Sunday, May 17, 2009

Totally Spies: Alex (Bonus)

Ok continuing the Totally Spies tributes, our next girl up is the energetic tomboy spy Alex.

(I have to give huge thank yous to both the Legendary Master of Sole Shots Match25 and the author Mr. E for capping and providing the clips that made this bonus possible. ^_^)

Just as an added bonus here’s a nice scene involving her… (1 minute from the end)
Yeah…like she really needs to brainwash people to get them to do that. ^_^ *Shakes head*

Alex is a cool character. She has a lot of tomboyish qualities to her (she loves sports and physical activities) but at the same time she has some really girly qualities too (she’s obsessed with fashion and shopping).I think a lot of people would be happy to have her as a girlfriend. In addition to having a really hot athletic body (which she obviously keeps in great shape using those awesome spy hand to hand combat moves), she’s, sweet, fun loving, energetic and likes videogames (check and mate). Plus it’s a safe bet she’d probably want you to massage her feet every day after all that spy work. ;-) To top it off she clearly has some really dexterous toes. I’ll leave it to your imagination just how she can put them to use. :-D It would also be really awesome to feel her tan soles pressed against your face. Mmm

Alright…before I go off into a daydream about worshipping this sexy spy’s feet…here are some spotlights for this week…

Ok first is…Comic Book Women’s Feet
Well if you saw my interactive earlier in the week…you guys probably knew this was coming. Getting to read chapters about Supergirl and Helena (aka the Huntress) in the same week is really awesome. It’s even hotter when they are chapters about them forcing you to worship their feet/footwear. Massive thank yous to Ropefort and Mrcool213 for writing these.

I also want to spotlight the Anime Fantasy Foot Fetish Dungeon by Justmyself
Since I last spotlighted this interactive (which was just last week), the author Kiddo has added 5 new chapters involving the Yugioh Gx girls punishing you with their feet. Woo Hoo!!!!

As well as the Naruto Girls foot worship by Justmyself
Check out 2233445’s new addition…being Yoshino Nara’s (Shikamaru's mom) footslave is hot!!!!!!

Alright every that will do it for now…happy reading guys and more Totally Spies to come soon!!


  1. mmm she is the perfect foot fetishist's girl... no offense on your girlfriend you know who

  2. Alex has some really awesome foot scenes. ^_^

  3. Yeah Alex does have some pretty awesome feet.So,Match KSC told me that you might be able to help me out on which episode cap 8 is from on Sam's tribute.If you happen to know it will be much appreciated.

  4. wow, alex just loves to be barefoot. and im glad you posted that youtube video i sent you. i didnt think it would work well being capped so now everybody can link to see her foot massage needs:)

  5. Awesome stuff, KSC! Man, Alex really has tons of great foot scenes... I never realized that. I really should get this series... ^_^ and I just can't resist a woman with 'dextrous toes'... heheh....

  6. your right her toes are really ambidextrous. and i remember a whiole back you wanted some suggestions for pics on the top of the site and i think alexs sole shot 12th from the bottom should be up there and maybe? sams 4th from the top

  7. sorry i would have to disagree with you Mr. E with Alex's top pic, it is defiantly the fourth pic down, such a lovely clear double sole shot of her soft tanned soles

  8. Normally, I'd have something to say on these posts, but you've pretty much said it for me, KSC. :)

  9. Thanks Sole Keeper. ^_^ Me neither.

    Oh yeah I should update the banner Mr. E. Those are great suggestions.

    Alex is so attractive that it's difficult to chose a favorite pic this time around Match but I like the 4th pic down too.

    Thanks Kyle. ^_^

  10. I didn't notice this until now, but were you talking about me Match?

  11. what episode did the scene with alex in her pjs and her foot right in front of the camera come from?

  12. What episode did the scene with alex in her karate and her toes with the food come from?