Monday, June 1, 2009

Final Fantasy Girls Group (Bonus) promised here is a tribute to the gorgeous women of the Final Fantasy games. I have to say that I totally agree with the majority of voters on this one. Choosing the Final Fantasy girls option provides so many lovely pairs of feet to worship that it becomes hard to "fantasize" about anything else. O_O Anyway, here's a sample of some of the hot women this series has to offer. Let's start with the series most popular installment...
Final Fantasy VII
Tifa Lockheart

The sexy young barmaid above is easily one of the most popular videogame babes of all time and with good reason. Containing a nice helping of fanservice, Tifa is everything you want in a girl. She's beautiful, intelligent, playful, passionate and being the brawler of her game, she really has some great fighting moves. I think all of us have been dreamed about her taking off her footwear and rubbing her feet in your face. Being on her feet practicing martial arts and working the bar, she probably would greatly enjoy a footrub too.

Aeris Gainsborough

Unlike Tifa, the great thing about Aeris is that after years of picturing how heavenly soft her feet look like underneath her boots, we finally get to see them in Final Fantasy Crisis Core. Of course I immediately posted it here the second I heard about it but just in case here's Aeris' Feet. :-D Aeris has such a cheerful and playful disposition she probably would greatly enjoy some foot worship.

Yuffie Kisaragi

Considering this naughty Ninja stole our money the first time we met her, I bet a lot of us love to get revenge on her by tickling her feet till she's exhausted. Of all the Final Fantasy characters, I can picture Yuffie being the one who's michievous enough to get a kick out of using her feet to taunt her opponents. She'd probably enjoy rubbing her soles in their face or making them smell her feet once she's beaten them.


I couldn't resist posting a couple of shot of this attractive Summon who happens to be barefoot in some of her Final Fantasy Incarnations. Definitely a sexy summon to have by your side. ^_^

Final Fantasy VI
Celes Chere

I started playing Final Fantasy during the playstation era, so I never got a chance to play some of the earlier games. However, thanks to Final Fantasy Anthology I got to play though Final Fantasy 6. This game really is very good packing a powerful storyline and a great cast of characters such as the sexy general above.

Celes is great. She's a strong woman with a sense of honor but at the same time she's displays a touching amount of vulnerability during the game too. She's also really hot. ^_^ One of most memorable moments of Final Fantasy 6 for me was her Opera scene. (I think the theme they used during this sequence is one of the best examples of how important a good musical score can be in a game).

Although she would probably never admit it, I'm sure that after a long day of fighting monsters and training, Celes is probably in desperate need of a good foot massage. Fortunately, this is where a foot fetish comes to your advantage. If you play it off like she's doing you a favor by letting you rub her feet, she'll probably be all too eager to accept.

Terra Branford

Admitted, this might be my foot fetish but the first thing I noticed about Terra were her bright red boots. That combined with her stockings probably helped make her one of my favorite Final Fantasy characters. I really like Terra alot. She's beautiful, intelligent, caring and a powerful sorceress. Like so many of the other Final Fantasy girls, Terra's sexy choice of footwear probably makes her feet tired, hot and sweaty by the end of the day. I bet we would all like to be there when she takes it off to offer her a foot rub (and maybe some worship on the side). My idea of a perfect evening would be spending it snuggled up against this woman's soft soles.

Final Fantasy IV

I never got the chance to play Final Fantasy 4 but I couldn't resist posting a picture of the sexy summoner. I don't really know that much about her, but according to legend green haired girls are famous for having incredibly tasty feet. It would be really cool to lick Rydia's feet clean just for the opportunity to confirm whether or not they taste like lime. ^_^

Final Fantasy VIII
Rinoa Heartily

Final Fantasy 8 is actually my favorite of the Final Fantasy games. I just love the characters and the storyline. The pacing of the game was brilliantly executed and plot was beyond exciting. It also has some of the most intense CG Fmv cutscenes I've ever seen in the series (The beginning sword fight and the icicle impalement O_O Wow!!!) and one of the most satisfying endings of any game. Even watching the ending 10 years later I'm still impressed how much they managed to squeeze into it (action, drama, comedy, romance, memorable music), you real felt a sense of accomplishment upon beating it. This game was perfect!!! Not to mention the fact that it introduced a brand new set of attractive female characters such as the lovely Sorceress above.

