Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Strategy Game Girls Poll

Ok first off...I haven't forgotten about Pan's tribute. I'm working on her now....she should be up tonight or tomorrow morning. But in the meantime...I wanted to discuss the brand new poll of the month. This time the question is this...With all the campaigning that Stategy game babes have to go through commanding their armies and fighting, their feet are probably in need of a lot of personal attention by the end of the day. If you had a choice of being getting to take care of any strategy game girl's feet you wanted...who would it be? (A special thanks to Femdom expert Breakthewalls for suggesting the poll topic, question and characters for this one).

Ok...I know that a lot of the characters in this poll are pretty obscure (I had to google half of them myself). So in order to help you out here is a brief summary of all of the Strategy Game girls involved this time around. Please Note: This is really only a sampling of these characters. Some of these women have multiple forms/actresses and I'm saving my best pictures for winner's tributes. You may want to google them on your own to get a better sense of them. ;-) Anyway...


Game/Series: Final Fantasy Tactics Advance.

Pros: She looks really cute. I love her teasing footwear that goes up to her thighs. Just imagine how nice it would be to help her get them off.

Cons: Judging from her fierce gaze she looks like she's pretty dominating and has to always have her way. She probably would make sure you worship her feet to her complete satisfaction.

Jaina Proudmoore

Game/Series: Worlds of Warcraft

Pros: Not only is she incredibly intelligent and beautiful, she's a sorceress as well. I'll leave it to your imagination what fun spells she can cast on you while you're worshipping her feet.

Cons: As the Ruler of Theremore, she's probably used to getting pampered so she might have really high expectations of how her feet are supposed to be treated.

Catherine Ironfist

Game/Series: Heroes of Might and Magic

Pros: The entire package. Not only is she beautiful but she's royalty and a military general. She even knows how to cast a few spells as well. Not only can she fulfill your fantasies of serving a beautiful queen, she can fulfill your fantasies of being physically overpowered and dominated by a general and getting shrunken and becoming the insole of a sorceress boot as well.

Cons: With so many fantasies available to you involving this queen, it will be difficult to decide what you want to do to with her first.


Game/Series: Advance Wars

Pros: Being a military officer, this hot readhead can physically overpower and dominate you with feet. Maybe use you as a kickbag to practice her kicks on. She could even scissor you into submission before making you worship her feet or give her a foot massage.

Cons: Well, since Sami is on her feet all day you probably have your work cut out for you. She would probably keep you massaging and worshiping her feet for hours. I shudder to think what her feet would smell like if she decided to force you to sniff them after one of her military training sessions. *shivers*

Sarah Kerrigan

Game/Series: Starcraft

Pros: She's evil which means if you were this Queen of Blades' footslave, (like all villainesses) she would enjoy humilating you, dominating you with her feet and forcing you to worship them whenever possible. O_O

Cons: She's evil which means if you were this Queen of Blades' footslave, (like all villainesses) she would enjoy. humilating you, dominating you with her feet and forcing you to worship them whenever possible. ^_^;


Game/Series: Command & Conquer: Red Alert

Pros: Another hot military officer who knows an array of cool combat moves. Picture having a wrestling match with her and losing via a scissor submission hold and afterwards being forced to smell her feet as she dominates you with them using your face as a personal foot massager.

Cons: With so much material as a result of all the different actresses playing this part (including Gina Carano, Jenny Mccarthy, and Kari W├╝hrer), it would be alot of work for me to tribute her.


Game/Series: Universe at War

Pros: Who doesn't love a gorgeous sci-fi girl? ^_^ She clearly has a really nice body which is only accentuated further by her gorgeous skin-tight Catsuit-like uniform.

Cons: Figuring out how to take her boots off so that you can be able to give her a foot massage.


Game/Series: Ages of Empires

Pros: This cute Native American inspired girl wears sandals showing off her gorgeous feet. She looks so sweet that you just want to offer her a foot massage to soothe her feet at the end of a long day. Maybe even tickle her soles a bit for fun.

