Thursday, June 18, 2009

Basquash: Princess Fiora (Bonus)

Once again I'm running on fumes but I'll try to squeeze out one more bonus for tonight. Here's a nice set of caps from a new Sci Fi anime. ^_^ I hope everyone likes it.

(These are from the anime Basquash. Once again I have to give a huge Thank You to Richfeet for these awesome caps. Just in case anyone was wondering...they say he in the subtitles because she's in disguise.)

It's good to post another princess here. I haven't had the chance to see this anime yet but this really seems like the type of series that I would enjoy. Sci-Fi totally rocks!! Plus this anime has elements that a foot fetishist can really appreciate. First off the sport this anime centers around is Big Foot Basketball which sounds more fetishy than it actually is. (It's really Basketball with Giant Robots). Plus (as Richfeet pointed out) one of the characters (the woman with the white hair above) can actually talks to people's feet to find out more about them. O_O I definitely need to check this one out. ^_^

Ok...that's going to do it for tonight. As usual...more to come soon!!


  1. Nice pictures but what a bizarre anime.

  2. Fiora's definitely cute. The anime may not have been the best one I've seen, but it still had its cute factor. :)

  3. im going to have to chech this one out, especially one with a pair of cute soles

  4. ......Very much want... I have the overwhelming urge to paint her toes and brush her hair. o.O

  5. By all means, Match. It's not that bad.

  6. Intriguing anime. The thing about the woman who can talk to feet is pretty wild, but potentially cool... I wish though someday an anime could have someone who could read soles like palm reading or something like that. ^_^ Good stuff!

  7. So that woman is talking to Fiora's feet? Aw, due to her face, I thought she had a fetish for guy's feet or something. That would be interesting for a change: a woman crazy for our feet x-D

  8. ah the perfect girlfriend lol

  9. i wish i could talk to feet.
    @juancho i agree more females need to be into feet, i know i am, but i think i am the only girl who watched this blog