Rinoa is hot!!! She's pretty, smart and has a really spicy personality. It's easy to see why Squall would fall for her. One of the things I noticed about the sorceresses in the Final Fantasy games is the camera loves zooming in on their booted feet (like the scene above). I think just about every foot fetishist has wondered what her pale feet must look like beneath her black boots. My favorite GTS story involving her depicted her feet as having blue painted toenails. As for what she would want from you if you were taking care of her the other Final Fantasy girls, I'm sure she'll love a foot rub. She also has such a spicy and playful personality that she would probably enjoy footworship too. She might even be the one to initiate it suddenly pushing her feet into your face during a casual massage and asking you to sniff, lick or kiss them. ^_^

Quistis Trepe

Quistis is my favorite female character from Final Fantasy 8. I guess I've always been partial to blondes. ^_^ She's also really cool possessing intelligence, beauty, with some really cool skills. Her limit break Blue Magic lets her use some of the cool enemy abilities against her opponent. In addition to that her outfit (both of them) is just designed to drive a foot fetishist wild. Wearing thigh boots and a rather sexy pair of glasses, Quistis even uses a whip for a weapon (hot!!) If that wasn't enough, Quistis job is an instructor (check and mate!!). She's definitely the type attractive of teacher that all her students would be happy to stay after school with. Don't think for a moment that Squaresoft didn't know this when they created her. True to real life, they even gave Quistis her own student fanclub in the game. If only the game had more scenes involving her.

I'm sure there are a countless amount of things that all of us would love to do with this Teacher's feet, but just off the top of my head some of the popular fantasies involving her include being there to massage her silky smooth feet when she takes off her boots after a busy day, letting her use your face as a footrest while she rubs her bare soles against all around or kissing every inch of her feet while she watches on amused.

Final Fantasy IX

Yes...believe it or not...there was a time when there wasn't a 5 year gap between Final Fantasy games. Released shortly after FF8, FF9 is often overshadowed by its two immediate older brothers but its still a wonderful game with a great plot, poignant story and lovable set of characters. I loved the job system that this game implemented allowing each of the characters to develop a new set of skills giving some diverse gameplay. Not to mention...this game had one of the coolest mini-games ever!!!...Chocobo Hot and Cold. ^_^ The biggest disappoint of this game is there were a limited amount of hot women added to the series cast in this game. Make no mistake, the princess above is hot (I was hoping to feature General Beatrix as well but couldn't get any good pictures of her) but another sexy female main character added would have done the series a world of good.

Anyway, working with what we have, Garnet is really cute. Like Terra she wears bright red boots that automatically draw attention to her feet. Being that this woman is a princess, her feet are probably in really good condition. The downside of that is that she is probably used to being pampered so if you're lucky enough to get the opportunity to give her a pedicure or foot massage, you'd better bring your A-game. I recommend you worship her feet as much as possible so she sees how devoted you are to her feet. That way she'll be much more understanding she might give you pointers on giving her a good foot rub.

Final Fantasy X

In a word Final Fantasy X rocked!!! Like the other Final Fantasies, it had an exciting storyline and great set of characters of its own with the added bonus of a huge technological jump between it and its predecessor. Having been placed on a new console (the PS2), FFX was able to offer several technological improvements over the previous games shaking up the tried and true formula with some cool new twists. Most noticeably the graphics of the game had improved by leaps and bound. The backgrounds become incredibly realistic (you could see the ripples in the water during a Blitzball game) and the characters looked amazingly detailed (there's a moment when Yuna shivers from the cold in such a believable way that you're tempted to wrap your arms around her to keep her warm). There were other subtle improvements as well. The battle system now allowed you to switch characters on the fly making it easier to activate your characters unique skill sets and they added a movie theater allowing us the go back and watch the cutscenes in the game (which we all probably used to watch a certain Dance scene repeatedly ^_^). Best of all the game had three gorgeous new Final Fantasy girls to admire including the sexy Sorceress above.

A lot of people prefer the sweet Yuna or bubbly Rikku but for me the best of FFX girls is the Dark Magic User Lulu. She just has so much more spice to her personality. Though she can appear cold at times, she actually has a softer side to her that we see as the game develops. I really love that type of character depth. If only we could get to see her take off her footwear in the game.

Lulu has a bit of a dominating streak to her that makes her perfect for Foot Worship. It's a safe bet to think that she would probably really enjoy playfully rubbing her feet in your face and forcing you to kiss them. Not only that but being a black mage, Lulu also has several other ways of exploring your Fetish with you. She could shrink you down, put you in her boot and use you as an insole for a while if she wanted. ^_^


I like Yuna a lot, she's beautiful and has a sweet personality that you can't help but admire. However her best quality is out of all the Final Fantasy girls, Yuna probably has the best in game foot scenes. I remember the first time I saw the above dance jaw literally dropped open. Nothing beats seeing a Final Fantasy girl barefoot for the first time. ^_^ Its true that I posted the dance scene as well as Yuna's excursion to the hot springs in the sequel before but I managed to cap a couple of extra shots in high quality.

