Thursday, May 28, 2009

Kannagi Girls (Bonus)

Well after staring at all those Totally Spies feet you guys probably need a little bit of I decided to take it easy on you with this post giving you some beach shots and religious figures to help your heart rate return to normal. :-D

(A huge Thank you to Mr. E for finding these great webfinds.)

^_^; In hindsight If I wanted to get people to relax...using the Kannagi Shrine maidens probably wasn't the best choice for that. I haven't had a chance to see this anime yet but I definitely have to admit that it's another one to add to my hit list.

As was the case with Haruhi, I'm not the first blogger to take note of the rather nice views of the Kannagi female characters' feet that are available to us. Apparently there's an article discussing the first picture and mentioning Zange's feet as well (albeit from the same site as the Haruhi artcle). Speaking of the first picture...I really love that point of view too. It almost feels like she's stepping on your face. ^_^

Ok...since it's already rather late in the week...I think it makes more sense to post the writing spotlights in tommorow's entry. I'll also try to make it a complete end of the week entry as well.

Until Next Time


  1. My gosh, I LOVE that first pic. Her toes are so close... ^_^ Lovely art. Thanks!

  2. wow i like the first and the last pic, those girls are cute ^^

  3. they should forget all of these annoying speeches of saving our souls and what not to have us join a church, they should just say we will get to hold soles LOL

  4. also with how i have the title of Legendary Master of Sole Shots, a title i take with pride, should Mr. E have the title of Master of Web Finds?

  5. Thanks guys. The first and last shots are my favorites too. ^_^ I love point of view shots.

    Mr. E as the Master of Webfinds? That sounds like a good idea. ^_^
    If he likes that is his.

  6. I know what you mean, Match. It's not like any of us here have souls that can be saved.

    But yeah, I wouldn't mind going to any "house of worship" like that.

  7. good point, and good to see in not the only one giving out bad puns lol

  8. Normally, I would try to follow that up with a pun of my own but I got nothing. ^_^; Well played gentlemen. *Tips hat*

  9. any title you guys wanna give me is cool by me. as soon as i saw that first pic of her toes i knew it had to go up on this site. really cool pov