Wednesday, June 10, 2009

More Candice

Ok...because you've all been good boys and is a little bit more Candy for you. Enjoy!! ;-)

(These are capped from the Batman: TAS episode "Two Face part two". A special thank you to Daniel Wickie, StreetFighterDash and DDE2 for letting me know about and requesting this scene.)

All I can really say this time around is Catfight Woo Hoo!!! I just love it how Candice loses her pumps every episode we see her. ^_^

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  2. " is a little bit more Candy for you."

    Hey, that was actually pretty good. :D And notice how the Dark Knight's attention is fixed on Candice for that moment (hmmmm).

  3. I try. ^_^

    O_O It's true. I guess we can't blame him for taking a peek. :-D

  4. To sum up that set/scene, I'm going to quote a famous Joey Styles line:


    Or at least I think that was one of his famous line, I'm not really sure <_<. Anyways, great scenes since I like me some candy ;)

  5. If we're still on the topic of minor Batman:TAS girls feet I would like to nominate Sensei Yoru's star student, Kiari Tanaga from the episode, "Day of the Samurai". She is bare barefoot for all of her appearances in the episode as far as my knowledge goes.

  6. Thanks guys.

    You must have read my mind BreakTheWalls, that's exactly who I was planning to post next. ^_^ How did you learn her name? I was about to call her martial arts girl until you told me what it was.

  7. Well, after remembering the character but forgetting her name, I decided to search for it, since I thought that calling her Sensei Youru's star pupil was kinda silly (no offense), It was hard and I finally meet sucess when I looked at the episode profile and saw the cast list, noticed she was the only female name on the list, put two and two together and figured out that must be her name, since she was the only female character to get a speaking role in the episode.

  8. I had an idea for a female Batman villain named Ms. Red, who would be a cross between Candice and Veronica Vreeland, meaning she'll have Veronica's high social status, and the criminal mind of Candice. Ms. Red would look like Adrienne Cori from, "A Clockwork Orange" with a more modern look. Her partners are Violet,Yellow, Blue, and Orange.

  9. Wow...sounds like quite the femme fatale. ^_^

  10. Candice was a great femme fatale, and looked to manipulate events to her own end. It was great when she got her comeuppance at the hands of Grace, who puts her good girl image to one side and grabs Candice by the hair, puts her high heel into her back and sends her across the room, where she crashes and is KO'd. It was funny seeing her feet up in the air and that she lost one of her heels.