Thursday, June 11, 2009

Batman: Kairi Tanaga

Continuing with the minor Batman character tributes, here is a hot martial artist from the series. Enjoy everyone!!

(These were from the Batman: TAS episode "Day of the Samurai". A Huge thanks to BreakTheWalls for tipping me off to this episode as well as giving me the name of this character. ^_^)

I might have gone a little bit overboard this time around capping way more than I needed to but this girl was so cute that I couldn't resist. ^_^; I'll try and take it easier on your modems next time around.

Female Martial artists totally rock!! Kiari really gives us every type of foot shot that we could have possibly hoped for showing off her gorgeous peds from every possible angle. (I think the only thing missing was a nice POV kick.) One of the great things about seeing this character in this episode is that she fulfills both submissive and dominant fantasies at once. Watching her demonstrate her powerful moves, you can't help wondering what it would be like to worship and massage such powerful feet but at the same time seeing her tied up with her soles facing the camera has my imagination working overtime with bondage scenarios. (I wonder if she's ticklish :-D) If only she appeared in more episodes.

On a sidenote this episode was totally off the hook (even without the awesome barefoot scenes). If you haven't seen it yet, I seriously recommend that you check it (and its prequel episode "Night of the Ninja") out. Trust'll be really glad you did.

Ok...that's going to do it for tonight. As usual, more to come soon!!

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  1. Your welcome KSC, think she'll let me rub her feet for finding out her name ^_^ lol.

    On a serious note, you are indeed correct, Female martial artist do indeed kick ass. And as far as the pics go, I think she by far has the most barefoot scenes out of the minor characters and probably in the entire sereies. The only thing I wished she did was a POV kick, that would have been hot!

  2. With all the extra effort you went through to find it out Breakthewalls...I can see that happening. :-)

    You're right. She probably has more barefoot shots than any other girl in Batman:TAS that I can think of. (including the main characters) ^_^

  3. My gosh, this is awesome. I have to find this episode. Hot martial arts babe, bare feet, knockout... perfect. Many thanks, KSC!

  4. You're welcome Sole Keeper. I capped the knockout scene with you in mind. :-D

  5. really amazing sole shots there needs to be more batman characters like her

  6. That wasn't a bad episode, I'll admit. Although I do have gripes about Batman facing stock villains and generic scriptwriting involved, this is a major exception.

    Unfortunately, I've discovered that she isn't ticklish. :(

  7. i just noticed if you scroll up and down fast enough but not too fast it looks like her feet are moving like in a flip book

  8. Yeah I definitely wish there were more characters like her too Mr. E.

    Probably all her martial arts training made her too disciplined to be tickled Kyle. ^_^

    I bet I can guess which caps in this were your favorites Match. :-D

    O_O Nice to have such a hot flipbook. ^_^

  9. More cartoon characters should walk around barefoot.
    (and everybody in reality too)

  10. you mean to say more female characters should go barefoot right?

  11. Yeppers, female feet. OI the world would be a better place if more girls cared to show off there soles. *sigh*

  12. Yeah I totally agree with you about that Goodforthesole. ^_^

  13. i win!!!!
    btw you can shorten my SN anyway you want goody or somthing "goodforthesole" might be to long to type IDK.

  14. Just in case you guys want to watch this one.
    Part 1

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  16. Actually she's credited with both names. In this Batman: TAS episode she's credited in the ending as Kiari Tanaga (eventhough Batman calls her name like the Kingdom Hearts character in the episode also) but when she returns in the Batman Beyond future episode...she is credited as Kairi. It's possible the first series ending misprinted and it was corrected later on.

    However, you raise a good point though gallegoscd6. I think I'll compromise and change the title so that people searching for her would be able to find her also.