Saturday, January 7, 2012

Ino Bonus #5

It's good to start of the new year on the right foot and I can't think of any lovelier feet than the beautiful kunoichi Ino Yamanaka so my first official tribute of the new year is dedicated to her. ^_^ Enjoy guys. :-)

Some panups...


And a couple of animations...
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A higher quality version is available here.
animated gif how to
Higher quality animation here.
(These are a combination of webfinds and caps from various episodes of Naruto and Naruto Shippuuden. The foot tapping scene is from episode 239. Massive Massive Massive thank yous to the Legendary Master of Sole Shots Match25 for tipping me off to to this scene.)

More of Ino's feet can be found in these previous tributes to her here:

When Match showed me the foot tapping scene...I was really celebrating. :-D This marks the first time that we got to see a close up of Ino's bare feet in the series. I could probably stare at Ino's feet all day long. ^_^; Just in case you guys are curious for the animations I used a picasion gif animator to create the ones on the site. I also used the more sophisticated animator art software gimp to create the higher quality photobuckets versions. ^_^

I think that most veteran visitors to this site already know that Ino is my favorite anime girl. She's a great character; beautiful, a strong ninja with a fun personality. Sure, Ino can seem to be a little bit petty sometimes seeming to care a lot about personal appearances and bossing her teammates and friends around but it just adds to her charm. (I think she would probably be a high maintenance type of girlfriend probably making her boyfriend give her foot rubs and pedicures.) She does have a really good heart though befriending a much shyer Sakura when they were younger and defending her from being bullied. She also really looks out for her teammates (Shikamaru and Choiji) and the three of them are probably the tightest bonded team in the series. Ino's specialty jitsus are mental attacks where she takes control of an opponent's body. She also known for her energy and in the videogame fighting adaptation of the series possesses a really nasty 16 hit combo attack and scissor throw. She also works in her family's flower shop and has a really great knowledge of plants and flowers and learns medical techniques from Tsunade. (Boy this girl really does a lot. ^_^;) A great character and really hot too, Ino sadly doesn't get nearly enough screentime in the series but she manages to steal any scene that she is in. She totally rocks. ^_^

:-D what's coming up next...I think I have a lot of catching up to do. There's definitely a lot of material to post (the Chun Li tribute among them). In addition to tributes, I'm also working on some material for too. I definitely want to do a new series of spotlights in the near future. ^_^I'm also working on updating the site too giving it a design overhaul as well as some new features. ^_^ much to little time. ^_^ Anyway, more to come soon. :-D

Until next time everyone. ^_^


  1. ^~^ Ino,my second favorite anime girl.Thx King for this post .-.
    I had a felling that you would post something related to her soon,and well,here it is \o/

  2. :-D Thanks Kyore. Ino is a great favorite to have. ^_^

  3. Think that Ino is tapping her foot, waiting for you to get up and worship them? :D

  4. :-D She is always impatient. ^_^ Hee hee...very hot Tristan. ^_^

  5. Excellent post KSC.

    Still much prefer Hinata though. Shy girls feet FTW.

  6. Thanks Unknown. ^_^

    :-D Hinata is a great character as well. ^_^ Shy girls are very sweet. ^_^

  7. Hum..King,Is there a way to block a story from showing up to me?
    Or the only way is not look at it?

  8. Ino's feet can use a nice massage, and she seems like the character that would be better off barefoot all the time.

  9. I'm sorry...I don't know a good way to block a story Kyore. ^_^; I think that the only way is to avoid looking.

    :-) Yeah Shadowmandude her feet look absolutely tempting. ^_^

    :-D Ino being barefoot all the time = super hot.

  10. Hum...I see,well,thx King.....I know it will be hard to do NOT read the story,but if I don't want to break something,I need to avoid it u.u

  11. Wow...sounds like very frustrating story to read. Yeah browsing the site sometimes requires a lot of patience. A lot of times you have to go through a lot of stories that you don't like to find the ones you enjoy. ^_^ Anyway, I hope that you find more stories that you like. Good luck Kyore. :-D

  12. Well,I'm just angry because.....I was reading the Naruto Feet Story,and....The author said it could have anyother kind of fetish involded..Like Femdom....and well.

    Someone have a great imagination,and is making a giant story about it...
    And made Naruto give up on everything,his dreams,his hopes.....his live.
    Just to make a cruel version of Sakura happy....

    But anyway,thx King,I'll try to avoid it.

  13. Oh...yeah I think I know which story arc you are describing.^_^; Even within a single story there could be a lot of different fetishes that are written. Some chapters can definitely be really dark. The good thing is that has a lot of different varieties of stories. Hopefully you'll be able to find the ones that match your taste. ^_^

    Anyway have fun reading Kyore. ^_^

  14. A Chun-Li tribute huh? Dont forget about that scene from Street Fighter 2V i told you about reguarding Chun-Li loosing her shoe while being choked by Bison.

  15. oh yeah. ^_^ I'll definitely post it Stefan. :-D

  16. Very pretty bare feet for an anime character-great work here, KSC.