Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Mai Valentine Bonus 2 looks like Yugioh has quite a bit to go to claim the top spot in the poll...but, in honor of the determined fans who pushed Yugioh over the 100 vote is a tribute to one of my favorite female duelists.

(These were capped from Yugioh episodes 91 and 104. A massive thank you to both Meca-Yugi and David for providing the clips and tipping me off to these scenes. You guys totally rock!!!)

I said it before but I'll say it again...Mai Valentine is awesome!!!!!!!!!! She's beautiful, intelligent, sexy, a strong duelist, has a great fashion sense, and when the chips are down...she's really a good friend to have on your side. In my last entry involving her...I talked about how awesome it would be to be her footslave (giving her foot massages, pedicures, worshipping and getting dominated by her feet). In fact she's one of my favorite anime girls and I've had a huge crush on her for a long time. You guys can probably imagine how thrilled I was when Meca-yugi showed me the clips of these scenes. I think I can probably spend the entire day just staring at Mai's feet without regretting it for a second. ^_^

Ok as promised here are a couple of new writing spotlights...

A lot of really great stories to choose from this time around. One of my favorites of the week is a new GTS interactive by the author Lee3000...Step Family Shrink
This story focuses on an orphan who's step family involving his stepmom, stepsisters, aunt and cousin have the power to shrink and transform people into whatever they want. The really wide range of characters and personalities allow for a lot of really cool scenarios and in a very short time the story has grown to over 40 lengthy chapters ranging from gentle footplay, playful teasing, insole transformations, footslavery, to having the main character being tortured underfoot. Most of these chapters are written by the interactives moderator himself but there a couple of other additions by some great GTS authors including Kenshiro0101, Seta, and Jayjay. Definitely check this story out if you have the chance.

Alright next up, is I Dream of Genie's Feet!!! by Howdyboy
Yup...this one again. :-D The latest set of addition are chapters involving becoming an insole for this hot Genie by the authors Heins and Gilgamesh. That newest thread begins here.

Also updated this week was the Anime Stories by Hellapinoy
involving a new chapter where the main characters gets up close and personal with the feet of Morrigan's sister Lilith. Succubus feet Woo Hoo!!!

Finally considering the nature of this wouldn't be complete without a couple of Yugioh spotlights...

Right now the best interactive involving the Yugioh girls' feet continues to be the Anime Foot Fetish Dungeon by Justmyself
This is largely thanks to a spectacular ongoing thread involving the Yugioh GX girls by the author Kiddo. Check out the latest chapters involving being dominated by and forced to worship these ladies feet here.

There's also a brand new Yugioh interactive out written by the author Dr. Awesome Funk...Yu-Gi-Oh! Hentai & Foot Fetish
Right now this interactive is just getting off the ground but there some great opening chapters involving Tea, Mai, Alexis, Akiza and Luna. I'm really looking forward to seeing it develop in the future.

Ok that's basically going to do it for now. I know that there's still a lot I need to catch up on. ^_^; Anyway, as usual...more to come soon!!!


  1. Funny I wasn't aware of a first bonus.

  2. ...Man this is kinda nostalgic. I was the complete and total yugioh dork in middle school ((memories))

  3. Well, how can you not love cute feet from a sassy girl.

  4. Hi! Can i give you a RAR file with various anime feet screenshots?

  5. sure, send it to my email

  6.'s understandable that you don't remember that one since it was posted a while ago and there weren't any barefoot pictures in it SFD. ^_^

    I've liked the anime and had a crush on this sassy character for a long time as well guys. :-D

    I'd love to see those shots too DFer. ^_^

  7. I watch alot of anime dvds on my does one make screen shots?

  8. That's nice to hear. I got another tip off for ya Triton and this time, it's legit XD

    Anyways, it's in the Storm Hawks (Yeah,the Storm Hawks) Episode "Royal Twist", in which Piper, the only female on the team ends up switching places with a princess that looks exactly like her and Piper finds that one of the perks of being a princess are foot massages ^_^

  9. thanks for the notice, that was the only reason i considered watching that show, going to watch it now

  10. 1:13 in. wish the quality was better

  11. O_O that scene was really hot. I love seeing a girl getting a foot massage. Thanks very much for it guys!!! ^_^

  12. Also Gfts...there are a lot of different ways to cap. Some quick methods use Software that you can download. Another basic method is to press the "Prnt Scrn" key and then open the paint program. After that click on edit and paste to get the picture.

  13. Your welcome guys ^_^

    I hope a bonus of her is coming up. Shame that Master Cyclonis never went barefoot. (Cylonis is a girl, despite the Master title)

  14. "Dork" being the operative word.