Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Save Our Internet: Help Put A Stop To SOPA and PIPA

Hi guys. I'm not usually one to post political commentary here but the Stop Online Piracy Act and the Protect IP Act really needs to be squashed here and now. For those of you not familiar with the bills, they attempt to combat online piracy by taking away a lot of our free rights. Under these bills websites and companies would become susceptible to lawsuits and prosecution for its content. Sites like this may not be allowed to exist anymore. Even websites outside of the United States who shouldn't be subject to U.S. law could be prosecuted. I really think that it is a terrible direction for the internet to head in and I hope that both these bills are shot down fast. Recently things are looking a lot better with the the U.S. government rejecting SOPA however there is always the lingering possibility that it could be brought back. Let's try to make sure that that does not happen. PIPA passes before congress on the 24th.

Today a lot of websites are blacking out their address in an effort to protest both bills. I don't know how to set it up so that this site will be blacked out too but I can urge you to look into SOPA and PIPA and try to do anything that you can to prevent these bill from passing. I'm going to link you guys to information about both of the bills and what can be done to stop them. I'll also link you to some sites where you guys can actively voice your concerns to the U.S. government about these bill as well.
One of the great things about the internet is the freedom to say and post what we want with a limited amount of censorship. Please try your best to keep it that way. The fact that SOPA has been shelved for now shows that voicing our concerns can make a difference. Whether it is by letting the U.S. government know that you don't want these type of bills to take effect or just letting other people know about the bill or even by learning more about them for your own knowledge. You can make a difference.


  1. Amen! We Don't need these bills Anyway,when we have DMCA (which is also bad,BTW).

  2. DMCA is already more "protection" than we need as the DMCA dont allow for fair use as any use is illegal....having any of these 3 bills pass would almost kill the internet

    This is a global issue as well because a lot of the big companies are based in the US or use a major TLD all of it gives me a headache trying to read

  3. Hey Guys,just to let you know,i'm gonna be creating another Wikia.

    This one cronicalling all types of non-pornocraphic foot scenes from live action tv shows and movies from Japan,Korea ,and China (hong kong included)

  4. I'm all with you on this one too man. I posted two links on my own blog to protest this. I'll be damned if the government is going to restrict further what I do and say on the internet. If this goes through, communication in general will be halted.

  5. Thanks guys. It's really great to see that a lot of people are informed about it and fighting the bills. ^_^

  6. Also the new Japan, Korea and China Tv and Movie scene wikia seems like a cool idea. ^_^


    Well,i've created it,and now i need lots of contributors./

  8. In the future there shall be 3 main websites and they will be referred to as MGM, VIACOM, and Disney. Their domain of choice shall be .Gov


  9. No doubt we got to fight our right on the net to post some sweet works and whatever, especially with videos like the newest Street Fighter X Tekken trailer that has Juri in it.

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  10. @ Savatome You can't be serious....really? They passed it? Fuck D.C. and their nonesense. This may just be the last time any of us post here on blog. I hate this so is this going to make me want to buy Hollywood crap anymore than I already do? How does anything we do hurt them? Its not like we are making money off of posting on blogs. Fuck the government and all their bullshit!

  11. No they haven't passed it. The Republicans who supported SOPA have backed down but Harry Reid is looking to bring PIPA to a vote on the 24th of this month and with the demise of Megaupload it's clear that these bills are not stopping corporations from taking down websites, they just have to go through a lot more red tape to do so.

    My Congressman has pledged not to vote for either so I'm thankful to at least know that.

  12. I see. I'm in Ohio and I don't know what mine plan on doing. But now that Mega Upload is gone, what are the chances that Mediafire and the others will be gone too? If those sites get shut down then what? Will we be next?

  13. The PIPA has also been damaged. last week, only 5 senators were against it. This week, 37 are against it.

  14. That is one apocolyptic future Savantome. ^_^; The sad part is that it is not that farfetched. We can actually see that happening. :-(

    It's true Shadowmandude.

    ^_^ That trailer is really hot. Really lucky Xiaoyu in it. I'm really looking forward to that game coming out. Thanks very much for the link.

    Gah...I didn't know about Megaupload guys. That is really depressing. :-(

    It's really nice to see that all the protests against the bill is having an affect Breakthewalls. ^_^