Sunday, September 13, 2009

Poison Ivy Ultimate Bonus Part 3's the next Poison Ivy set. This one is just a mini-bonus of scenes involving her Gotham Knights form. I was planning to double this one up with a later bonus in the series but because I won't get the chance to cap new scenes until tomorrow, I'd figure that I'd go ahead and post it separately making this a six part set. *Sigh* Like Ivy's ego needs to get any bigger. Anway, Enjoy everyone!!

(These are from the Batman Gotham Knights (aka Batman: TAS part 2) episode "Holiday Knight." This episode Ivy is up to her old tricks enslaving men (in particular Batman) with a kiss and forcing them to do her bidding.)

It rare to see Ivy in winter clothing but she does look hot in a purple sweater. Once again for added entertainment Ivy invited a guest star along to share her bonus. ^_^

Ok...that's basically it for now but more Poison Ivy action to come soon.


  1. too bad she never showed off her lovely feet in this series

  2.'s true. I would have loved a closeup.

  3. DAMN SOCKS! Not allowing me to see Harley's cute feet! least there's a decent pic with her in sandals :)

    The Ivy pics are great as well ^_^

    Nice finds Triton :)

  4. Thanks BTW. I'll let Harley know about your comments regarding her socks and feet during this bonus. She's scheduled for one more guest appearance during this set maybe she'll take your feelings into consideration for next time. ;-)

  5. Thanks for the help Triton :D

    Think if I ask nice, she'll scissor me :D

  6. Harley looks cute at the PI+9 picture. I sure would love to see more of that in her next tribute! Hey, feet are nice, but socks are cute. Can't say anything bad about it.

  7. your right digi but a combination of socks and feet would be even better especialy in harleys case.

  8. Yeah Breakthewalls...I think she'd enjoy the chance to dominate someone.

  9. Thanks Digiharrisom. ^_^ Yeah I'd enjoy having her rub her socked feet in my face too

  10. There may be the possibility of seeing Harley barefoot in an upcoming bonus Mr. E. ^_^

  11. Uh, if you don't have it up already I know Ivy goes barefoot in the episode 'Harley & Ivy'. Do have any plans for the other women of the show such as Catwoman, Talia, Barbra Gordon, or Veronica Vreeland?

  12. Thanks for the tip Hell Scorpion. I think I already posted the Harley and Ivy caps here. ^_^

    Yeah I'm still planning to do tributes to Catwoman, Batgirl and Talia. :-D

    I completed tributes to Veronica Vreeland, Candice, Randa Duane Francine Langstrom, and Kairi Tanaga already. ^_^