Being such a sweet character, Yuna is the type of girl that people would offer a foot rub to just for the sake of making her feel better after a long day walking around in those boots. Just for giving us Final Fantasy foot fetishist fans the ultimate dream of seeing a Final Fantasy girl barefoot, she deserves to have her feet worshipped for the rest of her life. ^_^

Final Fantasy XII
Ashelia B'Nagin Dalmasca (Ashe)

I still can't get over how huge the world was in Final Fantasy 12. It's almost completely overwhelming how much there is to explore. Take about your all encompassing adventure. It real is a spectacular game

FFXII adds two new hot female characters to the final fantasy roster including the sexy princess above Ashelia B'nagin Dalmasca. Ashe is another character who's red boots just sceam..."pay attention to her feet". In the game, she has such determination to achieve her goal of rebuilding her kingdom, that you really can't help but admire her. Like Terra...she's so attractive that you just want to take off her boots and use your face to massage her soles snuggling up happily underneath them. (I just wish she went barefoot in the game) Being a Princess, Ashe is probably used to having her feet pampered and looked after. However, I'm sure she wouldn't mind having another person willing to give her feet the attention that it so richly deserves.


In contrast to Ashe (who weighted with the responsibilities of her country) appears to have a chip on her shoulder sometimes, Penelo is the sweet "girl next door" type. Normally that might seem a little bland to me but Penelo has such a charm to her that I like her quite a bit. (Actually Final Fantasy XII, is the first game where I really liked the entire cast; usually they slip in an annoying character (i.e. Quina) so that was really great) When the game first came out, I thought for sure that the main character Vaan was going to end up hooking up with Ashe so it was a little bit of a surprise that Penelo becomes his "partner" towards the end. However, the two of them make such a cool couple that I'm totally fine with that. The nice thing about Penelo is that as you can tell, she gives us a little bit of a peek at her feet wearing sandals in the end of the game. (Sorry about the poor quality of those caps btw...if I find a better version, I will post it.)

So if you were taking care of Penelo's feet what would be the best way to go about doing it? Well...I love giving sweet girls like her a footrub. It might be fun to playfully tease her a bit too lightly tickling the soles of her feet. With an attractive girl like this, foot worship is a definite must as well. ^_^

Final Fantasy XIII

Taking a glance into the future looks have a lot to look forward to in future games. From what I've seen of the trailers so far, Final Fantasy 13 is going to be off the hook. With Awesome graphics, exciting gameplay, a kickass storyline, awesome characters, and let's not forget about attractive hotties such as the main character above we definitely have a lot to look forward.

I don't know that much about Lightning but from what I can tell she seems really cool. The way she stares at you in the 3rd picture just screams kneel in front of me, take off my boots and worship my feet. Who wouldn't want to have this girl rub her feet in their face? ^_^ I know its a long shot but I'm hoping for a hot barefoot scene involving the FFXIII girls in their game.

Well, there you have it...all the reasons why you guys chose the Final Fantasy girls feet to take care of. I think the ultimate scenario is having all these girls come together, take off their footwear and rub their feet all over you before making you worship their feet one after another each using the style they prefer. On that hot note...I think it's time to leave you guys to your Fantasies. (I'll save the discussion of the new poll of the month for my next post).

Sweet Dreams Everyone!!!


  1. Not bad. But you forgot Rosa from FF4,Reina and Ferris from FF5,and Maria from FF2.

  2. kind of sad that out of all those beautiful girls only 2 of them even went barefooted

  3. Oh yeah I was trying for the FF5 girls too but couldn't really find a good shot involving them. My knowledge of the earlier final fantasy games (before 5)is somewhat limited...I was pushing it with Rydia.

    Besides those...there are a lot of other honorable mentions that I didn't get the chance to include in this bonus as well. Fujin, Elena, Beatrix, Rikku, Paine, Edea, Ellone, Fran, Selphie, Lucille, Donna, and Leblanc among them.

    Man I'm exhausted after this one. ^_^; I think the next time I have a group set like this, I'll split up the girls and post them one by one giving me a little bit of a break in between

  4. It's true Match. Let's keep our fingers crossed about Final Fantasy 13

  5. nyce job
    i really wanted to check out reina's feet butoh well :(
    hey check out mary jane's feet (kirsten dunst)

    oh btw
    check out wuya from "Xiaolin Showdown" she's always barefeet

  6. Hi Mhar,
    You're the second person to request Reina. I'll try and look around for her some more.

    That a really great shot of Kirsten/MJ. Thanks very much for it.

