Thursday, September 10, 2009

Poison Ivy Ultimate Bonus Part 2

Ok continuing the Poison Ivy series, here is a tribute to her most recent incarnation from the series "The Batman". While I personally think she needs to fire her hair stylist in this series, the nice thing about this version of Pamela Isley is that in her villainess costume she's barefoot all the time. Enjoy everyone!! :-)

(These are from the Batman episode "Batgirl Begins". A huge thanks to Match25 (the Legendary Master of Sole Shots) for capping and tipping me off to this gorgeous villainess. )

This version of Poison Ivy packs a serious amount of power. Not only is she able to Control plants with a wave of her pretty little hands, she can even enslave people just by blowing a special type of dust on her victims. She even manages to control Superman in this series. Of course for most of us, she doesn't need to resort to dust to make us cater to her whims. All it would take is for her to wiggle her toes in front of us or show us her bare soles and we would be her footslaves for life. ^_^

Ok... I got back rather late tonight so I'm going to end the entry here. More Poison Ivy and villainess action to come soon.

Sweet Dreams everyone!!


  1. Heh, I think I'll volunteer to be her foot slave. I think she'll love to have one due to being barefoot all the time ^_^

  2. That's true BTW. I'd also love to volunteer to be her footslave as well.

  3. Yeah

    I would even be her foot slave before she turned into Ivy. She looks really cute with glasses ^_^

  4. yup, no dust needed for us to be her loyal foot slaves

  5. BreaktheWalls I agree with ya. Barefoot + Glasses = Sexy

  6. Yeah guys I would even go so far as to say with the exception of her always being barefoot in her Poison Ivy, I like Pamela's civilian outfit in this series better.

    As for being her footslave Match...that does sound like an awesome experience. I wonder if her feet smell like flowers. ^_^

  7. Great stuff, KSC! This version of Ivy is pretty wonderful, though I could do with a less flashy hairdo. Yeah, all she needs to do is wave her soles to me as well to take me over... no mind control pollen required. Hahaha!