Arrow, for example).

    Now you know and knowing is half the battle.

  6. *Chuckles* brother said it was worse than Street Fighter 2:The movie as well. While I wouldn't go that far, it was definitely pretty bad. Kristen is Eurasian so she's only part chinese. I think from my grandmother. The one interesting thing about the movie for me was that it took place in Thailand so I got a kick out of understanding what the characters were saying when they were speaking Thai with a heavy accent.

    Yeah Smallville is one those adaptations where you can't compare it to the comics because it will always fall massively short. Sadly I think the show has gotten progressively worst and the last season was nearly unwatchable for me. My favorite live action Superman series is Lois and Clark.

    As for knowing being half the very true. ^_^