Sunday, January 1, 2012

Anime Feet Presents: Popular Barefoot Girls Countdown

Ok...A little late but as promised here is the Barefoot Girls New Years Countdown!!

Though my own opinions are partially reflected in this, I tried to take as many viewer opinions into account while constructing this list. I also tried to get as wide a variety of different types barefoot girls as I could . ^_^ For the girls that I tributed already. I linked to their previous bonuses. For the ones that I haven't tributed yet I've made a note to tribute them in the future. ^_^

Anyway here goes...

#10 Chii/Elda Chobit

:-D She just looks so cute and fun to play with. Who wouldn't want to own their own persacom. I think her feet are probably pretty sensitive. I bet that she would be fun to tickle. ^_^

Anyway, here's what you guys had to say about her:

how much i wish i had a persacom - Match25

As sweet and loving as she is, she also has very lovely Feet even though she is an Android -Calvin3

#9 Queen La

mmm what guy who first watched when she appeared didn't want to become her personal foot masseuse?-Match25

Not only is she a sexy Villainess, Queen La is a jungle girl and spellcaster as well making her a triple threat for foot fans. Exotic, hot, dominant and barefoot all the time. It doesn't get much better than that. ^_^

#8 Aquagirl (Lorena Marquez)

Added to the Hit List (Tribute Pending)

Looking over the recommendations there were a lot of water girls and comic girls who were mentioned. The original Aquagirl was the one whose name appeared the most for both categories. A superheroine who is often depicted barefoot and in a swim outfit. Sexy!!

Here's what others had to say about her:
(She) Started life on land with shoes on, certain events has alter Lorena's life to adopt a costume fitted for the seas, some artists have drawn her with a boot feature, but Ivan Reis once again drawn her barefoot. Lorena is not only a girl with a unique heritage, but she has been the first Aquagirl since the 80s.-Shadowmandude

#7 Maylene (Pokemon)
*Note: Due to Maylene's popularity and the popularity of Pokemon in general, I there is a good chance Maylene will appear here again in the future. ^_^

A barefoot martial artist and pokemon trainer, Maylene is both cute and powerful. She is also really hardcore with her barefoot training. She's great!!

Here's what you guys thought of her:
A pink hair cute girl that has master martial arts and trains with fighting Pokemom, and has become master of the dojo that's also a Pokemon gym. So dedicated to the style, Maylene will even walk in the snow barefoot, earning the title the Barefoot Fighting Genius. -Shadowmandude

Barefoot pink hair martial artist tomboy. What is not to love? She Never wears shoes. -Match25

#6 Makoto (Street Fighter)

Added to Hit List (Tribute pending)

Makoto, Ibuki, Juri, Elena...I could probably fill the entire list with barefoot Street Fighter women. ^_^; However when it came down to it, Makoto proved the most popular of them. Whether it was her tomboy-like nature or her determination to prove her style is the best, her powerful Martial artist feet just won everybody over. :-)

Here's what you other foot fans had to say about her...

A powerhouse tomboy, Makoto is a proud martial artist that runs her father's dojo, and determined to prove that her style is the best in the world-Shadowmandude

She is a bit self conscious about her big feet, but I can help her with that.-Match25

#5 Esmeralda (Hunchback of Notre Dame)

What can I say...Gypsy feet are hot. My own personal favorite, Esmeralda is a great character. She has a strong personality and really fights for what she believes in. She doesn't blink twice about putting her own life in jeopardy to help a person in need. Her passion for justice is beautifully balanced by kindness and playfulness. In her film there's no shortage of witty lines available to her. Not only can this girl hold her own in a battle, she even knows a couple of cool gypsy tricks being able to pull off an explosive escape or the perfect master of disguise act. ^_^ As far as appearances go...she looks incredibly hot. Her ankle bracelet just seem to highlight her attractive bare feet. ^_^

It's nice to see that other fans can be pretty passionate about her too. Here's what they had to say about her:

Esmeralda shes so cute!! -Anonymous

Esmeralda is hot, & I mean hot as...(you guys get the idea). She's got the biggest sence of juctice and humor.-JameznJames

Esmeralda is AWESOME and TOTALLY HOT N SEXY!!!! She also as a great personality and pretty feet!!-EsmeraldaLuvr666

#4 Christie (Tekken)

Added to Hitlist...(Tribute pending)

Christie is a really sexy fighter who uses her gorgeous feet in a lot of her attacks. Her fighting style (Capoeira) is graceful and playful. I think that a lot of opponents would be have a hard time concentrating in a battle against her. Her tan feet are really cute too. ^_^

Here's what you guys had to say about her...

I don't think I would have been a foot fetishest if it weren't for her :D-Breakthewalls

#3 Medusa (Soul Eater)

:-D A hot villainess who is found barefoot throughout her anime, Medusa totally rocks. Not only is this witch barefoot throughout her series, she seems to go out of her way to draw attention to her feet. In the anime and manga, we are repeatedly treated to seeing Medusa use her feet to dominate her subordinates. Her toenails are decorated in a vector pedicure design which is a symbol for Medusa's signature attack. If that wasn't enough, she wiggles her toes repeatedly for the camera. Finally she has one of the best pov anime foot scenes ever. Manipulative and clever, Medusa is seems to have a natural penchant for domination pretty much earning her a place in the hearts of foot fans everywhere all of whom are happy to submit to here. ^_^

This is what you guys had to say about her...

