Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Tripping the Rift: 6 of 1 (Bonus) Honor of a huge Science Fiction blockbuster film that's opening this week, ^_^ Here are a couple of tributes some rather hot animated Sci Fi babes. First up is Six of One from the comedic sci-fi parody series Tripping the rift. Enjoy guys!!!

(These were capped from the Tripping the Rift episodes "Honey I Shrunk the Crew", "Hollow Chode", "Tragically Whipped", "To Ebay or Not to Ebay". A massive thank you to the Master of Sole Shots Match25 himself for finding and capping this series. Awesome find man!!)

I'm almost certain she is based on Seven of Nine which is really hot. Sci Fi babes totally rock. I should probably add the side warning that Tripping the Rift has a bit of mature content involved in it. (Although a lot of it is in terms of sexually suggestive dialogue rather than actually displaying anything too graphic).

Ok it's a little bit delayed but here is an end of the week entry including some more spotlighted stories!! Can we still call it an end of the week entry if I'm posting it midweek? ^_^;

This Week:
Inspired by an awesome set of recent Helena (aka Huntress) chapters by Retrogamer, Mrcool213 and 2233445 to the Comic Book Women's Feet interactive,
I couldn't resist adding a couple of chapters involving this attractive teacher/heroine's feet. Worshipping Helena's feet is hot!!! Make sure to check the recent additions for the other authors' chapters as well. I love it when a great character gets a surge of good writing. If you're reading this...thanks very much for adding guys.

I also added another chapter involving the Pink Power Ranger Kimberly's feet to the Retrogamer's Anime Foot Fetish Fantasy Interactive.

The pink ranger rocks!! ^_^

This week's spotlights starts off with some really big news. After a long absence due to a busy schedule, the author Melroser76 is finally returning to writing. For those of you that don't know who I'm talking about, Melroser is one of the great anime foot fetish authors who specializes in stories about characters using their foot odor to torture others. You can check his stories here:
The Ino thread of his Naruto and Feet interactive was what inspired me to register with WDC in the first place and this site probably wouldn't even exist without him. I don't want to give away too much but part of his return plans include a brand new interactive as well as a new blog.

Ok let's go into some of the hot new interactive story additions this week. This week's theme seems to be foot domination and Two stories in make the cut...

Once again I have to spotlight the story Beneath Your Big Sister's Feet by Mr. Cool:
For some really great domination and worship chapters written by Mrcool213, Tnt, Btal and the Moderator himself. Make sure you check the story's recent additions for all of these.


The Anime Fantasy Foot Fetish Dungeon by Justmyself: for a really great thread involving the Yugioh Gx girls dominating you and forcing you to smell their footwear written by the author Kiddo. Alexis and her friends are great. ^_^

Next Week:
Ok right now...I working pretty hard to complete new Soulcalibur, Wonder Woman, and Mary Jane story segments, as well as some other side chapters.

As for the blog...there's one more set of Sci Fi tribute to go before I start a major bonus set for a really hot group of heroines with Match and Mr. E...Stay tuned guys!!



  1. Good to hear you're writing again. :)

  2. And what if it does contain mature content? I can take it, I'm no pussy, bring it on!

    Her feet look really soft and smooth too. :)

  3. mmm she is a sexy beauty, too bad she wore those shoes most of the time. Makes one wish for the future of robotics to increase a thousand fold

  4. Thanks Kyle. ^_^

    Speaking of shoes Match...that picture of her with one shoe off while showing us her sole is awesome. What is she doing in that scene?

  5. i believe that would be To Ebay or not to Ebay.

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  7. KSC, it would be awesome if you could post foot shots of Power Rangers girls, just like when you posted pictures of Sonya and other realistic girls :P

  8. RetroGamer's interactive is gonna get way better,you just wait. He's a genius.

    I agree with Juancho. You should post feet pics of the Power Ranger girls.

  9. Thanks Match.

    Foot shots of the Power ranger girls? I know a couple of scenes involving Kimberly doing gymnastics and the villainess Divatox getting a pedicure. I'll see what I can do.

  10. Easier said than done; IIRC, there weren't a lot of close-ups of Kimberly's feet at all on the show, so finding foot scenes would be hard. If you really want to see foot scenes of Amy Jo Johnson, you might want to find a made for TV movie called Perfect Body-that movie has foot scenes galore, including close-ups.

  11. Yeah it's true...she didn't give that many close ups of her bare feet that much. I think there were a couple of good scenes though especially towards her last appearance on the show (when she was training with a gymnastics couch). Some nice closeups on her feet while she was wearing black toenail polish.

    I'll see if I can find the perfect body as well. Thanks for telling me about it Lionel. ^_^

  12. KSC if you ever want to copy them into episode-based galleries with a ToC did an empty page here