Thursday, January 26, 2012

MM!: Michiru Onigawara

Just a quick bonus for tonight. A tribute to Michiru Onigawara

(These are from episode 1, 7, 8 of the MM! Anime Series. Massive thank you to Why_Zee_Ex for tipping me off to this series.)

I just wanted to add this hot character in for completion sake. Michiru is school nurse at the highschool the other characters go to. Like Mio who seems to be her protegee, she tends to be pretty dominant threatening to scald Sado with hot coffee if he doesn't do what she says when she meets him. She loves taking cosplay picture including images that aren't always appropriate like girls in the locker room. She is also responsible for making a lot of the sexy outfits that the girls in this anime dress up in. Of the characters in this anime, Michiru seems to be the most intuitive of all the them and can usually tell what is going through a certain character's mind even when the other characters are trying to figure it out. She is really cool!!

Ok guys...that's all for now. Two more MM bonuses left.

Until Next time. ^_^


  1. 0_0 HOT I would like to be admiring those calves up close...if you know what I mean ;)

  2. :-D I was thinking that a specific application of what those calves could be used for might grab you. ^_^

  3. :D That was actually pretty good Triton ;)

    Just wondering, can you make it tonight?

  4. :-D

    Oh yeah...I just got back...I can be on. ^_^

  5. hey, I found this really awesome anime, it's called Elfen Lied, the main character's name is Lucy and she has a split personality called Nyu, and she's barefoot often, problem is, there's a lot of gore, not sure if it's appropriate for this

  6. O_O I've heard of Elfin Lied Black Viper but I haven't gotten the chance to watch any episodes of it yet. It sounds like a good series. What type of gore are we talking about?

  7. beheading, exploding people, lots of blood, oh, and lots of nudity, here's part 1, watch for yourself

  8. Wow I just watched the first part of the series...intense!! You weren't's really a graphic anime. ^_^; I definitely want to watch the rest of the series though to see what happens. Lucy is also one of the characters that was on the Hitlist for this year as well. ^_^

    Thanks very much for sharing the series and character with me Black Viper. ^_^ It seems like a really exciting series to watch. ^_^

  9. Hmm...definitely an interesting series, with all of the kinkiness...I love this.

  10. As I'm a newbie around here, I know I may be just too late for commenting on this post, but as a fan of Elfen Lied, in my opinion it would be good to have Feet Scenes for Nyu ^_^ However, nobody must get too much into Gore, as this Anime is full of it.

    Oh, I was about to say that most of the Feet Scenes are shown in Manga. Somehow the Anime avoids them.

    BTW, keep it up, this blog Rocks! :D