Friday, May 1, 2009

Poll of the Month 12 Results

Ok the twelfth poll of the month has finally come to end. After a record shattering 1562 votes are the results:

Wow...I didn't see this one coming.* It appears that most of you fantasize about tickling your favorite anime/cartoon girl's feet. This method of enjoyment easily proved to be the most popular with 485 votes. In second place was worshipping her feet and smelling her feet took third. The rest of the fantasy scenarios still proved to have a following of their own and none of them scored less 14 votes. (I'm glad to see that being turned into a woman's footwear appeals to other people too ^_^)

I just want to give a huge thank you to everyone for voting and sharing their ideas. I really appreciate it very much and as always I'll try and keep your opinions in mind in my future writing and bonuses.

Ok everyone...I'll try and post a new poll this evening as well as a tribute to the winning fantasy soon. Just need to decide which of the 4 cartoon/anime tickling scenes I know about to post. (Don't worry I plan on posting all of them eventually ^_^).

Have a great day everybody!!

*Although I know at least one foot tickler out there. *winks at Kyle*



    Okay, I'm back. I enjoyed this poll all the same. :)

  2. As for which scenario I fantasize about most, I think being Ino's or Sailor Mar's footslave would be pretty hot.

    Anyway great voting guys!!

  3. No, the congratulations belong to all my brothers and sisters out there who like to "have some laughs" with their friends. ;)

  4. hehe it would be a pleasure to tickle the lovely Hinata's feet

  5. I'd love to tickle and give foot massages to all of the Sailor Senshi and their female villians.

  6. i'd worship their feet too...if they let me.

  7. 1562. a record that i know will be broken easily with your next polls

  8. im shocked that tickling beat worship. doesnt tickling kind of fall under that umbrella term?

  9. Nice! I'm surprised and ecstatic that tickling won. :]

    @ Match25- To me (a foot-tickling fetishist) they're totally different. Worship is generally submissive and masochistic, whereas tickling is totally controlling and sadistic.

  10. huh, the thought of being submissive and masochistic never crossed my mind once when thinking of worshiping a lovely pair of soft soles

  11. That does sound like fun Hinata-Chan. ^_^

    Me too Stefan especially Rei,Michiru, Setsuna, Emerald and Kaorinite.

    Yeah I was both suprised and happy that that poll got so many votes Mr. E.

    That's interesting Match...I actually felt being her "footslave" was the umbrella term. I guess it's all up to personal opinion since the options tie in with one another.

    Well...(for me)I wouldn't really classify foot worship as submissive and masochistic Adam(although I suppose there is a submissive element to kissing the bottom of a women's feet ^_^). I think the domination and footslave options are the more submissive (and possibly Masochistic depending on which girl you have in mind)choices but I agree with you about foot tickling offering the tickler more control.

  12. What does "umbrella term" mean anyway?

  13. I mean an "Umbrella term" is a term that is used to cover everything.

    In this case the term "Foot worship" covers a very wide range of foot fetish scenarios.