By far one of the greatest Villainesses ever and my personal favorite character on that show. I would love to be kicked around and then scissored into worshiping her feet. (Not that she needs me to do that mind you ;) ) -Breakthewalls

She remains one of my absolute favorites since the manga and the anime series first started. She's the type of Villainess that if she'd let me live, I'd do everything in my power to get close to her feet. :D -Ayane Matrix

Wow she is dangerously beautiful! -For You

Medusa truly is awesome and made for foot fans. She's gorgeous, smart, dangerous and barefoot... perfection! -The Sole Keeper

she's definitely the anime foot villainess we've all been waiting for -Iceninja9276

If she knew you loved her feet she would use that to her advantage.-Match25

The most sinister villain in any anime, Medusa has become quite the barefoot woman as the best moment is when she stomps on Eruka in her frog form, and when she took control of little Rachael's body, she has made her wiggling toes both cute and sexy in the same time. -Shadowmandude

#2 Rapunzel
Note: Something to look forward too is that a more extensive tribute to this character is already in the works. ^_^

Once I saw Rapunzel's name mentioned. I knew that not only would she make the list, she would claim one of the top spots on it. She is an awesome character. Beautiful, kind, playful and sweet. In the film she inspires characters to reach for their dreams. She's really energetic too and enjoys looking for adventure. Rapunzel is a natural tomboy. Being a free spirit, her barefoot character design seems to fit her personality perfectly. She's also one of the few cg movie characters Disney released who is barefoot. Her animators really did a wonderful job designing her feet making them incredibly cute and realistic at the same time. ^_^

She's really a well liked character too. Here's what other fans had to say about her:
My favorite has to be Rapunzel, from Tangled. She's spunky and adventurous and just every aspect of her is absolutely adorable, bare feet included of course. And what I love most is that the animators could have easily given her shoes without changing anything in the movie, but they decided to make her barefoot. Not only does this add to her overall appeal, but that scene of her bare toes touching the grass for the first time captures the theme of her coming into the outside world far better than it would have if she wore shoes. -Atomic Chinchilla

A most famous animated movie star to date, Rapunzel has become the most beautiful heroine with her amazing long blonde hair, and barefeet that the animators at disney can't denied -Shadowmandude

#1 Toph

I struggled with some of the earlier spots, painstaking deciding which of the characters to include. Not so with Toph. You guys made that really easy for me. Comment after comment after comment after comment praising this cute tomboy pretty much ensured that I would have a riot on my hands if I gave away the #1 spot to anyone else. It's well deserved. This earthbender is a great character. She's strong and powerful with a great sense of humor. (The Avatar series really wouldn't be the same without her snappy one-liners) This girl confronts any challenges that she faces head on moving mountains and boulders in the process (literally). Being someone who relies on her feet to see, she really gives a lot of great foot focused moments in her series. ^_^ Characters even wind up talking to her feet on her show.

Looking through the comments this is what you guys had to say about her:
Toph has very nice Feet, even though they are pretty dirty a lot of the time from walking around BareFoot everywhere I think that's what gives it it's special touch-Calvin3

(I picked) Toph because of her angry/dominant style,and because she's always barefoot. -Kyore Urahara

Toph Rules!-Sffan

Hereby declare by fans as the queen of barefoot girls, Toph has become the most famous cartoon female character that goes around the world barefoot with her own blend of earthbending based on Chow Gar Southern Praying Mantis. Toph is known as a blind bender who uses her feet to see, and goes as far to rip the bottom of shoes to still walk barefoot. Toph is a strong and proud Tomboy who's not afraid to speak her mind, and yet has a softer side like all the great characters from the show she's from. -Shadowmandude

I was already a huge Avatar fan even before they introduced Toph, but when I saw her I knew this would be my favorite animated series ever. Toph is awesome for so many ways. I hope they give us a mature and hot Toph in that new Korra series. ^_^ -The Sole Keeper

Awww HAIL YEAH! TOPH!!! My favorite! -honghavok

she (Toph) was the main reason most of the first season viewers continued watching the show. she is easily the best character in the show and best tomboy out there -Match25

And there you have it...10 of most popular barefoot characters. I just want to note that there were a lot of hot barefoot girls that I didn't get the chance to post in this entry. However I did try to keep a note of all of them so that I could make sure that they have a tribute posted to them. (All the girls who you guys recommended who I have yet to do a tribute for are listed here). I just want to thank everyone again for sharing their opinions. It really was a very fun tribute to work on. I hope that you enjoyed it. :-)

Alright everyone...that's basically it for tonight. ^_^ As always...more to come soon!!


  1. Some of these girls I haven't had the chance to do actual tributes for yet. Any pictures that you see for them will probably be previews for things to come. ^_^

  2. One of the things I love about Tekken 6 and Soul Calibur IV is how you can change the character outfits. Here's hoping SCV is as good in that respect.

