Friday, May 15, 2009

Totally Spies: Sam (Bonus)

In the past Anime Feet has definitely faced some extreme situations before (hot pirates, deadly fighters, Sexy Succubi and a gorgeous yet dangerous firebender). This week we take on our hardest missions yet. In this top secret "For Your Eyes Only" mission, we're spending an entire week with the incredibly hot WOOHP agents of the Totally Spies series capping 5 seasons worth of Spy feet. Mmmm this is one mission we may not make it back from. Kicking things off with a bang here is a tribute to gorgeous Spy Sam. Enjoy!!!!

(As I'll probably mention repeated throughout this week, I had a lot of help getting these bonuses together. Special thank yous to Daniel Wickie for introducing me to this series, Mr E (for showing and helping me find some of the cooler episodes in the series and the Legendary Master of Sole Shots Match25 for finding and capping most of the series (almost all the caps you see in this entry are his). You guys rock!!!!)

Sam is actually my favorite of the spies. She's beautiful, intelligent and has some really cool spy moves. Judging from these caps she seems to enjoy relaxing with her boots off and like another member of her team (who you'll see later in the week) she seems to have the cute habit of wiggling her toes. I bet after a busy day of spy work, she would love having someone to take care of her feet. Any volunteers? ;-)

Ok...I have a couple of writing spotlights for you guys this week but since it's approaching 3:am here, I'll save them for my next post. Anyway, more Totally Spies to come!!!!!

Have a great weekend everyone!


  1. how much i wish i was the personal masseuse to these lovely spies

  2. Admit it, KSC, you like Sam better because she's a redhead. Everybody knows Clover is the best though ^_^

    (Sam's hot nonetheless)

  3. Me too Match. ^_^

    Have I been known to be partial to redheads in the past Juancho? *whistles innocently*

    Clover is hot as well. ^_^

  4. Sam's the best of the TS girls, and these are awesome caps. Great stuff... I'd love to play with those toes... ^_^

  5. Awesome stuff,KSC.Sam is my favorite spy and now i know why. Do you mind if i ask which episode the 8th screen cap is from?

  6. so its Alex, tomboy soles are the best

  7. Yes! Yes! And a thousand times yes. :D

    I've always loved Totally Spies, mostly for the feet if anything, I even watched it for that before I knew what a foot fetish was! Unfortunately I couldn't watch it that much, due to it being mainly for girls. :(

    Sam is indeed the best of the spies in my opinion, but I must say, their neighbour(Mindy is it)? TOTAL diva. Dominant. Beautiful. Would love to see her featured. :)

  8. glad you like TorBorg, and her name is Mandy

  9. on an interesting note though, in the fifth season when the spies go to college, Mandy's cousin is named Mindy

  10. It was only a matter of time before you did this, KSC. :D

    Me, I thought the show was funny. I mean, it's so bad it's great. =P

  11. Great posts and great blog!

    What episodes do these pics come from? The only spy episode with the spies barefoot that ive ever seen is the Hawaii episode.

  12. alot of episodes went into this project

    but there was only two things that annoyed me about this cartoon. The first was how could that woophing have worked and where did some of the villains get the know how or funding to pull off their dastardly plans?

  13. but the favorite one would have to be Mother's day, where there was a nice double close up of Alex's soles

  14. I'm glad Sam has a lot of fans. ^_^

    Cap 8? Sorry I don't know jajc05. Match capped that one so he might be able to help.

    Yeah Alex is cool too Match.

    That's true Torborg...Mandy does have a dominant element to her personality.

    Definitely long overdue Kyle. ^_^

    Yeah these caps are pretty spread out dde2. I think this is probably one of the biggest projects we tried so far capping all the best foot scenes from 5 seasons worth of Totally Spies. ^_^

  15. I think the biggest annoyance for me about the series was when the Spies would go shoe shopping without any clips of them taking off or putting on their footwear.

    This actually happens in more than one episode. :-(

  16. *Thinks about it* Extremely difficult to chose my favorite moment but I love all the scenes involving Sam barefoot. ^_^

  17. the pic i believe is from one of the early eps of the first season. sorry i cant be more help

  18. they really put some effort into drawing their feet for a low budget show:) especially in pics 4 and 11 has a Great sole shot

  19. i know, what a great show this was