Friday, September 18, 2009

Anime Feet Presents...The Top Ten Foot Worship Positions Foot Fetishists Would Like To Find Themselves In... order to give the Plant Villainess a chance to rest a little bit from all these back to back bonuses (and keep her feet to myself for a while ^_^), I thought I'd take a break from the Poison Ivy tributes. Instead, I decided to try my hand at a top 10 list. Earlier this month I asked everyone the question: What is your favorite foot worship position to be in? Taking your suggestions into are the top ten favorites....

10) Footsie

Fetishists and non-fetishists alike love this type of foreplay. It is hard to find anything sexier than when in the middle of a dinner date the hot girl you are with kicks off her footwear and uses her feet and toes to tease your leg (maybe slowly working her way up). Mmm I need a cold shower just thinking about a date like that. ^_^

9) Cheek Rub

The great thing about this position is that it usually comes as a surprise. You could be sharing a conch with a hot girl when she suddenly decides to lift up her foot and playfully stroke your cheeks with it possibly in the hopes of getting a foot massage out of it. Needless to say if this suprisingly intimate form of teasing were used on any of us, she would definitely score one.

8) Insole

(Note I have yet to post any insole pics...just picture being under Clover's giant feet or inside her boot to get the idea)

For GTS lovers this is definitely the position of choice to be in. Whether you're kept as a tiny captive inside of a beautiful girl's footwear or actually transformed into an object to comfort her soles, being under a giant woman's feet is totally awesome.


For a femdom fan, this one is an extremely popular position to be in...getting kicked around and dominated by a girl's feet while she practices her martial arts moves. Can it really be called abuse if you enjoy it?

6) Foot Cleaner

There are a lot of ways to carry out this foot worshipping position. You could wash her feet in a basin. You could pour cool water on her feet and scrub them with a brush. My personal favorite method of cleaning though is to use my tongue. ;-)

5) Scissor Hold

If you find in this position between a woman's legs or feet, get ready to feel like a grapefruit. This intimate hold lets you feel her leg muscles tighten around you in a tense embrace as she squeezes you mercilessly. Strangely enough the last thought that most people have before they pass out from this up close and personal type of treatment is "Ahhh".

4) Foot Tickler

(Note: For this one just replace the puppy tickling her feet with yourself ;-D)

For a tickling fan, they have one question on their mind should they manage to get their hands on a woman's feet...Is she ticklish? If she is...this is quickly followed with how much can I get her to laugh? There are a lot of different ways to discover the answer to these questions. You could quickly run your fingertips up and down her feet, slowly stroke her soles with an extra soft feather, or even use your tongue to drive her wild. Whatever methods you times are definitely ahead. :-D

3) Footstool

I think every foot fetishist has dreamed about this scenario...letting a woman use your body and face to rest her feet on while she rubs them around. Mmm I could definitely stay in this position all day. ^_^

2)Foot Mask

This is the footstool position taken to the extreme where the girl decides to cover your face entirely with her feet making them the only things you could see, taste and smell for a while. Talk about degrading. :-)

1) Foot Massager

Ok there's a reason that I picked this position as number one. No matter what type of foot fetishist you are (be it masochist, sadist, tickler, foot sniffer, gts fan, toesucker, sole lover, scissor aficionado etc), it's safe to say you love giving a foot massage. The foot massage offers you a chance to have your way with a girl's feet while at the same time laboring to please her. One of the great things about this position is there are a lot of ways that it could be carried out. (You could use your hands, a feather, your face, your tongue etc.) The really hot thing about this scenario is that the woman you're giving the foot massage to probably enjoys it as much as you do. It's the ultimate everybody wins scenario. ^_^

Well that completes the list but now its the readers chance to sound off and vote on which position is their favorite. To that affect, I added a special weekend poll for just such a purpose. :-) Also if there are any positions that you enjoy which I didn't mention...feel free to let me know about them in the comments. As always...I'd love to see what your opinions are.

I also want to note that I had a lot of help with this list in terms of suggestions and pictures. Special thank yous to Femdom/Scissor Expert Breakthewalls, the Legendary Master of Sole Shots Match25, Webfinding/Gts Master Mr. E, and Master Capper Richfeet for helping me get this entry together.

Ok...Have a Great Weekend Everyone and more villainess action to come soon!!



  1. Somehow, the effect of a cheek rub with a sexy foot seems very appealing to me. lol

    Same goes for the foot cleaner job! Though, you're probably right about giving a foot rub as it tends to be the safest way to get the rest of the scenarios to open up if the girl is interested.

  2. Foot massage for me as well. You can slip in elements from a lot of those other positions in while giving a massage, but at the very least you've got the babe's feet in your hands and that's the best thing. ^_^

  3. Heh, I think everyone can guess what I voted for XD

    Although the Foot Massage one is good too as is the others

  4. There's an upcoming issue of Power Girl where she is going to be barefoot.

    There's an anime girl the first Ranma 1/2 movie that is also barefoot, and the second has alot of the girls barefoot as well.

    And an anime movie called Dirty Pair Projecy Eden is where the two main characters Kei amd Yuri that become barefoot through, partically throughout the whole film.

  5. Found the comic issue in question that P mentioned at

    None of the covers seem to show this, but some of the pages show her bare feet, which are cool. Plus, it appears that she somehow forgot her boots! :D Now that's what I call convenient!

  6. Great post! And wow, what TS episode does that undone red boot vidcap come from?

  7. wow, great update, rly

    where is the footstool sequence from?

    btw, I left you a message on

  8. Hi everyone,
    Sorry for the slow responses. It's been a busy weekend. First off just want to thank everyone for voting and commenting.

    Yeah I'd definitely love to be in both those situations too Ayane Matrix. The cheek rub seems particularly appealing cause there's something really hot about that that type of teasing.

    Yeah I knew which option you were going to pick DW. ^_^ It's like asking me who my favorite Sailor Senshi or Naruto Kunoichi is. :-D

    Yeah the feeling of having a hot girl let you touch her feet during a massage is definitely really awesome Sole Keeper. ^_^

    Yeah Breakthewalls. When a choice involves Sabrina, Jaina, Ryomou or Scissors...It's safe to say I know which way that you will vote. ^_^ I also really love to be in that squeezing situation too. ^_^

  9. O_O Thanks very much for all those awesome tips P. I'll try to track them down. :-)

    Also thanks for finding the barefoot Powergirl issue Ayane Matrix. Seeing her without her boots on really made my day. ^_^

  10. Thanks Batmad. I'll have to recheck to find the exact episode but it is somewhere in the 4th season. Also Match managed to cap a lot of similiar scenes involving her

  11. The caps that I used to represent both the footstool and foot mask scenarios are from the Chun Li vs Vega fight scene during the Street Fighter animated movie |rly|. More of that scene can be found here, here, here, here and here.

    O_O That's strange, I never got your e-mail. If you are adding an attachment, it might be better to e-mail me at
    My e-mail has a limited amount of space and eventhough I try to keep it from filling up, it still fills up from time to time and I miss a couple of letters.

  12. foot massages are one of the most common things i see among most foot fetish people and im not tired of it so i can only hope for even More

  13. Yeah in terms of positioning I put foot massage in the number one spot because I knew that even if it wasn't a person's favorite choice, it was something that everyone reading this entry would at least enjoy doing. ^_^

    Speaking from my own a hot girl a foot massage is one of my favorite activities as well. :-)

  14. It think it's from the anime Labyrinth of Flames. More caps of it here.