    I suddenly feel compelled to watch Soul Eater.

    And yes, Toph gave me many nosebleeds. In fact, the Avatar series in general is chock full of barefoot scenes. EVERY female character sheds their shoes at least once and sometimes many times. I still prefer Katara though, just because I'm a sucker for barefoot brown girls.

    Keep up the good work!

  3. bad news with Rapunzel, she has been recently redesigned to be wearing shoes

  4. Hehe, awesome list my friend :D

    I gotta say, you should do these things more often, they are very fun :D

    @Match 25

    Really? Are they making a squeal to Tangled?

  5. Awesome lineup we have for this list! I also had a question, KSC. Can we suggest more girls for the Hitlist?

    @BreaktheWalls There's going to be a new Tangled short released in theaters with the 3D Beauty and the Beast. I believe it's about Rapunzel and Eugene's wedding.

  6. Those are some great choices

    I'm glad that you ranked Elda on the list
    and you can't go wrong with Toph, Maylene, Christie and Rapunzel. All great BareFooters

  7. This has been fun, should do something like this again.

  8. :-D Thanks Unknown. Yeah I really love Character Customization too. ^_^ I'm crossing my fingers that about SCV as well. :-)

    Yeah Katara is definitely really pretty. I like Azula as well. ^_^

    ^_^ She pushed her way to the top and there was no getting her down after that Match.

    Gah...we really need to get our operative to infiltrate their sequel department. This is the forth Disney sequel where a barefoot girl gets confined to wearing footwear. (Esmeralda, Kida and Pocahontas being the other three).

    Thanks Tristan...I'll try. ^_^

    :-D Thanks Atomic Chincilla. Right now the Hitlist has about 26 girls. I think that I can allow 4 more girls to be posted on it making it an even 30. After that I think that I am going to lock it off so that I actually have a shot of completing the list by next year. :-)

    Thanks Calvin3. ^_^

    I'll try Shadowmandude. ^_^

  9. Toph truly is a barefoot champion. The series was really kind to us with all the close ups. C:

  10. Yeah Avatar really was a great show Savantome. ^_^ I'm hoping that the follow up series has some good foot scenes as well taking advantage of having a female character as the lead. :-D

  11. All wonderful girls. But i personally put Mio from anime MM! third place place, nabiki tendo second place nami first place. :P

  12. Okay, KSC, I'd like to suggest Cheetara from the new Thundercats series. All of the characters in the show are barefoot (being cat people) and there are great shots of Cheetara's feet in most episodes. I'd be happy to cap the episodes too!

  13. :-D All three of those girls are definitely really hot Master Foot. Mio is very cute. I do really need to post a tribute to the MM girls in the future. :-D I really love Nabiki Tendo too. She's a great character and I really like her personality. Nami of course is really an awesome character as well. :-D I like her feet a lot too.

    O_O I saw a little bit of the new Cheetara in promos for the new series Atomic Chincilla. (I haven't had a chance to watch the actual series yet but I've been meaning to watch it for awhile). She does look really hot. It's awesome that she is barefoot all the time in it. I definitely need to try to watch it now. O_O If you do cap her, I'd be very happy to post any caps you send in. Anyway, I'll add her into the tribute hit list as well. ^_^ Thanks very much for the recommendation. :-)

  14. Okay, I've got all the caps for Cheetara, KSC. I can't seem to find an email adress anywhere, is there one I can send the pics to? ^^;

  15. O_O Thanks very much for capping her Atomic Chincilla. ^_^ My e-mail address is
    :-D I'm really looking forward to seeing them.

  16. I think I'll do some capping for you as well KSC. Is that alright?

  17. Sure that would be awesome Unknown...Thanks very much. ^_^

  18. There's also Wilykit from Thundercats that runs around barefoot.

  19. Wow...I really need to start watching this series through. ^_^ I think I'm going to enjoy it a lot. Thanks for the tip Shadowmandude. :-)

  20. Most of mine are pretty much the same! My top 10 would be:

    10. Chi (Chobits)
    9. Makoto (Street Fighter)
    8. Kaola (Love Hina)
    7. Maylene (Pokémon)
    6. Sailor Venus (Sailor Moon)
    5. Ibuki (Street Fighter)
    4. Toph (Avatar)
    3. Rapunzel (Tangled)
    2. Medusa (Soul Eater)
    1. Juri (Super Street Fighter IV)

  21. Wow that's a great list Actionpacked. ^_^ Juri as #1 is awesome pick. ^_^ I love her painted toenails and her dominant personality and Taekwondo style. :-D

  22. Yes indeed, KSC! I feel in love with her the first day I popped in SSF4! Also fell in love with Medusa on her first appearance in Soul Eater!

  23. :-D I can definitely understand that Actionpacked. The first part of Medusa's body we get to see is her feet. That is one villainess who definitely knows how to make an entrance. ^_^

  24. I think the two babes Esmeralda and Rapunzel are the ones whose feet I'd like to start tickling and playing with most!