Monday, June 1, 2009

Poll of the Month 13 Results

The 13th poll of the month has finally come to a close. After a whopping 1391 are the results...

Well it looks like the Final Fantasy girls summoned a can of whoop-ass on their competition thoroughly creaming the other girls and proving that their feet are the ones that most voters would love to take care of with a final total of 434 votes. Trailing behind them in second place were the Resident evil girls with 214 votes and the Nintendo girls just beat out the Street Fighter girls to claim third place with 169 votes. No need to feel bad for the rest of these girls, they all proved to have fans of their own with even the relatively obscure Star Ocean girls scoring a respectable 25 votes.

Once again...I'd like to give a huge thank you to everyone for voting and sharing your opinions with me. (You people rock!!!) I'll also try to keep your preferences in mind during future writing and bonuses. It's pretty safe to say that anytime I find a hot Final Fantasy Foot scene, (I'm keeping my fingers crossed about Final Fantasy XIII) I'll post it here as soon as I get the chance. ^_^

Ok...It looks like I have a lot of work to do...I'll try to post a new Poll of the Month later tonight as well as a tribute to the Final Fantasy girls soon!!!

Have a Great Day Everyone!!


  1. Hee hee. So you guys know the drill huh? Which group of women were my favorite? a lot of people who voted in this poll...I like the Final Fantasy girls the most too.

    I keep thinking how awesome it would be to massage the Feet of Tifa, Aeris, Rinoa, Quistis, Ashe, Terra...

    Man I need a cold shower!!!

    Great Voting Everybody

  2. Hello KingSideCastle, I'm a long time watcher and first time messenger and all I got to say is great blog, keep up the good work!

    On the poll results, I though it was rather... predictable, considering the fact that anything Final Fantasy in a poll, it pretty much means there going to win. Not that I'm complaining mind you (Although, it would have been nice for some other girls to get the spotlight.). Personally, I was rooting for the Tekken girls since they have Christie :).

    Anyways, keep up the good work.

  3. Agreed,KSC. I too would like to massage the feet of the FF babes.

  4. Hi BreaktheWalls,
    Nice to meet you. ^_^ Yeah it's true...the Final Fantasy girls are really popular.

    I like Christie a lot too. ^_^ It's really nice that there's a barefoot character to adore in the game. I'll try and make sure to tribute her and some of the other girls that didn't win this time around later on as well.

  5. for the next one, clearly the One Piece girls will win with such beauties as Alvida, Nami, Nico, Bellemy, Boa, and so on and so forth. However, im wondering if there is any new pics one can put on this site.

    The close second is obviously BLEACH, so many lovely tomboys

  6. I agree that One Piece will do well in the next poll (I voted for it), but you definitely can't underestimate the massive Naruto fanbase either.

    There should be some more One Piece foot shots by the end of the month too, given that the amazon island stuff is going to be covered in the anime pretty soon.

  7. im really hopin for some ff13 sole shots but i played it before and im not sure if theres even one scene:(

  8. but overall, to get to worship all of those beauties soles would be paradise

  9. Justice League girls should appear barefoot more often ^_^ I mean... they're superwomen, so they should have superfeet :P

    I don't know, it was very sexy to see Wonder Woman take off her shoes in that Justice League episode about Vandal Savage.

    Hawkgirl, she would look so lovely barefoot. You can actually see her earlier reincarnation in an ancient Egyptian-like outfit (which includes sandals) in the Justice League episode Ancient History, and she wears closed-toe heels in a scene of Shadow of the Hawk.

    Ever since Shayera quit using her Hawkgirl uniform, she looked so suitable to go around barefoot while wearing her white or yellow outfits. She no longer looked like a bird, but like an angel, so why not a barefoot angel? ;)

    And that's not counting superhot girls Black Canary, Barbara Gordon and Supergirl. The latter two had actual barefoot scenes in the DC animated universe :)

  10. so try to make a Super Women bonus?

  11. Sharing opinions with you, huh? Funny how you loosely use those words.

  12. It true Adam, the Naruto girls are doing very well too. O_O I haven't read that far into the Manga yet but it sounds like that amazon arcs going to be really hot!!!!

    Yeah Mr. E, I'm really keeping my fingers that they surprise us with a good foot scene or two in Final Fantasy 13. (Something like Lightning in the shower or a girl swimsuit competition.) Yeah yeah...I know...wishful thinking right.

  13. Yeah Juancho I would really have loved it if the Justice league girls went barefoot more often too. Black Canary and Huntress barefoot would have been awesome.

    Thanks for the tip about scenes involving those girls as well as the those hot pics of Hawkgirl(she really would be a barefoot angel ^.^). I have the Vandal Savage episode ready to cap and I'll see if I can find "Shadow of the Hawk."

    I also have a little bit of Supergirl barefoot from Superman the animated series episodes but none of Batgirl. Do you know which episodes she went barefoot in?

  14. Maybe a DC girls bonus week Match. I have some material for Lois Lane,Catwoman, the Birds of Prey comic and a couple of others that I'm putting together as well.

  15. Batgirl barefoot... Well, I remember these three. The first one is from Batman: The Animated Series, and the others are from The New Batman Adventures.
    - Episode "Heart of Steel" (B:TAS)
    - Near the end of the episode "Sins of the Father" (TNBA), when Bruce Wayne starts training Tim Drake in martial arts.
    - Near the end of the episode "Over the Edge" (TNBA), after she wakes up from her nightmare.

    Also, at the end of the crossover episode "Girls' Night Out" (TNBA), Kara joins Barbara in her apartment. While they watch the news about their adventure on the TV, they are on a sofa wearing bathrobes and some footwear that resembles slippers, their legs on top of a table. You don't see their bare feet, but it was almost as hot ^_^

    That's in the DC animated universe... I've not seen any episodes of The Batman with Batgirl in them.

    I hope that helps :)

  16. Awesome...I'll start hunting for those right away. Thanks Juancho. ^_^

  17. I say loosely because there were times when I had an different opinion about a character than you did, you got a little defensive and tried to change minds.

  18. *blinks* I have the feeling that I've gotten myself into a fight without knowing what it is about.

    In the interest of keeping the peace, let me just say this. If I've made you feel that your opinions were not valuable Kyle, it wasn't my intention. I think the chances are that I was trying to defend/voice my feelings towards a particular girl rather than attack yours but if it came across otherwise, I'm very sorry about that.

  19. You did and I was only stating my own opinion. And yes, I know what I'm talking about. There was that one post where I mentioned that I had mixed feelings towards Clover due to the fact she was a stereotypical blonde and you tried to convince me otherwise. And then there's Exhibit B: I was labeled by you as a Misa "hater" when I said I didn't like her for my own reasons. I thought she was a character that was not only screwed up like Jar Jar Binks, but I also found her to be a character that belongs in a totally different genre.

    Anyway, my point is that no one's going to have the same views towards everybody or everything, so there's no point in trying to change their views entirely. For instance, would you have me pretend I'm enraptured by a certain character or show etc. or would you rather have me voice my honest opinion? Whether you like them or not, I gave my reasons.

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  21. I actually wrote a longer response to this but I realized it might sound more combative than I meant it to be. ^_^; I don't really want to continue a fight here.

    You're welcome to your opinions Kyle. Don't let my sense of humor or me defending a character I really like keep you from posting your ideas.

    It's not like I could change your opinions anyway. You have your own mind. ;-)

  22. No need to worry, Triton. I'm just glad I got this issue off my chest and made you aware. I'm glad you were understanding of what I've said. Thank you. :)

    But wait - what do you mean by me having my own mind?

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