Sunday, September 6, 2009

More Pan (Bonus)

Here's a quick follow up to the last bonus including one more scene involving the DBGT heroine soaking her feet in a cool oasis spring. Enjoy guys!!

(These are taken from Dragon Ball GT episode 15. A huge thanks to Shikku27 for tipping me off to this awesome scene.)

You guys can see how energetic she is. ^_^I would love to be in Giru's position in that last picture though. First getting trampled by her and then getting hugged...that's one lucky robot. quick announcement...
In an effort to showcase the awesome amount of talent on Deviant art, Match25 (our resident Master of Sole Shots) is in the process of organizing a massive dedication bonus to its Sole artists for this website. As part of the bonus I'll post any of the images he receives here as well as a tribute to the artist that drew them and a link to their website. If you would like to submit your artwork for this bonus please contact him here for the guidelines and instructions for submitting your images. This is a great opportunity for sole artists of all types to promote their talent and I would be honored to feature your artwork here.

Ok...that's basically it for today. As usually more to come soon!!


  1. Always nice to see a cutie like Pan go bare foot more :D

    and that is one lucky robot.

  2. im shocked the villianesses even allowed you to post a hero character during their takeover

  3. also this link would be better for the sole artist bonus

  4. Thanks Breakthewalls. :-D Getting hugged by a beautiful woman like that could make anyone's day. ^_^

  5. Yeah I got badly punished for it Match. They made me massage their feet for hours and promise to give them another month of tributes. ^_^

    Ok I updated the link. ^_^

  6. no fair, anyone here would find that a dream come true not a punishment

  7. yes i love that scene and i agree lucky giru :)

  8. Now these screen captures work much better in showing off Pan's soles! Though, it doesn't look like Goten is taking his beating very well in a couple of those shots. lol

    Also, as I mentioned in Match25's journal, I'm thinking of participating in the sole shot gallery. I just need to make a sole specific render of my main OC for it to work!

  9. i hope to see your work soon Matrix

  10. more and more of pans feet keep poppong up i hope to see more.
    and actually thats goku not goten. in the first episode they explain how he got shrunk to a little kid.