Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Totally Spies: Clover (Bonus)

Ok closing out the Totally Spies sets with is the last of the terrific trio Clover...Enjoy guys!!

(I have to give a massive thank yous to both Match25 (the Legendary Master of Sole Shots) and Mr. E, for providing some cool clips, capping Clover, and providing her feet with enough attention to keep her satisfied while we were shooting this tribute)

One of the great things about Clover is that out of all the spies, she is probably the one that provides us with the most foot fetish scenario scenes in the series. As far as foot massages go, we know Sam would love to have them and Alex even requests them but Clover is the one that actually gets them repeatedly. It doesn’t stop there…throughout the 5 seasons of Totally Spies we are treated to scenes of Clover sunbathing in nothing but a swimsuit, taking surfing lessons (leading to some bodacious sole shots), trying on footwear while shoe shopping, receiving a pedicure, stripping off her shoes, relaxing with her footwear off, kicking butt barefoot, wiggling her toes, the producers even found a way to give us a GTS moment (gigantic female feet woo-hoo!!!!!). She’s basically the barefoot queen of the series (with maybe one exception).

Considering that this hot spy really enjoys having her feet pampered, her feet probably are in really great condition. (I imagine they must be incredibly soft and smooth.) I think it’s safe to say that we are all really envious of the people looking after her feet in these caps.

Ok…let’s see…I did Sam, Alex and Clover, well I guess that’s all of them. I have to say working on this series was a lot of fun. ^_^ Anyway, I hope you enjoyed these hot spies and as usual…more to come soon!!


  1. my favorite spoiled rich girl spy. you know she would have you worshipping and massaging her feet every chance she got.

  2. It's true. ^_^ And we would probably all enjoy doing it as well.

  3. Man, the first two updates were great but this takes the cake. Clover is awesome. That's it... I'm getting this series. ^_^

  4. You saved the best for last. Great work.

  5. for the pic thta should go up onm the site there are so many choices. either her getting a foot massage (wearing a blue top) or her giant foot, the one above the shrunken clover and mandy.

  6. Clover was inevitable. And I do know, for a fact, that Clover does enjoy foot rubs. ;)

    In spite of the times I got to massage her lovely feet, my feelings toward her are mixed.

  7. Thanks Sole Keeper ^_^...I hope you enjoy the series.

  8. Those pics are my favorite too Mr E. I also like the three pics where she has her boot off and is showing her sole on the bottom and the top two pics where she is removing her shoes.

    Also with the GTS pics Sam and Alex definitely have the perfect view. ^_^

  9. You're lucky Kyle. ^_^ Mixed? I know she can be a little bit of a diva but its nothing a little playful tickling can't cure.

  10. I say mixed due to one reason. Yeah, I have only one reason for not liking her and I want you to guess. Seriously, just take a guess as to why.

    On the other hand, every time I got to surprise her and tickle her peds, I always ended up getting kicked out of ticklishness. The frequent pedicures are to blame for that, I guess. *rubs mark on chin*

  11. yeah KSC takin her shoes off just seems too good to be true and then exposing her soles. another one i like is when shes submerged underwater and when shes jumping on her bed in pink pajamas:)

  12. yup who wouldnt want to be her boyfriend just for the chance to massage her soft smooth soles?

  13. Yes Match. And apparently, she a lot of them.

  14. She is the best, I've always said that ^_^

    Totally Spies is ABOUT FEET.

    And if you read it in Spanish, "Totally Spies" almost says "Totally Feet" if you take out the first "S" in "Spies" x-D

    This girl is hooooooooooot!

  15. I also should tell you that you missed a girl from this series, KSC.

  16. cool totally spies pics

    clover's the best.

    the other day i saw this show

    called tupu. its about a barefoot

    girl in central park

  17. very nice find Rich, even the logo is a bare sole. i will have to do some capping

  18. by the way Rich, where can someone watch this series online?

  19. I give up Kyle. ^_^ BTW was she the girl you were referring too. :-D

    Yeah those are great too Mr. E. ^_^

    Too true Match.

    I never thought of that before Juancho. That's quite a cool observation. :-D Looks like Clover has a lot of fans too.

    That sounds like an interesting show Richfeet. ^_^

  20. try and type tupu on youtube ok


  21. i did both Tupu and Toupou, both only get me a 3 minute clip

  22. any1 know the episode of (name of) the last 5 pictures, it was 1 of the earliest I had seen and I can't remember it 2 well. ^_^

  23. Sorry...I don't know the answer to that one Martin. :-(

  24. Question: Those images including the soles of Clover's boots revealing her toes, another where she was surfing until she wiped out, and the last ones where she took off one of her red boots. What episodes are they from?

    1. The one with Clover missing one of her boots is from season 3 episode 18: "Truth or Scare"
      Just in case you never had that mystery solved in the past (almost) 5 years!