Friday, January 30, 2009

Dawn (Mega Bonus) w/Spotlights

Since Misty proved so's a follow up tribute to the third of Ash's female traveling companions. As hot as Dawn's pink boots are...It's really great to see her take them off once and a while. ^_^

(A massive thank you to the Pokemon fan Juancho for finding, capping and donating these pictures involving this lovely pokemon girl. The few caps and webfinds that I didn't get from Juancho, I got from Otakuphrenia. The Pokemon Episodes these are capped from include "Camping it Up", "Up Close and Personable", "Sandshrew's Locker", "Setting the World on its Buneary", and "Following a Maiden's Voyage".)

Judging from how smooth and soft Dawn's feet look, it's clear that she takes really good care of her feet. I'd really love to give her a foot massage.

Ok...You guys probably noticed that I updated the background and title area of my blog a bit with some of my favorite anime and cartoon foot related scenes of all time: Azula getting a Pedicure, Aoi extracting a confession from the anime Chaos Head, Chun Li letting Vega spend some personal time with her feet, and the gorgeous May Wong giving us a nice close up on her soles. I'm hoping to add in some more in the future. Are there any foot scenes you guys would consider to be the best of the best?


If you checked the blog in the morning, you probably know it took me a few hours to get these spotlights up. ^_^; Yeah…there was a lot that I wanted to highlight this time around. It looks like a lot of writers are having more energy recently because many of my favorite Interactives have been updated in the past few weeks. It’s definitely a great time for readers.

Here are some of the stories I’m talking about:

Naruto Girls Foot Worship
I mentioned this interactive before but now there are more additions involving Ino’s feet Woo Hoo!!!!

The Anime Stories
A new chapter involving being a footslave to Raven was added a couple of days ago. Nice!!!

Bleach Girls Feet Battle!
Another great interactive that’s been updated over the past few days. It offers a lot awesome scenarios involving the Bleach Girls feet and is still growing. Right now…my favorite threads involve Rukia, Orihime, Yoruichi, and Soi Fon's feet.

The Kindom Hearts Foot Fetish Stories
It’s been a while since I mentioned this one. It was one of my favorites and has some great additions involving Kairi, Namine, Yuffie, Larxene, and Tifa. It’s nice to see this interactive updated again. ^_^ Fair warning though…this interactive contains a lot of mature content.

I Dream of Genies Feet.
The Premise of this interactive is that you have a beautiful genie to explore your foot fetish with. This interactive is still starting out but I can’t wait to see it develop in the future.

Naruto and Feet
One of my favorites. :-D There are some great new additions involving Ino torturing Shizune and Kiba’s mom getting a new pair of insoles.

Shrunk with friends, family and more
It’s nice to see Mr. E back updating his interactives. There were a lot of chapters added to this story from several different authors since I last mentioned it including some foot related ones involving Bianca.

Shrinking Doctor
Imagine the possibility of being a shrunken podiatrist. One of many cool scenarios to explore in this recently updated story.

Death Note Shrink/GTS
Ah the great possibility of being a tiny slave to Misa’s and Sayu’s feet. What an awesome experience. A new chapter involving Light getting trapped in Sayu’s socks was just added yesterday!!!!

Ok…I think that’s enough for this week. ^_^; I’ll try to post some more next week too speaking of which…

Next Week:

Wow a new month is coming up and I definitely have a lot to do…tommorow in honor of Superbowl Sunday…I'll post a new poll of the month as well as a tribute to this month’s winner (BTW Last chance to vote in the current poll everyone). Also next Friday I’m planning to start a weeklong tribute to a very hot group of girls with Match25 that I think everyone will like a lot.

Well…See you guys Tomorrow!!


  1. though she is my least favorite of the PKMN girls i have to admit she does have a nice pair. I bet your heart practically leaped out of ur chest when she gave a clear double sole shot like that KSC

  2. I got some requests:

    - Elle from that Ravemaster episode where she went completely barefoot throughout the ep(she forgot her boots).

    - Jessie barefoot in the Pokemon episode "Enlighten Up"

    - April O'Neil barefoot from that one TMNT episode where her apartment was robbed.

    - That Karai barefoot scene from TMNT 2K3...I forgot what episode it was.

    - That Street Fighter II V episode where Chun-Li's shoe falls off while she's being strangled by Bison.

    - Lois Lane's feet from early in the Superman Movie Braniac Attacks.

    - The Warrior Maidens of Thundercats..they are always barefoot.

    I have alot more requests,but unfortunately I can't post them all,so just check the list of Barefoot scenes I posted on my blog here:

  3. Yeah Match I was staring at these shots of both her soles for a long time. I also liked the closeup shot where her feet are poking out of the blanket.

    To top it off Juancho sent those pictures together so I really was going through awesomeness overload when I saw them.

  4. Yeah SFD...I'm working on getting those. Some of them I'm really close to posting and they just need to be capped (though I'm still trying to track down the one where April's apartment gets robbed and a couple of others).

    BTW out of all the barefoot scenes that you've you have an absolute favorite?

    I'm trying to think of my top five favorite foot scenes ever.

  5. I have many many many favorites. I'll let you know when I think of my top 5.

  6. didnt this site already do Elle, Jessie, April, and Lois? i already sent Karai to KSC,

  7. Not the episodes I'm talking about. and No we didn't do Elle or Lois.

  8. though its not a sole shot i do have to admit KSC it is a cute shot that her cute feet are just sticking out of the sheets

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  10. That strangling scene in the Street Fighter episode is a favorite of mine. Because, who would have guessed you'd see Chun-Li's shoe fall off at all? It was her breasts the vulnerable ones in that scene! And then, we get that unpredictable view of her right foot. Precious! ^_^

    For future reference, it's at the end of episode 17 and the beginning of episode 18 of Street Fighter II V

  11. Hopefully Dawn will give us even more foot scenes in the future Match. ^_^

  12. As for the Chun Li shoe drop scene guys...I managed to find that scene along with tonights bonus earlier this month. I'll post it soon. ^_^

  13. she really does have the smoothest soles out of the 3 pokemon girls and it looks like there should be even more barefoot scenes in the future

  14. i have to admit she has the most clear sole shots out of all of the girls. I wish Maylene would become the Lead Girl in the group, a tomboy that is always barefoot in each episode would defiantly improve ratings

  15. I hope so too Mr. E. *crosses fingers.*

    Hopefully Maylene will start a trend of barefoot female Gym leaders in the future Match. ^_^

  16. Man, why do all Pokemon girls have to be so Cute, Dawn has cute Feet, but I'd like to see Misty's and May's Feet as well

  17. Replies
    1. "Camping it Up", "Up Close and Personable", "Sandshrew's Locker", "Setting the World on its Buneary", and "Following a Maiden's Voyage".