Monday, January 9, 2012

The Gorillaz: Noodle (Bonus)

Despite its name, Anime Feet has managed to crossover into a lot of different genres. We've done tributes to anime, cartoons, movies, comics, videogames, celebrities, original characters, female martial artists, fanfiction, literature characters, cosplayers, female gymnasts and swimmers, I think it was only a matter of time before we crossed into music. The next tribute up crashes that barrier admiring the feet of the female guitarist Noodle. ^_^

(These were capped from the Gorillaz video On Melancholy Hill. A massive thank you to Alaaraafpoe and Scruffs for tipping me off to and capping this scene.)

Noodle is one of four animated members of the virtual band the Gorrillaz. She is also the only girl of the group (though she does have a cyborg counterpart who replaces her in the band temporarily). My knowledge about the Gorillaz is somewhat limited so a lot of the following information is based on her wikipedia article. (Hopefully I won't mix up any details. ^_^;) Noodle was born in Osaka, Japan and joined the Gorillaz in response to a wanted ad asking for a guitarist. At the time she had lost her memory and didn't speak a lot of english only knowing the word noodle which the band used as a reference to her. Noodle's background is rediscovered in later videos and it is revealed that she is the survivor of a super soldier project which trained her to be a musician. As a result of that she is a master martial artist and can handle any weapon or musical instruments with incredible skill.

From the videos I've seen of her, she is a really badass character taking on zombies and fighter planes like a pro. That girl sure knows how to use a rifle and can definitely deliver a mean kick. In a lot of the Gorrillaz's videos, Noodle unfortunately wears boots most of the time but in the On Melancholy Hill video (as the caps above display), we get to see her in knee high stockings that show off her toes. Supposed this video was a reappearance for her after she was "apparently" killed off and spent a brief time trapped in hell. Take about back with a vengeance!! ^_^

Ok guys...that is all for today. ^_^ As usual more to come soon!


  1. Still not into their Vulger Profanity Laden Lyrics. but nice post anyway. BTW,Added some chapters to your Comic Book Feet interactive.

    You are Gonna be so amused by them.

  2. My brother loves their Clint Eastwood song. ^_^ Besides Melancholy Hill which I watched for this video. Those are the only two I am familiar with.

    I saw Stefan. You must really like the senshi. ^_^

  3. Alright dude! I gotta say this has to be the most original out of all your posts. Many posts before featured screen caps from shows, games, pics of characters but never before in my life did I think that someone would find foot content in a music video! Nice work! The Gorillaz are pretty cool band too! Keep it up! You are just full of surprises!!

  4. This is something I would never expected to see XD

    Nice work KSC :)

  5. Damn she's got some nice soles. She looks pretty cute too. How is she? You know?

  6. @Heretichero and Breakthewalls. ^_^ Thanks guys I'm really glad you liked this post. ^_^ After 671 tributes...It's not easy to surprise you guys anymore. :-D

    Yeah I wish that I could see more footwear like this this winter Match. ^_^ The temperature here has dropped so significantly that most of these days I'm just seeing boots and imagining what the feet underneath them are like.

    Do you mean her age, her appearance or personality Digiharrisom? ^_^ Her character's age is 19 in the video, her personality seems to the cool type and her she unmasks at the end of this video. Right now that is just The storyboard. ^_^; They haven't made it into an official music video yet unfortunately.

  7. I have got to admit, i always thought Noodle was a guy. I learned something new today.

  8. Since when was there original charaters on here?

  9. :-D I wouldn't have been able to tell when I saw her in the Clint Eastwood video either Allen. The thing that surprised me most when I was researching her for this tribute though was that she had a cyborg duplicate. That was really cool. ^_^

    Only one tribute managed to cover that category Shadowmandude. It was part of the Deviant art series.

  10. Noodle, BAREFOOT? Amazing work.

    As I said before, you put me to shame with your output and topics-keep up the great work.