    As for Xiaolin Showdown's Wuya, I think that it's a pretty safe bet to say you'll see her in the future. *Winks at Match*

    Thanks for letting me know about her man. ^_^

  7. Wonderful stuff, KSC! What it lacked in barefoot visuals made up for in tantalizing images in our heads of the FF girls' teasing soles in our faces... 0_0 My favorite is of course Yuna, for obvious reasons, and Aeris, whom I just know has the softest soles and toes. But man, Tifa from Advent Children... darn, as a martial artist she should have had at least one scene practicing katas barefoot... oh well. Heheh...

  8. Loved the pics, though it is a big shame that nearly all the women in Final Fantasy (or should that be Fantasty?) remain booted throughout the game.

    Also I laughed at the Quina reference. The Jar Jar Binks of Final Fantasy!

    Have to second the demand for Wuya. Her human form is very lovely, long legs and always barefoot. I'd love to be her minion!

  9. btw ksc
    i don't wanna one of those asses who keep begging ppl to visit there blogs but...
    i'm starting blog and i was wondern' if ya could check out my blog
    i'll be posting some feet fetish pics but it won't be that much

  10. I got to admit, the Final Fantasy series does have some great looking girls. It's kinda disappointing that only a few of them were actually went barefoot. Oh well, I suppose that's what stories are for :)

    I third for pictures of the Heylin Witch, Wuya. I'm surprised she didn't have a spotlight already.

    I recomend finding pictures of Veronica Vreeland, the socialite from Batman: The Animated Series. She has a few barefoot shoots in the episode "Harley's Holiday"

  11. there is a reason she has yet to be posted fans of the soft soles that can only be provided from a barefoot villainess. Just delay gratification for a short while and i am sure you all will be very pleased

  12. Thanks Sole Keeper. Yeah it would be really cool to see a barefoot Tifa practicing her katas. In fact any barefoot scenes of her would have been really awesome.If only they had barefoot customization when they released Ehrgeiz.

    Thanks Torborg. Quina...*groans and shakes head*. Wow...I had no idea Wuya was so popular.

    Sure MHar, you have a great site even without the foot fetish content.

    Yeah Breakthewalls, I think we all would have loved to see more scenes involving Final Fantasy girls without their Footwear. Wow...Yet another Wuya request. "Harley's Holiday"? I'll see if I can find it.

    As Match said, we're saving Wuya as part of group set.Can you guys guess what the theme will be? I will say that we do have some really good shots involving her but if there are any good Xiaolin showdown episodes that you guys know about involving her feet, let me know and I'll try to cap it for her bonus as well.

  13. Alright KSC, glad your going to look into it. As for the episode recommendations, I would recommend "Omi Town" as it has a close-up scene of Wuya's foot after she kicks Kimiko away (Whom, I've regret to inform that there are no bare foot scenes of the sassy Japanese girl in the show to my knowledge). I think she even wiggles her toes a bit ^_^

  14. actually BTW there is a episode where near the end Kimiko is completely barefoot, including a double sole shot in the first season episode Tangled Web. I believe it is the 3rd episode

  15. Doh! I can't believe I forgot about those. thanks for reminding me Match

  16. Thanks for those tips guys. I think Match (being the Master of Sole shots that he is) ^_^ managed to cap a lot of these episodes' scenes already. (I just need to post them.) However, I've downloaded both those episodes now and I'll see if there's anything I can add in too.

    Also I've found a site hosting all the Xiaolin Showdown episodes so if you guys think of any other scenes, let me know and I'll try to cap and toss them into the bonuses as well.

    Best wishes everyone!!

  17. whoa super bonus! im glad i got to see penelos feet, i wasnt sure their were any good scenes like that in ff12

  18. Thanks Mr. E...I just wish Ashe had been as accommodating.

  19. I like the Final Fantasy IIV Girls the most. Tifa, Yuffie, and Aerith is my most favorite of the Three

  20. Awesome blog mate!

    Being a HUGE Tifa fan, and with a slight foot fetish, you have NO idea how badly I wanted to see her barefoot, just once!

    But I studiee Advent Children, over and over again. Help me out here, someone... does she actually appear barefoot, just briefly, quickly in the scene where cloud is fighting kadaj, and she's with the gang on the ship? I've attached links below. Seriously, slowly play/pause this scene in FFVII: AC. Study it carefully: it reeeeeally doesn't look like Tifa is wearing any shoes OR socks!!!

    What do you guys think?