Thursday, March 5, 2009

Pokemon Watch (Bonus)

Just a quick update today. :-) I think it would be really cool if they made a Pokemon spin off just involving its women running around barefoot in swimsuits (ala Baywatch). *Cue daydream*

(These pictures depicting these Pokemon beauties barefoot are webfinds courtesy of the Pokemon Affecionado Juancho. (Massive thanks man) For these high quality fanarts...I really recommend that you click on the picture so you can see these girls in gorgeous detail. ^_^)

Wow...I don't know about you guys but my mind is going into hotness overload. It's really dangerous to have so many beautiful girls showing off that much of their body in the same place at once. In addition to supplying these shots, Juancho also identified a couple of the rare ones we don't get to see in the anime.

- Whitney
- Jasmine (she always wears sandals buy they don't count)
- Flannery (partially)
- Marley (who has only appeared in the games if I'm not mistaken)
- Rebecca from Destiny Deoxys
- Cassidy of Team Rocket
- Zoey (whose heels can be seen in the anime)
- The twins from Destiny Deoxys
- Casey of Johto

^_^; Once again...I really need a cold shower.

Ok...because it is a friday and I'm feeling nostalgic for the days of is an end of the week summary.

This Week:
Yes, it's been a while guys but contrary to popular belief...I haven't put away my pen and retired from the writing game. Recently, I've been volleying with the author Cryptosporidium working on series of chapters involving Chi Chi and Android 18 for the Dragon Ball Z Shrink Interactive. You guys can check out the most recent chapter here:

Easing back in the spotlights after a two week are a couple of stories whose recent additions grabbed my attention this week.

Naruto Girls Foot Worship by JustMyself:
Ok...maybe it was from working with Anko's feet all weekend or maybe its my crush on Ino Yamanaka but this interactive's recent wave of chapters all seemed spectacular. Kudos to the authors Kiddo and 2233445 for keeping this interactive constantly up to date adding Kurenai, Yoshino Nara, and Tsume Inuzuka to the amazing set of Naruto girls (including Ino, Sakura, Tsunade and Shizune) getting thier feet worshipped in this interactive.

The Smell of Her Feet by Mr. Cool:
There were a new set of chapters from the interactive's moderator himself involving being a footslave to Azula...'Nuff said.

I Dream of Genie's Feet!!! by Howdyboy15:
I really like this short addition by the author John Vardeuo involving sniffing the genie's feet. Talk about a hot chapter. Speaking of John Vardeuo...that brings me to my next interactive...

Bleach Girl's Feet Battle by Torborg:
Where he added yet another great chapter involving Tatsuki's feet.

Next Week (and I use the term very loosely with regard to my writing):
I need to reorganize and get a backlog together but here is a rough summary of what I have planned. I've been reading the Birds of Prey comic recently and it's really been inspiring me to release some new chapters for the comic book girls. On the top of my list are stories for Supergirl, Huntress, Wonder Woman , Jean Grey and Mary Jane. There are also some more stories I am working on including a Sailor Mars, Soul Calibur as well as some other projects but writing seems to take a long time these days.

With the blog...there are four major sets of series tributes that I'm currently putting together (a lot of them with the help of partners) but next week I'm going to work on a couple of one shot tributes to some women that I've been planning to show here for a very long time. Which ones?'ll have to wait and see!!!

Have a great weekend everybody and as usual...more to come soon!!


  1. even in such a small first picture Maylene's soft tomboy soles couldnt escape my watchful eyes

  2. also, did anyone notice the Wheres Brock game? He is in every one trying to spy on the girls, true we wouldnt hesitate to push him to the side so we could have a few ourselves lol

  3. Yeah...Brock definitely looks like he's having the time of his life.

    *Shakes head* Lucky son of a gun.

  4. you should check road to el dorado.

    there is a barefoot girl named chel

    in it.

    p.s. these pics rock KSC!!!

  5. El Dorado?! I've got something even better than that! :-D

  6. And what the hell are you talking about, Triton? I saw Whitney, Cassidy, and Flannery in the anime series. You just weren't watching them as well as you said you did.

  7. O_O A Barefoot girl? I'll definitely check that movie out.

    Thanks very much for the tip Richfeet.

  8. Something even better Kyle?

    Also just to clarify...with the list...I was refering to those women's bare feet and not the actual girls themselves.

  9. I must confess I had never seen that spectral girl until today... Creepy o_o I wonder if she's the girl in this fragment or from some episode I'm forgetting about.

    And yeah, the funniest thing in those images are Brock's appearances! Can you guys see Ash in them?

  10. Oh, I see. I thought you missed them or something. My mistake.

    And yes, I do know of a scene in an animated movie that you'll definitely love. I've been meaning to tell you about it for some time, but I could never bring it up for some reason. And if you're going to put up barefoot scenes from movies on your blog, then the one I'm talking about is an absolute must.

  11. Is Ash in these too Juancho? O_O I
    can't find him at all. I can only find Pikachu in two of them.

    Spectral girl...which one is she?

  12. Sounds like quite an interesting movie scene Kyle.

  13. Oh wait...I see the spectral girl now. She's in the cloud in the 3rd picture. *shivers* Definitely creepy.

    Yeah she does look like the girl in the Mewtwo clip.

  14. I'd tell you what the movie is, but here, it would spoil the surprise.

  15. I'm definitely looking forward to it Kyle. :-D

  16. Ash is in the second picture... somewhere :P

  17. I've been staring at that picture like crazy but I can't find him anywhere. ^_^;

    Where is he?

  18. wowowowowowowow amazing! great finds ksc

    i cant find ash either is brock standing on him?

  19. Ash is next to Misty! :P They're soooo destined to be together (or maybe not, seeing as how she has May's bandana around her neck).

    Already seen him?? Only if you haven't, go here.

  20. Yikes lol that's hilarious...Wow this artist really went out of the way to include everything. ^_^

  21. oh yeah i forgot about the ep where they had him crossdress, a very creepy ep indeed

  22. thats weird i thought it was ash crossdressing at first then i thought " no they wouldnt put him in this picture like that" lol

  23. Wow What a Nice Blog. I am Great Fan Of Pokemon Series.and Always Love To Watch Pokemon Episodes Online.

  24. WoW, those are Awesome pictures. So many Cute Girls from Pokemon. I am usually only in the old seires, but with all those Cute Girls (With good Feet I bet) maybe I could get use to it

  25. Now this is something I can have a fantasy too, the only hard decision would be who's feet to go for first! *looks at all the girls* this is hard!

  26. Sheesh! I just realized that he added in Gardevoir in the first one with boobs! Wow.

  27. Heh heh I didn't catch that Cart28. ^_^

    Yeah I'd have a tough time deciding which feet to go for first too. Probably May or Flannery. :-D