Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Batman: Candice

Continuing with the focus on minor Batman girls, here's a tribute to Rupert Thorne's attractive secretary Candice. Candice only appears in a couple of episodes. One where she assists her boss in blackmailing Harvey Dent and another (her more famous appearance) where she hires Bane to take out the Batman. The latter episode has her giving a couple of glimpses at her bare feet. Enjoy guys!!

(These are from the Batman: TAS episode "Bane" which btw is one of better episodes in the series. I really recommend you check this one out if you have the chance. A huge thanks to Juancho for tipping me off to this scene.)

I have to say the Boy Wonder really lucked out this episode getting to wrestle a hot barefoot girl like that. (Just look at the view he gets in the 9th pic from the bottom) Actually, Dick Grayson tends to luck out quite often getting dominated by female villainesses on a regular basis but more on that in future bonuses.

What I really like about Candice is that she has a lot of scenes that give us a good view of her pump clad feet in seductive poses so even when she's not barefoot it always a treat to watch her. She also seems to have a slight penchant for playful evidenced by her taunting a chained up Robin and blowing him a kiss. She seems to want the heroes' masks as trophies. ^_^ Like any woman who's been living in Gotham long enough, Candice shows she's got some spunk to her kicking off her pumps and diving in to take on Robin in a fight. Hot!!!!

Ok...that will do it for tonight. As usual, more to come soon!!


  1. Very nice, KSC. :) But although I'm pleased with this one, I still have to say you missed a scene. In the episode "Two Face (part 2)", there's a catfight near the end involving Harvey's wife and Candy here. It ends with her being knocked back and one of her pumps gets knocked off. I swear that happened.

  2. The scene Kyle is talking about does exists.

    Great captures.

  3. I thought you were taking a break? Anyway you'd better do a follow up of this post. I wanna see caps from the Two-face episode. It's on my list y'know.

  4. Thanks guys...I'll try and post that one soon. ^_^

  5. Great pics, I'm looking forward to the next post. Robin is,indeed, a luck SOB since he got to wrestle with a chick as hot as her ^_^

  6. Indeed. They don't call him the Boy Wonder for nothing.

  7. If I was Robin I would've tickled her feet during that struggle.

  8. What's hotter than an evil female's feet? An evil female's feet, wet! :D

  9. O_O I thought I was the only one that found it hot when the girl is soaking wet. Awesome!!

  10. when hes getting out of the pool he has the perfect view of her soles at ground level

  11. Maybe that distraction is why she was able to get away. :-D