Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Poll of the Month 16 Result

Ok...the 16th poll of the month has come to a close. After a whopping 2313 votes, here are the results...

Well it looks like Pan kamehameha'd her competition proving that her feet are the ones that most people would love to be teased by and receiving 564 votes. The soul reaper Rukia managed to give Pan a little bit of a run for her money before trailing behind and claiming second place with 522 votes and Shaman King's Anna beat out Street Fighter's Sakura and Kagome to claim 3rd place gaining 277 votes in the process. The rest of those schoolgirls all proved to have foot fans of their own and nobody scored less than 44 votes. always I'd like to give a massive thank you to everyone for voting and sharing their opinions and I'll try to keep your preferences in mind for future bonuses and writing chapters. In addition to Pan who will be posted pretty soon. I'll work on tributes to Rukia and Anna as well. ^_^

Alright...with over half of the villainesses left to post, September looks like it is going to be a pretty busy month. ^_^; To start things off I'll post a tribute to everyone's favorite DBGT schoolgirl and a new poll of the month (this time from a guest contributor) soon.

Great Voting Everyone!!


  1. which of those schoolgirls was my personal favorite?

    Well that would have to be Kagome. I've always had a huge crush on her...not to mention the fact that she resembles Sailor Mars. :-D

    Anyway,nice voting guys.

  2. Pan is not a school girl and in DBZ she is only 3. The pan from Dragon Ball GT is a teenager so that one must be the one you must be refering to but still pan has never worn a school girl uniform.

  3. Kallen and Pan were my favorites. and Pan is a shoolgirl in Dragonball GT. in the first episode she has a date with a boy from school she just doesnt wear a school gilrs outfit like sailormoon.

  4. cant wait for the next poll, or should i say polls?

    mmm cant wait for Anna's bonus

  5. I guess you know my favorites pretty well DW.

    Oh yeah I meant Pan from Dragon Ball GT Watermaiden15. ^_^;

    Both Pan and Kallen are really hot Mr. E.

  6. I personally wanted Sakura to win but alas..... Still glad that she got fourth though

  7. Yeah...let's do it this way Match. I'll release a new character poll tonight as well as a bonus poll a little later this month.

    Also if anyone here wants to help out with the bonus poll...the question being asked is what is your favorite foot worshipping position to be in?

    A couple of ideas were posted in Francine Langstrom's comments but if you have any more suggestions, let me know and I'll pick the top 10 positions for the new poll.

    I'll probably bring this up again in my new entry too. ^_^

  8. Oh yeah Sakura's feet would definitely be great to be teased by Breakthewalls. ^_^

  9. Anna's feet are so sexy. I'm not even sure if I voted her or Pan.

    Too bad Videl's feet are never seen, to my knowledge at least.

  10. Yeah Anna's feet are really great and Videl is one of my favorite Dragon Ball girls too. I would have loved to see her barefoot.

  11. oh well, Anna will be saved for something bigger

  12. Kerrigan, i must worship my queen. All hail the Queen of Blades!

  13. Well, I have nice idea for you, you can get some pictures of Anna from World of Quest, she is always walking in sandals and there are episodes when she is barefoot :P

  14. OMG yes pan won i love her..but dont think i would not mind rukias feet either :) hehehe kagome would have been my third fav after pan and rukia

  15. Oh yeah Sarah Kerrigan is really hot Match.

    O_O You're the second person to mention the Worlds of Quest Anna in the same week Mark. I'll try to find her...thank you for letting me know about her.

    Wow...I just noticed that I had a lot of black haired women in that poll Shikku27. All of them are definitely really great. :-)

  16. theres 2 pictures of videls feet in the pan bonus juancho