Thursday, May 14, 2009

More Haruhi (Bonus)

Ok first off...sorry for going three days without posting anything. My finals reached full swing this week. ^_^; Luckily my last final is out of the way (I finished taking it last night) and I can now post at full power for a while. Alright, I know I promised a week long mega-bonus in my last post but before that I have a nice surprise for you guys...another round of Haruhi caps. Hope you guys have some ice nearby because these caps are hot!!! ^_^

(This follow up collection of webfinds comes courtesy of the author Mr. E himself. Thanks very much for finding these. ^_^ )

Wow...It really is amazing how much foot and swimsuit related material there is involving this anime. Those beach pics make me long for summer (well either that or a harem ^_^).

Ok buckle your seatbelts everyone, "For your eyes only" is next.


  1. yay more of the lovely bookworm

  2. I totally cant get enough of how all these cute girls are barefoot all the time and in bikinis

  3. sadly it is quiet the opposite in the show

  4. i cant believe i didnt notice this until just know but if you look in the mirror of the workout picture than you can see the soles and toes of her feet. mustve slipped right by me

  5. Oh wow...I didn't catch that one either. Talk about extra detail. ^_^