Saturday, January 21, 2012

MM!: Yumi Mamiya

Well...some good news on the SOPA/PIPA front. For now the Senate has called a hold on voting on the PIPA bill indefinitely. It's nice to see that protesting can make a difference. It gives me a little bit more of a brighter outlook in the future (at least for a little while anyway). I'll keep monitoring the news for more on the bills but for now while freedom of speech still exists on the Internet let's continue to use it to its fullest. Picking up where the Mio post left off, here is a tribute to the next MM! girl...a cute pink haired hottie named Yumi Mamiya.

Is it just me or do pink haired girls seem to be naturals at Martial arts?

The top set of legs and feet are Yumi's while the bottom set belong to the purple haired girl (Yuuno Arashiko) that Yumi was sparing against earlier. You guys will see more of Arashiko in a future bonus.

(A combination of webfinds and caps collected from episodes 7 and 10 of the MM! anime. Once again I have to give a massive thank you to YZX for finding and capping these. ^_^)

Between now and the last post I actually got the chance to watch the MM series through. Sadly this cute character doesn't really get much screen time in the series. Yumi is sort of relegated to supporting status. She seems to be similar to Mio having a penchant for domination. This is particularly apparent during her interactions with male lead (Sado Tarou) in the series who she doesn't seem to like. She is very protective of one of the girls who has a crush on Sado and has been known to display lesbian tendencies. She also has a crush on Sado's best friend (who has a cross dressing fetish himself).

Yumi's family own a massage shop making her extremely good at giving a massage. ^_^ She can use her massaging skills to cause a great amount of pleasure or cause someone intense physical pain. We've seen her use her abilities to torture or interrogate Sado a couple of times in the anime (being a masochist he didn't seem to mind very much). Some of her best comedic moments in the series comes when she uses her abilities on the other girls making them feel so good that it is impossible for them to move during which time she takes the opportunity to grope them. ^_^;

And on that hot visual's time to end the entry here...however more MM! girls still to come. ^_^


  1. Love to see her use her abilities to supdue other girls by massaging their feet.

  2. :-D Yeah that would be really hot. ^_^

  3. Hot :D I love to see her dominate more people with her martial arts :D

    And personally, I think blue haired girls with eye patches are the best at Martial arts ;)

  4. That would be really hot too Breakthewalls. ^_^

    :-D There definitely some solid evidence in Ikki Tousen to support that belief. ^_^

  5. Cool to see SOPA and PIPA get shelved.

  6. Here's hoping the internet remains a place of limitless potential. ^_^

  7. Some of those pics were very looked like there were a pair of legs coming out of each leg-hole of a single pair of shorts.

    Again, kinky.

  8. The girl wearing the short is on top of the other girl massaging lotion into her back and seems to be enjoying it a little too much. ;-)

    :-D Hee hee...yeah it does have a really kinky aspect to it. ^_^