Sunday, June 21, 2009

KissXsis: Ultimate Bonus

Ok because hot twins in swimsuits are all the rage this summer...Match and I booked the Ako and Riko for a return appearance. O_O

For Those of you that don't remember these sisters from before. Here's a little bit of refresher course involving their feet.

Once again these twins are up to their old tricks donning swimsuits, schoolgirl uniforms, nightgirls and towels in order to help out their "unfortunate" stepbrother. This time around we're pushing the awesomeness level to the max posting both twins individually and separately in the same bonus for the Ultimate Three Hit Combo. Try to remember to breathe everyone. ;-)




(These are from the KissXsis anime episode 2. Once again we have none other than the Legendary Master of Sole Shots (Match25 himself) to thank for tipping us off and providing the clip for this awesome bonus)

*Sighs* I wish I had two hot girls to help me out like that. ^_^

Ok...I just wanted to apologize for the lack of updates recently. It was one of those busy weekends again. I definitely have a lot of writing, e-mails, posts and comments that I need to catch up on. ^_^; I also try to post a new set of writing spotlights with my next post.

Have a great day everyone!!!


  1. Heh, I bet that one dude enjoyed the view when Ako was on top of him. ^_^ I think I should check this anime out.

  2. Yeah he's seriously having the time of his life in this anime!! ^_^ The sad part is that I don't think he realizes how lucky he is.

    This anime has a lot of cute moments, but I should probably warn you though that it a couple of scenes that are more mature than the ones that I'm posting here.

  3. I kinda figured that out.

    On a side note, I think theirs a scene in which Videl (of the DBZ franchise), is barefoot for a brief few moments. I think the epidsode is called "Gather for the Tournament", Though I'm not so sure.

  4. O_O That sounds really cool. I didn't know Videl went barefoot in the series. I'll see if I can find. Thanks for letting me know about it. ^_^

  5. i just cant wait for the next edition of the Raping Sisters to come on, too bad that wont happen till November

  6. Yeah, at least I think she is. I'm not too sure though I knew it's in an episode when she had her hair cut and it was before the tournament.

  7. I just checked out the episode and I'm afraid I was mistaken, sorry about the false alarm >_<

  8. Hehe, I also wished that Videl were barefoot in those punching bag scenes, too. The closest to her being barefoot that I remember was in Wrath of the Dragon, where she sports some shorts and a pair of shoes with no socks. She doesn't show her feet, but her legs are a good taster of them and Roshi knows it.

    Pan has at least two barefoot scenes, though :)

    About this bonus... wow, that's one sexy anime. I'd also feel uncomfortable if they were my sisters, though :P (not sure about the average person). Or are they stepsiblings?

  9. They are step siblings, the girls are from the mother and the boy is from the father

  10. Well, that shows I didn't read KSC's post completely. He had said the boy was their stepbrother ^_^'

    Thank you guys for this bonus.

    P.S.: No, I guess I would not feel uncomfortable!!

  11. Yeah, I kinda remembered the Videl kicking bag scene and remembered she had a gi on and thought she was barefoot. after I posted the comments, I double checked and it turned out she wasn't, cure you sneakers! >_<

    Pan goes barefoot you say, well that I guess that Videl's daughter is good enough.

    Also, is it me or does Riko look really sexy with those glasses on?

  12. (gracie is pleased)
    crap my inner lesbian is showing >.<

  13. please no gay jokes here GFTS

  14. no, im not doing any gay jokes >.< im serious. :P

  15. ok, but you dont need to broadcast it