Cons: Ages of Empire not including a foot worship/foot massage/tickling minigame involving this character for us foot fetishists to live out our fantasies with.

Farseer Taldeer

Game/Series: Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War

Pros: This exotic character looks really hot and powerful and I would definitely love to be at her feet.

Cons: I don't really know that much information about her. ^_^; I'd definitely love to find out more. :-)


Game/Series: Fire Emblem

Pros: I like Lyn's character a lot. She's beautiful, intelligent and a strong leader. I really admire her determination a lot. She is the type of woman that I would be very happy to help take off her boots in order to give her a foot massage and worship her gorgeous feet for a few hours at the end of a busy day. Knowing how overworked her feet are from all the missions she leads, she probably would enjoy that very much too.

Cons: Once you see a gorgeous woman like this barefoot. You completely lose your sense of time. If nothing interrupts you, you could easily spend hours just staring at her feet non-stop.

Ok that basically it for these girls...Now it is up to you. I'd really love to see what your opinions are.

Happy Voting Everyone!!


  1. Interesting poll idea!

    Do any of them actually have foot scenes in any show/comic/game though? I imagine it'd be tough to find scenes for more obscure characters like these.

  2. Those aren't really cons, are they?

  3. i still believe that Queen Kerrigan should be part of the Villianess Bonus, she was the top 8th video game villain of all time

  4. there is one very important game girl you left out KSC, Ellia from Eternal Darkness. and best of all, she is barefoot throughout the game

  5. Ellia

  6. Good work on descriptions KSC ^_^

    I think you know who I want to win in this poll ;)

  7. Thanks Adam. Yeah except for a few of them...tributing the winners this time around is going to be really difficult. I guess I have a month to search for material. ^_^

    Depends on how you look at it DW ;-)

    Kerrigan is definitely a really great villainess Match. ^_^ Wow Ellia is really hot...thanks very much for introducing me to her. ^_^

    Oh yeah BTW...I think it's safe to say I knew who you were going for the moment you told me the topic of this poll. ;-)

  8. Ok BTW here are my odds for this month

    Lyn 1 to 1
    Jaina 2 to 1
    Sami 3 to 1 (She looks like a strong candidate)
    Ritz 5 to 1 (Final Fantasy nuff said)
    Sarah Kerrigan 7 to 1 (She's a hot villainess)
    Tanya 10 to 1 (She seems like she'll be a popular choice)
    Farseer 12 to 1 (She clearly has a few fans judging from the way she looks I can definitely see why)
    Nonahkee 15 to 1 I think her background and footwear choice will gain her a little bit of popularity)
    Catherine Ironfist 18 to 1 (She hot but not too well known.) ^_^
    Mirabel 22 to 1 (Gonna be a struggle for her)

  9. Alright, here are my picks

    Lyn 1-1 (Considering how she's doing thus far and her popularity I think she has the best chance to win this)

    Jaina 2-1 (She's from two games of the year and probably has the best chance of beating Lyn, she's also my personal favorite in case you haven't noticed ;) )

    Ritz 4-1 (She is a Final Fantasy character after all)

    Sami 6-1 (She's one of the more known members of the popular series, "Advance Wars")

    Kerrigan 8-1 (A great villainess from one of the greatest strategy games ever so she still has a shot despite her bad start)

    Tanya 10-1 (The only character that appears in every Red Alert game, always portrayed by a hot actress every time!)

    Nonahkee 15-1 (She's from the sucessful Age of Empire games and is the only one of the list to show her feet what so ever ^_^)

    Farseer Taldeer 20-1 (She's a tad obsure but she does have decent following being conected to the WH:40K franchise)

    Cathrine Ironfist 25-1 (As great of a game HoMaM and has hot as Cathrine is, both are sadly very unknown.)

    Mirabel 40-1 (An underdog if I ever saw one, truth be told, I was surprised she got one vote!)