Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Poison Ivy Ultimate Bonus Part 4

Ok...the next Poison Ivy bonus up is a tribute to her movie form. Sadly Ivy doesn't go barefoot in the film but luckily the amount of barefoot material involving her actress Uma Thurman makes up for it. ^_^

(With the exception of a couple of webfinds...These are from the films My Super Ex-Girlfriend, Kill Bill, Johnny be Good and of course Batman and Robin)

I wish I was lucky enough to have her feet in my face like that *Sighs*. It seems like Uma Thurman's huge feet just have a magnetic effect on filmmakers. This is actually only a sampling of the amount of material involving this actress's feet out there though admittedly it helps that she was in three Quentin Tarantino films.

Ok...let's ignore another weird choice of hairdo and the fact that the film Batman and Robin was (putting it mildly) a disappoint at best. In addition to having the biggest feet of any Poison Ivy, the movie version of her has a couple of notable powers. First off she packs an immunity to toxins (which no doubt comes in really useful in her line of work). She also has the ability to make anyone in her presence so attracted to her that they are willing to do whatever she asks. And finally, she possesses a really deadly kiss. In addition to that she has the powerhouse Bane as her servant for some added muscle. I'd also like to mention that this version of Ivy acknowledges her background as a scientist as well. Beauty and brains are a dangerous combination. ^_^

I just want to apologize for the slow amount of updates lately. My real life has been keeping me pretty busy. I know I'm way behind in posting material, spotlights and writing chapters. Thanks for being so patient everyone...I'll definitely try to catch up. ^_^

Ok...we're not done with the plant goddess yet. More Poison Ivy to come soon!!


  1. Well, the reason that she shows her feet so much in Taritino's films is because he as a foot fetish :D

    Can't wait for the next bonus KSC

  2. wow i never knew she played the Bride or the jealous ex-girlfriend

  3. WAHAHA! I can't believe you actually included the Batman and Robin version of Ivy in with the updates... but I guess, you're thorough.
    But as hot as Uma Thurman was (when she was younger), she got kinda leathery later on... and unfortunately I don't find her feet that appealing, particularly in Kill Bill. Her feet looked so much softer and prettier when she was Aphrodite in Baron Munchausen. ^_^

    Oh, and you gotta love Tarantino. Even with Inglourious Basterds he found a way to get in his trademark foot scenes.

  4. Hmm.. I could be wrong, but in the batman the animated series episode, 'almost got 'im', I think a more human looking Ivy has a barefoot scene...

  5. oddly she is, but its never clearly focused on them

  6. Yeah, the show seems to do a lot of that when they have barefoot woman, you rarely get any close up shots, why must they tease us so :(

  7. Bunny is right, though. Those foot shots of Poison Ivy in Almost Got 'Im do exist. I should know. I have the whole series on DVD.

  8. Thanks guys.Yeah Tarintino definitely rocks BTW.

    O_O I'll have to make a note to see Inglorious bastards when I get the chance Sole Keeper.

    I know what you mean about the movie Kyle. ^_^

    Yeah Uma Thurman seems to pop up everywhere Match.

    Also thanks very much for the tip Bunny. ^_^

  9. you really dont seem to like what they do with Poison Ivy's hairdo, and personally this one my favorite of the three Batman films, but that could be because of Mr. Freeze (my favorite villain)

  10. ???. Mr. Freeze is my all time favorite villain (note i didnt say villainess). I always prefer the villain that is driven for a goal and more science navi than just brute strength and their own greed

  11. which kind of makes mr.freeze the anti villain. commiting crimes for a good cause.

  12. true, my friend made one heck of an anti-villain in his stories. Hope he makes his book soon

  13. love the new poll but what do you mean "Acting as a Foot Massager" i would be her foot massager

  14. I like the new poll as well. I bet you can guess which one I'm going to vote for XD

  15. You are correct sir!

    Anyways, I'm willing to bet that you voted for the foot massage option.

  16. Of the Batman Villains my favorite is the Riddler (based largely on on his appearances in Batman:TAS).

    As for the Batman favorite film before Chris Nolan directed them was Batman Returns (mainly because of the Catwoman eye candy.)After Chris Nolan it was the Dark Knight. I also like the animated one Mask of the Phantasm.

    :-) I know which way Breakthewalls was going to vote for sure but I don't know if I would have been able to guess what Match's vote would have been...possibly.

  17. Personally, my favorite Batman villain is the Scarecrow.

    My favorite Batman films it Batman (1989) from the "orginal" series. And from the Nolan series, my favorite film was "The Dark Knight" as far as the animated movies went, I liked "Batman and Mr.Freeze:Sub-Zero"